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Photo of Dr Maria Zamyatina

Dr Maria Zamyatina

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


I am an atmospheric chemist with a background in meteorology. I studied meteorology at the Lomonosov Moscow State University (2009-2014) and did a MSc in Climate Change at the University of East Anglia (2014-2015). I stayed at the University of East Anglia to do my PhD (2015-2020), where I explored the global and localised impacts of the chemistry of a group of important reservoirs of reactive nitrogen, alkyl nitrates, on the composition of the Earth’s troposphere. I worked with a global 3D chemistry-climate model UM-UKCA, implementing new alkyl nitrate chemistry and oceanic and biomass burning emissions and validating the model against aircraft observations from the Atmospheric Tomography mission. As a postdoc, I investigate the chemical composition of hydrogen dominated gas giant exoplanets, with a focus on high altitudes, where photodissociation and photoionisation determine the atmospheric composition of such exoplanets.

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  • Zamyatina M, Christie D, Hebrard E, Mayne N, Radica M, Taylor J, Baskett H, Moore B, Lils C, Sergeev D. (2024) Aerosol-free Met Office Unified Model simulations of the atmosphere of WASP-96b.
  • Zamyatina M, Christie DA, Hébrard E, Mayne NJ, Radica M, Taylor J, Baskett H, Moore B, Lils C, Sergeev D. (2024) Quenching-driven equatorial depletion and limb asymmetries in hot Jupiter atmospheres: WASP-96b example. [PDF]




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