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What our partners say

In a perfect world we'd work with the University on a day-to-day basis. I'd really encourage that - if we could have projects every day that would be great.

Mark England, Head of Technical Services, Coastline Housing

The thing I really enjoy about working with the Exeter team is their genuine passion, enthusiasm and energy.

I say that working with a number of universities and research studentships within the UK and Europe as well.

Dr Tim Finnigan, Chief Scientific Adviser, Quorn

Healthy Ageing collaborations


We can help you innovate, grow your business, gain a new competitive edge or break into new markets. Whether you want to develop new products and services, find new ways of operating, reduce costs, improve efficiency or access the latest technologies, our world class research can help you find a solution.

Our professional staff will help ensure you get the best possible results for your project and provide a single point of contact to manage your relationship with the University throughout your work.

Our Healthy Ageing researchers work regionally, nationally and internationally with collaborators on a variety of projects from clinical trials to examining genetic pathways, creating diagnostic tools and undertaking population surveys. Our research enables our collbaorators to solve their challenges whilst providing solutions in diabetes, dementia, ageing, psychology, environment and public health, nutrition and biomechanics. Our partners include:


Our research is intrinsically linked with the NHS, regionally we help build clinical research excellence capacity as a partner on PenCLAHRC, guiding NHS clinical practice and research.
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Age UK

Professor Linda Clare board member of the Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH) collaborates with Age UK on research into maintaining a sharp brain in later life.

Alzheimer's Society

The IDEAL project run in partnership with Alzheimer’s society is the largest study of living well with dementia in the UK. The project will enable the development of new policy, interventions and initiatives to transform the lives of people with dementia and their carers.
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Beet-it Sport

Professor Andy Jones' research has helped the development of concentrated beetroot shots for Beet-it Sport, a product that contains a concentrated dosage of nitrate that improves sport and cognitive performance.
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Coastline Housing

Coastline Housing is working with the University of Exeter to improve its service, and help customers live healthier and happier lives. 

Alan Turing Institute

Dr David Llewellyn is using the funding from his Turning Fellowship to fund research into the potential of machine learning to promote new treatments and interventions, and the timely identification of dementia.
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