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Glancing-angle deposition of magnetic in-plane exchange springs

Physical Review Applied

Inverse Design of Thin-Plate Elastic Wave Devices

Physical Review Applied

First principles study of layered transition metal dichalcogenides for use as electrodes in Li-ion and Mg-ion batteries

Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Controlling in-plane magnetic anisotropy of Co films on MgO substrates using glancing angle deposition

Physica Status Solidi (a)
First principles study of layered scandium disulfide for use as Li-ion and beyond-Li-ion batteries Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
Herringbone micromixers for particle filtration Biomicrofluidics




Inverse design in the complex plane: Manipulating quasi-normal modes

Physical Review A
Designing Disordered Multi-Functional Metamaterials using the Discrete Dipole Approximation New Journal of Physics
Synthesis of monolayered n-type WSe2 from solid state inorganic precursors Nanoscale
MOF-Derived Multi-heterostructured Composites for Enhanced Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution: Deciphering the Roles of Different Components Energy & Fuels
Tailoring the refractive index of impedance-matched ferrite composites Scientific Reports
Optical and Thermal Design and Analysis of Phase-Change Metalenses for Active Numerical Aperture Control Nanomaterials
Phase Stability and Electronic Properties of Hybrid Organic–Inorganic Perovskite Solid Solution (CH(NH2)2)x(CH3NH3)1–xPb(BryI1–y)as a Function of Composition
Journal of Physical Chemistry C
Confined acoustic line modes within a glide-symmetric waveguide Scientific Reports
Computational analysis of the enhancement of photoelectrolysis using transition metal dichalcogenide heterostructures Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter
High‐Harmonic Generation Enhancement with Graphene Heterostructures Advanced Optical Materials
Space squeezing optics: Performance limits and implementation at microwave frequencies APL Photonics
Reflectionless anisotropic multilayers for both polarisations at grazing incidence EPJ Applied Metamaterials
Effect of Multilayered Structure on the Static and Dynamic Properties of Magnetic Nanospheres ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
Rigorous dynamical model of a silicon ring resonator with phase change material for a neuromorphic node Optics Express
A thermophone-based bridge circuit for the measurement of electrical and thermal properties of thin films Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics
Resonator-based Pressure Sensor for Wall Pressure 28th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics 2022 Conference
An integrated photonics engine for unsupervised correlation detection Science Advances
Electric Transport in Few-Layer ReSe2 Transistors Modulated by Air Pressure and Light
Designing metasurfaces to manipulate antenna radiation Metamaterials XIII, Proceedings of SPIE
Removing grazing incidence reflection with half-boundstates and non-Hermitian systems Metamaterials XIII, Proceedings of SPIE
Tailoring the Spectral Response of Multilayered Chiral Mid-Infrared Metamaterials
CLEO: QELSFundamental Science
Comparing Individual DNA Transient Hybridization Kinetics Using DNA-PAINT and Optoplasmonic Sensing techniques
CLEO: QELSFundamental Science
All-optical control of phase singularities using strong light-matter coupling Nature Communications
Implicit image processing with ghost imaging Optics Express
2D hybrid perovskite for light sensing nanoGe Spring Meeting 2022 
3D printed metaparticles based on platonic solids for isotropic, multimode microwave scattering 2022 16th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP) 
Quantum Brownian motion for magnets New Journal of Physics
Enrichment of low concentration methane: An overview of ventilation air methane Journal of Materials Chemistry A
Slow waves on long helices Scientific Reports
Toward efficient and tailorable mid-infrared emitters utilizing multilayer graphene Applied Physics Letters
Topological transitions in arrays of dipoles coupled to a cavity waveguide Physical Review Research
Single-Step Fabrication of High-Performance Extraordinary Transmission Plasmonic Metasurfaces Employing Ultrafast Lasers ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Excited State Spectroscopy of Boron Vacancy Defects in Hexagonal Boron Nitride Using Time-Resolved Optically Detected Magnetic Resonance Nano Letters


Tailoring the spectral properties of layered chiral mid-infrared metamaterials Applied Physics Letters
Excited State Spectroscopy of Boron Vacancy Defects in Hexagonal Boron Nitride Using Time-Resolved Optically Detected Magnetic Resonance Nano Letters
Transition Metal Synthetic Ferrimagnets: Tunable Media for All-Optical Switching Driven by Nanoscale Spin Current Nano Letters
Experimental characterization of acoustic beaming from an elastic plate by coupled symmetric leaky Lamb modes Physical Review B
Designing the collective non-local responses of metasurfaces Communications Physics
Coupled Scholte modes supported by soft elastic plates in water Physical Review E
Recent Advances in Metal–Organic Frameworks Derived Nanocomposites for Photocatalytic Applications in Energy and Environment Advanced Science
Supersymmetry, half-bound states, and grazing incidence reflection Journal of Optics
Enhanced Performance and Diffusion Robustness of Phase-Change Metasurfaces via a Hybrid Dielectric/Plasmonic Approach Nanomaterials
Time-domain imaging of curling modes in a confined magnetic vortex and a micromagnetic study exploring the role of spiral spin waves emitted by the core Physical Review B
An in situ investigation of the thermal decomposition of metal-organic framework NH2-MIL-125 (Ti) Microporous and Mesoporous Materials

Electrical Detection of DC Spin Current Propagation Through an Epitaxial Antiferromagnetic NiO Layer                                                                               

IEEE Transactions on Magnetics


Graphene coated fabrics by ultrasonic spray coating for wearable electronics and smart textiles Journal of Physics: Materials
Bimetal-organic framework derived multi-heterostructured TiO2/CuxO/C nanocomposites with superior photocatalytic H2 generation performance Journal of Materials Chemistry A (JMCA)
Microfluidic devices powered by integrated elasto-magnetic pumps Lab on a Chip
Calcium-stannous oxide solid solutions for solar devices Applied Physics Letters
Seven Brief Lessons on Physics (Urdu translation) Mashal Books (publishing company)
Hippopede curves for modelling radial spin waves in an azimuthal graded magnonic landscape Physical Review B
Performance characteristics of phase-change integrated silicon nitride photonic devices in the O and C telecommunications bands Optical Materials Express
Tunable pseudo-magnetic fields for polaritons in strained metasurfaces Nature Photonics
Surface functionalized N-C-TiO2/C nanocomposites derived from metal-organic framework in water vapour for enhanced photocatalytic H2 generation Journal of Energy Chemistry (JEC)
Coupling and confinement of current in thermoacoustic phased arrays Science Advances
Status and Future Directions of Anti-metastatic Cancer Nanomedicines for the Inhibition of Cathepsin L Frontiers in Nanotechnology
The Potential of Overlayers on Tin-based Perovskites for Water Splitting The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
Symmetry and Finite-size Effects in Quasi-optical Extraordinarily THz Transmitting Arrays of Tilted Slots IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation
Microwave Superdirectivity with Dimers of Helical Elements Physical Review Applied
Wide-band electromagnetic wave propagation and resonance in long cobalt nanoprisms Physical Review Applied
O-band N-rich silicon nitride MZI based on GST Applied Physics Letters
Experimental investigation of silicon and silicon nitride platforms for phase change photonic computing Optica
Selective reconfigurable multilevel control of resonant modes in hybrid all-dielectric/phase-change metasurfaces Optica
Revealing the underlying mechanisms behind TE extraordinary THz transmission Photonics Journal
Sub-wavelength plasmonic-enhanced phase-change memory SPIE Photonic West 2020
Simple technique for determining the refractive index of phase-change materials using near-infrared reflectometry Optical Materials Express
Nanostructured porous graphene for efficient removal of emerging contaminants (pharmaceuticals) from water Chemical Engineering Journal
Reconfigurable photonic integrated circuits (RPICs) based on functional materials for integrated optical communication applications Proceedings of SPIE
Three-dimensional profiling of collimated radio-frequency orbital angular momentum beams Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)
Polyoxometallates@zeolitic-imidazolate-framework derived bimetallic tungsten-cobalt sulfide/porous carbon nanocomposites as efficient bifunctional electrocatalysts for hydrogen and oxygen evolution Electrochimica Acta


Dynamics of spiral spin waves in magnetic nanopatches: Influence of thickness and shape American Physical Society
Underwater acoustic surface waves on a periodically perforated metal plate The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
High efficiency photomodulators for millimeter wave and THz radiation Scientific Reports
Coupled Scholte Modes in “Soft” Elastic Plates Underwater UK Acoustics Network, Special Interest Group in Underwater Acoustics
Superdirective Antennas of Coupled Helical Elements 2019 Thirteenth International Congress on Artificial Materials for Novel Wave Phenomena (Metamaterials)
Coupled Scholte Modes in Plastic Plates Underwater 2019 Defence and Security Doctoral Symposium
Metamaterial analogues of molecular aggregates ACS Photonics
A Ferrite-Filled Cavity Resonator for Electronic Article Surveillance on Metallic Packaging IEEE Transactions on Magnetics
Terahertz Applications Of Non-simply-connected and Helical Nanostructures Fundamental and Applied NanoElectroMagnnetics II: THz Circuits, Materials, Devices (Chapter 11)
Mechanochemical synthesis of carbon-stabilized Cu/C, Co/C and Ni/C nanocomposites with prolonged resistance to oxidation Scientific Reports
Experimental characterisation of the bound acoustic surface modes supported by honeycomb and hexagonal hole arrays Scientific Reports
The Fundamental Mechanism Behind Colossal Permittivity in Oxides Advanced Materials
Coupled Scholte Modes in Plastic Plates Underwater SAM 2019: Symposium on Acoustic Metamaterials
Coupled Scholte modes supported by “soft” elastic plates underwater 2019 Rank Prize Funds Symposium
Determination of inclusion depth in ex vivo animal tissues using surface enhanced deep Raman spectroscopy Journal of Biophotonics
Optimal position of an emitter in a wavelength-scale parabolic reflector Applied Optics 
Tuning silicon-rich nitride microring resonances with graphene capacitors for high-performance computing applications Optics Express
Controlling collective rotational patterns of magnetic rotors Nature Communications
Graded index lenses for spin wave steering Physical Review B
Behavioral modeling of integrated phase-change photonic devices for neuromorphic computing applications APL Materials
Simultaneous modulation in the O and C communications bands using hybrid dielectric-plasmonic phase-change metasurfaces European \ Phase Change and Ovonics Symposium (pp178-179)
Double-Gated Nanohelix as a Novel Tunable Binary Superlattice Nanoscale Research Letters
Novel Au–SiO2–WO3 Core–Shell Composite Nanoparticles for Surface‐Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy with Potential Application in Cancer Cell Imaging Advanced Functional Materials
2D WS2 liquid crystals: tunable functionality enabling diverse applications Nanoscale
A behavioural model for integrated phase-change photonics devices Proceedings E\PCOS 2019
A plasmonic route towards the energy scaling of on-chip integrated all-photonic phase-change memories EPCOS 2019
Metasurface bilayer for slow microwave surface waves Physical Review B
Controlling acoustic waves using magneto-elastic Fano resonances Applied Physics Letters
Plasmonically-enhanced all-optical integrated phase-change memory Optics Express
Photoluminescence from NV− Centres in 5 nm Detonation Nanodiamonds: Identification and High Sensitivity to Magnetic Field Nanoscale Research Letters
Porous graphene – a potential sorbent for removing emerging contaminants from water International Conference on Green Energy and Environmental Technology
Transmission Properties of FeCl3-Intercalated Graphene and WS2 Thin Films for Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy Applications Nanoscale Research Letters
Vibrational Strong Coupling with Surface Plasmons and the Presence of Surface Plasmon Stop Bands ACS Photonics
A Nonvolatile Phase‐Change Metamaterial Color Display Advanced Optical Materials
A metasurface comprising spiral shaped local resonators for surface acoustic waves  Physics D: Applied Physics 
Hybridization of Multiple Vibrational Modes via Strong Coupling Using Confined Light Fields Advanced Optical Materials
Extraordinary Transmission and Radiation From Finite by Infinite Arrays of Slots IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation
Spatially offset and transmission Raman spectroscopy for determination of depth of inclusion in turbid matrix Analytical Chemistry
Microscale Magneto-Elastic Composite Swimmers at the Air-Water and Water-Solid Interfaces Under a Uniaxial Field Phys. Rev. Applied
Gate tunable graphene-integrated metasurface modulator for mid-infrared beam steering Optics Express
Diffraction by a truncated planar array of dipoles: a Wiener-Hopf approach Wave Motion
Origins of All-Optical Generation of Plasmons in Graphene Scientific Reports
Porous ZnO/Carbon nanocomposites derived from metal-organic frameworks for highly efficient photocatalytic applications – A correlational study Carbon
Laser-writable high-k dielectric for van der Waals nanoelectronics Science Advances
Multi-layer graphene as a selective detector for future lung cancer biosensing platforms Nanoscale
Advanced Processing of Micropatterned Elasto-Magnetic Membranes IEEE Transactions on Magnetics
Tunable Volatility of Ge2Sb2Te5 in Integrated Photonics Advanced Functional Materials


Microwave edge modes on a metasurface with glide symmetry Physical Review B
Realizing an ultra-wideband backward-wave metamaterial waveguide Physical Review B
Metamaterial-enhanced infrared attenuated total reflection spectroscopy Nanoscale
A Luneburg lens for spin waves Applied Physics Letters
Wafer scale FeCl3 intercalated graphene electrodes for photovoltaic applications Proceedings of SPIE

Phase-Change Metadevices for the Dynamic and Reconfigurable Control of Light

Novel Optical Materials and Applications

2D materials integrated in Si3N4 photonics platform

Proceedings of SPIE
A New Facile Route to Flexible and Semi-Transparent Electrodes Based on water Exfoliated Graphene and their Single-Electrode Triboelectric Nanogenerator Advanced Materials
Phase-change band-pass filters for multispectral imaging Proceedings of SPIE
Investigation of the coupling between tunable split-ring resonators Physical Review B
Auxetic Structure for Increased Power Output of Strain Vibration Energy Harvester Sensors & Actuators A. Physical
Designing scattering-free isotropic index profiles using phase-amplitude equations Physical Review A
Reconfigurable phase-change meta-absorbers with on-demand quality factor control Optics Express
A Broadband Stripline Technique for Characterizing Relative Permittivity and Permeability IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques
From colloidal CdSe quantum dots to microscale optically anisotropic supercrystals through bottom-up self-assembly Journal of Materials Chemistry C

The acoustic phase resonances and surface waves supported by a compound rigid grating

Scientific Reports

Torque driven ferromagnetic swimmers

AIP Physics of Fluids
Structural, optical, electronic and magnetic properties of multiphase ZnO/Zn(OH)2/ZnO2 nanocomposites and hexagonal prism shaped ZnO nanoparticles synthesized by pulse laser ablation in Heptanes Materials Chemistry and Physics
MOF Derived Porous ZnO/C Nanocomposites for Efficient Dye Photodegradation Applied Energy Materials
Investigation into the toxic effects of graphene nanopores on lung cancer cells and biological tissues Applied Materials Today
Biocompatibility and toxicity of graphene quantum dots for potential application in photodynamic therapy Nanomedicine
Investigation of magnetic droplet solitons using x-ray holography with extended references Scientific Reports
Manipulating type-I and type-II Dirac polaritons in cavity-embedded honeycomb metasurfaces Nature Communications
Non-Gaussian Correlations between Reflected and Transmitted Intensity Patterns Emerging from Opaque Disordered Media Physical Review X
One-Dimensional Multi-Channel Photonic Crystal Resonators Based on Silicon-On-Insulator With High Quality Factor Frontiers in Physics
Investigating the nature of chiral near-field interactions Physical Review B
Investigating the bioavailability of graphene quantum dots in lung tissues via Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy Interface Focus (Royal Society publishing)
Plasmon polaritons in cubic lattices of spherical metallic nanoparticles Physical Review B

Influence of luminescent graphene quantum dots on trypsin activity

International Journal of Nanomedicine
Nonvolatile Reconfigurable Phase-Change Metadevices for Beam Steering in the Near Infrared Advanced Functional Materials
Novel circuit design for high-impedance and non-local electrical measurements of two-dimensional materials AIP Review of Scientific Instruments
A new class of magnetically actuated pumps and valves for microfluidic applications Scientific Reports
A facile synthesis of porous graphene for efficient water and wastewater treatment Scientific Reports
Ideal Weyl points and helicoid surface states in artificial photonic crystal structures Science


Emergent propagation modes of ferromagnetic swimmers in constrained geometries Journal of Applied Physics
Tuning Terahertz transitions in a double-gated quantum ring Physical Review B 
Metamaterial-based graphene thermal emitter Nano Research 
First principles electronic and elastic properties of fresnoite Ba2TiSi2O2 Materials Research Express
Role of defect states in functionalized graphene photodetectors SPIE Proceedings
Electromagnetic interactions in a pair of coupled split-ring resonators Physical Review B 
Time-resolved imaging investigation of the domain walls dynamics in Landau domain pattern Magnetics Conference (INTERMAG), 2017 IEEE International
Gapless States in Microwave Artificial Graphene Applied Physics Letters
High-Mobility and High Optical Quality Atomically Thin WS2 Scientific Reports
Infrared Phase-Change Meta-Devices with In-Situ Switching EPCOS 2017 Proceedings
Tunable Dielectric Metadevices Enabled by Phase-Change Materials EPCOS 2017 Proceedings
Towards A Phase-Change Metamaterial CMY Subtractive Display EPCOS 2017 Proceedings
In vitro toxic effects of reduced graphene oxide nanosheets on lung cancer cells Nanotechnology
Developing the Next Generation of Graphene-based Platforms for Cancer Therapeutics: the Potential Role of Reactive Oxygen Species  Redox Biology 
Tracing the bioavailability of three-dimensional graphene foam in biological tissues Materials, Vol 10. No. 4 
Design of strong-coupling microcavities for optoelectronic applications CLEO/Europe-EQEC, 2017
Dispersion of surface waves supported by truncated metasurfaces 2017 IEEE APS/URSI Symposium
Hidden dimensions make broadband metasurfaces (News article) Nanotechweb IOP
Comparative study between resonant transmission and extraordinary transmission in truncated periodic arrays of slots 2017 IEEE MTT-S NEMO Proceedings
Tuning THz transitions in a quantum ring with two gates Physics, Chemistry and Application of Nanostructures: Reviews and Short Notes to Nanomeeting-2017
A broadband metasurface Luneburg lens for microwave surface waves Applied Physics Letters
Modification of Charge Carrier Mobility by Strong Light-Matter Coupling in Organic and Inorganic Semiconductors OSA Publishing
Low Temperature Annealing Improves the Electrochromic and Degradation Behavior of Tungsten Oxide (WOx) Thin Films Journal of Physical Chemistry C
On the extraordinary optical transmission in parallel plate waveguides for non-TEM modes Optics Express
Mimicking glide symmetry dispersion with coupled slot metasurfaces Applied Physics Letters
Designer surface plasmon dispersion on a one-dimensional periodic slot metasurface with glide symmetry Optics Letters
Zero reflection and transmission in graded index media Journal of Optics
Theory of linear spin wave emission from a Bloch domain wall Physical Review B
A highly attenuating and frequency tailorable annular hole phononic crystal for surface acoustic waves Nature Communications
Direct observation of topological surface-state arcs in photonic metamaterials Nature Communications
2D Material Liquid Crystals for Optoelectronics and Photonics Journal of Materials Chemistry C
Theoretical and experimental exploration of finite sample size effects on the propagation of surface waves supported by slot arrays Physical Review B
Dynamic susceptibility of concentric permalloy rings with opposite chirality vortices Journal of Applied Physics
Fast and Highly Sensitive Ionic-Polymer-Gated WS2–Graphene Photodetectors Advanced Materials
Perfect Transmission through Disordered Media Physical Review Letters
Non-classical correlations of multiply scattered light OSA Technical Digest (online)
Magnetically controlled ferromagnetic swimmers Scientific Reports
Dynamic in-situ sensing of fluid-dispersed 2D materials integrated on microfluidic Si chip Scientific Reports
Role of Charge Traps in the Performance of Atomically Thin Transistors Advanced Materials


Resonantly induced transparency for metals with low angular dependence Applied Physics Letters
Time-resolved imaging of magnetic vortex dynamics using holography with extended reference autocorrelation by linear differential operator Scientific Reports
Fast High-Responsivity Few-Layer MoTe2 Photodetectors Advanced Optical Materials
Fluid Mobility over Corrugated Surfaces in the Stokes Regime Physics of Fluids
Holographic imaging of magnetization in a single layer nano-contact spin transfer oscillator IEEE Transactions on Magnetics
Computationally efficient analysis of extraordinary optical transmission through infinite and truncated subwavelength hole arrays Physical Review E
Time-resolved scanning Kerr microscopy of flux beam formation in hard disk write heads Journal of Applied Physics
Homogeneously bright, flexible and foldable lighting devices with functionalised graphene electrodes ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
Design of practicable phase-change metadevices for near-infrared absorber and modulator applications Optics Express
On the origin of pure optical rotation in twisted-cross metamaterials Scientific Reports
Wave Propagation in complex coordinates Journal of Optics
Graphene Quantum Dots: Synthesis, Properties and Biological Applications

Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering

Quantum correlation of light scattered by disordered media Optics Express


Synthesis and Characterization of Water Soluble Self-passivated Graphene Quantum dots for biological applications IEEE conference proceeding
Compact Broadband Terahertz Perfect Absorber Based on Multi-Interference and Diffraction Effects

IEEE Transactions On Terahertz Science And Technology