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Case studies - What metamaterials can do for you!

What metamaterials can do for you

If you haven't come across the term metamaterial before, you might scratch your head in wonder. Or maybe you were never quite sure what 'metamaterials' actually are, and how they could be relevant to you.

There are many different definitions of metamaterials, but we include any engineered material whose interaction with energy is at least in-part due to its small-scale structuring. Profs Alu and Engheta also offer the definition below ["Enabling a new degree of wave control with metamaterials: a personal perspective”; Journal of Optics, Volume 19, Number 8 (2017)]:

"Metamaterials are artificial materials whose wave interactions are complex enough to not simply average out from the response of their constituent elements, but instead they emerge from the precise control of geometry, arrangement, alignment, material composition, shape, size and density of their constituent elements, typically small resonators or subwavelength inclusions."

Try the case studies below as some examples of what metamaterials can do for you in real life!

And if there are any questions left or ideas to explore, don't hesitate to get in touch:

Case studies

A new software to identify metamaterials that could accelerate the future of 5G communication
As silent as an owl - Acoustic Metamaterials reduce energy consumption & noise of objects in air or water
Communicating in a crowded electromagnetic environment – how metamaterials can give us more space
EAS tags - Metamaterials can protect merchandise where standard security tags fail
Electronic displays that need (almost) no power
Fighting cancer with Terahertz radiation
Metamaterials for solar cells - enhanced efficiency and lower cost?
Metasurfaces making airborne communication antennas compact and lightweight
Wearable electronics - From internet of things (IoT) to human-machine interfacing