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Social Sciences

exetreme imagination 2014

1 January 2014 - 31 December 2014

PI/s in Exeter: Professor Debra Myhill

Funding awarded: £ 67,353

Sponsor(s): Arts Council

About the research

We have received funding for the third exetreme imagination Festival to run in the Autumn half-term 2014.   Throughout the Festival week, the arts partners will offer a new and diverse range of activities, inspired by writing for children or inspiring children to write, and showcasing the best authors of literature for children.   A core purpose of exetreme imagination is engagement with marginalised or disenfranchised groups – young people from socially-disadvantaged neighbourhoods; children with Special Needs; and young people in pupil referral units and in care homes.   Uniquely, amongst children’s literature festivals, exetreme imagination brings together all the major arts and culture organisations in Exeter in a creative collaboration, bringing children’s authors into schools, communities and arts venues to work alongside children and young people, sharing their experiences as writers and engaging young people in the power of the written word.  At the same time, the festival inspires young people by using the arts as the imaginative springboard for writing, or as the medium through which writing can be reinterpreted and reframed.