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Social Sciences

Innovation Schools

1 September 2015 - 31 August 2018

PI/s in Exeter: Professor Debra Myhill

CI/s in Exeter: Dr Susan Jones

Funding awarded: £ 69,875

Sponsor(s): Youth Sport Trust

About the research

Since its inception twenty years ago, the Youth Sport Trust has actively promoted collaboration as a vital component of raising standards - collaboration within schools to widen the impact of Physical Education and school sport on whole school priorities, and collaboration between schools to share best practice and build expertise and capacity.  The new Innovation Schools initiative was set up after extensive consultation with teachers and head teachers and builds on the success of YST Leadership, Coaching and Volunteering, Health and Wellbeing and Inclusion Partner schools networks.   

YST Innovation Schools will work across seven thematic strands in order to use the power of PE and sport to improve aspirations, attainment, achievement and employability in young people.  The Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter, are working in partnership with the YST to support the school-based research, and the Exeter team will work alongside teachers, sharing research findings, creating relevant research designs, supporting the processes of data analysis, and helping engagement in dissemination of findings.