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Social Sciences

The Shackleton Research Project

1 October 2016 - 31 March 2018

PI/s in Exeter: Professor Anne Barlow (FAcSS)

Funding awarded: £ 87,500

Sponsor(s): Fiona Shackleton

About the research

Many relationships, which intend to be permanent, fail because of a lack of basic compatibility; whether this is related to differences in core values, or different expectations of what the relationship will entail. Such relationships also fail because the couple lack the skills required to negotiate the challenges they face across the life-course. The wider project aims to explore what the critical questions are that should be asked prior to entering such a relationship to help to increase its chances of success and, to consider what type of relationship educational tool(s) might help young people to make better decisions in this area.

The research team are:

  • Professor Anne Barlow
  • Dr Astrid Janssens
  • Dr Jan Ewing
  • Ms. Sharon Blake