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Affiliated Academics


Roman Borisyuk Department of Biosciences

Roman Borisyuk is a Professor of Mathematics at Exeter. His research relates to modelling the nervous system, neurodynamics and synchronisation in neural networks with various types of elements and architectures. The rhythms and waves in the brain are of special interest.

Junning Chen Department of Engineering

Dr Junning Chen is a Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics, with primary research interests in pathalogical changes of tissue structures and functionality, including osteoarthristis and bone resorption.

Jen Creaser Department of Mathematics

Dr Jen Creaser is a MRC Skills Development Fellow, housed with the Living Systems Institute. Her research is on transient dynamics on networks inspired by, and applied to, the brain. She uses tools from data analysis, mathematics, and statistics to interrogate brain imaging data to identify the timings and order of transitions that are emergent properties of brain networks.

Marc Goodfellow Department of Mathematics Dr Marc Goodfellow is a Lecturer in Mathematics. His research is focused on the development and use of mathematical and computational methods to help us understand the dynamics of complex biological systems, with a focus on problems in healthcare.
Tim Holsgrove Department of Engineering Dr Tim Holsgrove is a Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics and Bioengineering. His research focuses on developing and implementing novel methods to understand spinal injuries, degeneration, and treatments.
Mark Kelson Department of Mathematics Mark Kelson is an Associate Professor of Statistics for Health. He works at the interface between clinical trials, medical statistics, causal inference and data science. His work is primarily focussed on two main application areas; physical activity and mental health.
Julian Mauricio Londono Monsalve Department of Engineering Dr Julian Mauricio Londono Monsalve is a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering. His research interests are: (i) vibration-based nonlinear system identification; (ii) experimental dynamics, modal testing and real-time hybird testing (hardware in-the-loop); (iii) structural dynamics; (iv) modelling and simulation of nonlinear dynamical systems; (v) structural control and vibration suppression.
Yang Liu Department of Engineering Dr Yang Liu is a Senior Lecturer in Engineering. His research interests are: (i) controlled gastrointestinal endoscopies; (ii) early detection of bowel cancer; (iii) control of micro-robots; (iv) control of non-smooth dynamical systems; (v) pipeline inspection robot.
Francesca Palombo Department of Physics and Astronomy Francesca Palombo is an Associate Professor in Biomedical Spectroscopy. Her research is focused on the development on the focused on the development of Brillouin, Raman and FTIR spectroscopy methods for applications to the biomedical sciences. She is particularly interested in the physical and chemical aspects of biological systems at a molecular level, as well as their implications in disease.   
James Rankin Department of Mathematics Dr James Rankin is a Senior Lecturer in Mathematical Biology. His research interests include dynamical systems, bifurcation theory, modelling of sensory cortex (auditory and visual), perceptual bistability and experiments in auditory perception (psychoacoustics).
David Richards Department of Physics and Astronomy Dr David Richards is a MRC Career Development and Senior Lecturer. His research uses a combination of mathemical modelling, computer simulation and experimental work to study various biological and medical processes, with particular focus on the immune system.
Nicholas Stone Department of Physics and Astronomy Nick Stone is a Professor of Biomedical Imaging and Biosensing. He is the University Lead for Healthcare Technologies' and has a strong track record working at the interface between physics, engineering and medicine.
Kirsty Wan Department of Mathematics Dr Kirsty Wan is an ERC Starting Grantee and Senior Lecturer. Her main research interests concern microscale appendages called cilia, also known as eukaryotic flagella, which are evolutionarily ancient. We are pioneering novel biophysical approaches to understanding their form and function in diverse species.
Dong Wang Department of Engineering Dr Dong Wang is a Lecturer in Engineering and Entrepreneurship. His research focuses on three core themes crossing over medical instrumentation, biomechanics and advanced manufacturing.