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Dr Matt Amesbury

Dr Matt Amesbury

Research Development Manager


 Living Systems Institute T02.01


Living Systems Institute, University of Exeter, Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4QD


Since starting my role in 2019, I have provided research development and management support to academics and fellowship candidates, supporting the development of research proposals and budgets to a range of funders and schemes. I work in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences team, supporting the Living Systems Institute and MRC Centre for Medical Mycology. 

I have held multiple roles supporting the Research Services directorate more broadly. I was a member of the UKRI Covid Allocation (CoA) funding sub-panel (2020/21), interim Exeter Research Networks Facilitation Manager (2021), provided secretariat support to the Major Funders Strategy Group (2021/22) and was RS lead to the Global Systems Institute (2022). I was a member of the Association for Research Managers and Administrators (ARMA) in 2021/22. 

Previously, I was a Research Fellow in Geography since 2010, where I undertook research on peatland ecosystems, both their use as an archive of information on past climate and environmental change and in terms of their carbon storage capacity, undertaking research in both polar regions and between. My publication record is here.  


PhD peatland palaeoclimate, University of Southampton, 2008

MSc Wetland Archaeology and Environments, University of Exeter, 2004

BSc (Hons) Geography, University of Plymouth, 2000

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Journal articles

Piilo SR, Väliranta MM, Amesbury MJ, Aquino-López MA, Charman DJ, Gallego-Sala A, Garneau M, Koroleva N, Kärppä M, Laine AM, et al (2023). Consistent centennial-scale change in European sub-Arctic peatland vegetation toward Sphagnum dominance-Implications for carbon sink capacity. Glob Chang Biol, 29(6), 1530-1544. Abstract.  Author URL.
Inglis GN, Naafs BDA, Zheng Y, Schellekens J, Pancost RD, Amesbury MJ, Biester H, Bindler R, Blewett J, Burrows MA, et al (2019). δ<SUP>13</SUP>C values of bacterial hopanoids and leaf waxes as tracers for methanotrophy in peatlands. GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA, 260, 244-256.  Author URL.

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Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday only (0.8 FTE)

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