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Regulations for staff concerning the use of motor vehicles on Campus

For reasons of both safety and amenity the University has to restrict the use and parking of vehicles, including motorcycles and mopeds, within its grounds. A speed limit of 20 miles per hour must be observed at all times.

The aim is to have clear roadways and orderly car parks, with unimpeded access to all buildings for service vehicles, fire engines, ambulances and other emergency vehicles.

Charges apply between 08:00-18:00 hours during weekdays all year round. No parking charges apply outside these hours however, accessible parking spaces, yellow lines and hatched areas must still be respected.

1. Application for motor vehicle permits

  1. Standard Car Parking Permits, one per vehicle, are issued, with the approval of the Director of Facilities Management.  Anyone who wishes to park within the Exeter Campuses during the times 08:00-18:00 hours during weekday should apply either for a Car Share permit, a Standard Permit or an ‘authority to park’ permit.  ‘Authority to park’ Permits must be displayed together with a daily reduced price ‘Pay and Display’ ticket obtainable from the campus parking meters.
  2. If you hold a Standard Permit and wish to bring a different vehicle you may apply for an ‘Authority to Park’ Permit at no extra cost which allows you to park at the reduced ‘Pay and Display’ rate of a £2 a day.  Please note that you are only permitted to have one vehicle on campus at any one time.
  3. Completed and signed application forms should be forwarded to Parking Team, South Cloisters, St Luke's Campus, Exeter, EX1 2LU.
  4.  Parking Permits that have been mislaid will be replaced on request once the Car Parking Office has been informed.
  5. If you change your vehicle please return the old permit together with your new vehicle details to the Car Parking Office, who will issue a new permit free of charge. Please note there may be a price difference if you change emission band.
  6. Parking Permits are not currently required for motor cycles.
  7. Part time staff requiring standard Parking Permits will be charged on a pro rata basis in proportion to their FTE.
  8. The price of Permits will rise in line with the increase in public transport costs.

2. Rules concerning the issue of permits

  1. No vehicles are authorised to enter or be driven on University roadways unless taxed, insured and certified roadworthy in accordance with Road Traffic legislation and fully compliant with the Road Traffic Act and driven by someone holding a full UK driving licence.
  2. A permit is issued for authorised car parking areas only whilst the holder is employed or works at Exeter Campuses or is a student. On leaving University employment/premises the holder is required to return the permit to the Parking Team, South Cloisters, St Luke's Campus, Exeter, EX1 2LU, either personally or by internal mail.
  3. Permits are NOT transferable to other vehicles.  If personal transport is dispensed with, the permit must be returned to the Car Parking Office.
  4. The permit  holder will be held responsible for infringements of the rules (observed or reported) of any vehicle on which the permit is displayed.
  5. The issue of a Parking Permit does not guarantee that a parking space will be available. It must be understood that there may be occasions when all car parks are full and some permit holders may not be able to find a parking space on the campus. Permits are issued on this condition.
  6. Should you stop or surrender your Standard or Authority to Park Permit you will be treated as a new applicant should you apply for a permit at a later date.

3. Permitted car parking areas

  1. During the times between 08:00-18:00 hours during weekdays the only vehicles admitted to the campuses or allowed to park there are:

    1. Vehicles prominently displaying a valid Standard Permit, a Visitors Parking  Permit or an ‘Authority to Park’ Permit validated with a ‘Pay and Display’ session.
    2. Legitimate campus visitor vehicles displaying a ‘Pay and Display’ ticket for that day, having paid the appropriate charge. Please note that ‘Pay and Display’ tickets are only valid on the Streatham campus in Car Park C. (This does not apply to vehicles displaying visitors hanging Permits)
    3. Vehicles attending an emergency, e.g. Fire Appliances, Ambulances etc.
    4. Tradesmen and service vehicles making collections and deliveries, vehicles requiring access for "dropping off" purposes.
    5. Motor cycles, which do not need Parking Permits at the present time.
  2. Parking is permitted only in the car parks and specified roadside areas within the University unless an exception is allowed under the specific direction of a member of the uniformed staff of the University assigned to car parking and traffic control duties. Parking on undesignated stretches of roadways, cycle paths and access ways, or parking anywhere in such a way as to cause an obstruction is prohibited at all times.

4. General regulations

  1. Learner Drivers may not use the roads and car parks on the University Campuses at any time.
  2. Vehicles may stop for the sole purpose of promptly collecting and discharging goods or passengers at the main and goods entrance of University Buildings
  3. The Car Parking facilities are provided for daily commuting with personal transport and for occasional visitors to the University. Vehicles should not occupy parking spaces for prolonged periods of time.  Overnight parking is not permitted without authorisation from the Estate Patrol or Parking Management staff, who will advise on where best to leave vehicles.
  4. Repairs, other than emergency repairs necessary to enable a vehicle to be driven away, may not be carried out within the precincts of the University.
  5. Any vehicle left standing continuously within the University for a period of 14 days or more without permission of the Director of Campus Services or the Estate Patrol Security Management staff may be deemed to have been abandoned and the University may take steps to dispose of it.
  6. Vehicles parked on the Campuses during the hours between 08:00-18:00 hours during weekdays without a University Parking Permit or an Authority to Park Permit  together with a valid reduced staff ‘Pay and Display’ ticket may incur a parking charge notice.  In most cases a zero fee notice will be used on two occasions before a notice requiring payment is issued. This is in recognition of the current parking challenges.
  7. The University accepts no responsibility for any loss of or damage to vehicles, or the contents of vehicles, left within the precincts of the University, except such general liability as the law imposes on the University as an employer and an occupier of premises.
  8. The use of powered transporters (including segways, e-scooters and hoverboards) is prohibited on University premises.  This does not include EAPC's (Electrically assisted pedal cycles).  It is also illegal to use these devices on public highways, pavements and cycle lanes.  Further guidance can be found on the government website here.

5. Enforcement

  1. It is an offence to park anywhere on campus other than in a designated parking space, or approved parking area. Parking in accessible parking bays, on yellow lines, in hatched boxes, cycle paths or on grassed areas is not permitted.   Only those with a valid Car Share Permit may park in the car share spaces (marked 2+) on campus prior to 09:30.  Car Park attendants and the Estate Patrol will monitor the campus and car parks to enforce the University Parking Regulations and Policy made thereunder.
  2. The University or its nominated representative may trace ownership and charge the associated cost to the offender.
  3. The University may withdraw or refuse to renew Parking Permits if parking charge notices remain unpaid.  Our third party provider will deal with parking appeals in the first instance and collect parking charge notice payments on our behalf.
  4. The University reserves the right to remove any vehicle in the interests of preventing damage, injury to persons, property or vehicles.
  5. Parking Permits may be withdrawn or not renewed if the Parking Regulations are persistently disregarded or for non-payment of parking charge notices. Disciplinary *action may be taken in such cases. In particular, misuse of a free Car Share permit will be considered a serious breach of the Parking Regulations and will result in the withdrawal of the permit, and could result in the withdrawal of permission to bring your car onto University of Exeter land.
  6. When a vehicle usually used for Car Share purposes is parked on campus by a lone driver, then an ‘Authority to Park’ Permit and a Pay and Display ticket must be displayed.  Those holding a car share permit may park in the car share bays at any time.  After 09:30 any driver with a valid parking permit may also use these spaces.

6. Important notice regarding Prince of Wales Road and Streatham Drive

The above road locations are not owned by the University of Exeter and operate under the jurisdiction of the Devon County Council authorities.

Staff and visitors should, therefore, be aware that the Pay & Display tickets obtained from the machines erected in  the Prince of Wales Road and Streatham Drive are not valid for use on the campus. Equally the Pay & Display tickets purchased from the machines erected on the Streatham Campus and all University Parking Permits are only valid for use in the campus area and are not valid for vehicles parked in Prince of Wales Road and Streatham Drive.