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Staff car parking permit payment options and rates

Rates and payment

The following permit payment options are available:

  • By credit/debit card (generally for non-University staff or students)
  • By monthly deductions from salary
  • By invoice from third party companies

University Staff

Charges for full permits for University staff from 1st February 2020:

 Salary 1234567
Emissions  gCO²/km Band B-C Band D Band E Band F Band G Bands H-P2 Prof 3+
High >140 £180.00 £305.00 £365.00 £405.00 £480.00 £555.00 £630.00
Middle 120-139


£244.00 £292.00 £324.00 £384.00 £444.00 £504.00
Low 100-119 £108.00 £183.00 £219.00 £243.00 £288.00 £333.00 £378.00
Lowest <100 £72.00 £122.00 £146.00 £162.00 £192.00 £222.00 £252.00

External staff

If you are not University staff but employed on the campus by other businesses, please apply for a permit using the external car parking application form.

Permits are valid for 12 months and they are to paid for in full at the time of application.

Rates for permits from 1st February 2020

Emissions Band (gCO²/km) CriteriaFee
High >140
Vehicle emssions at 140gCO²/km and over  (Engine size over 1549cc if registered pre March 2001) £305.00
Middle 120 - 139  Between 120-139gCO²/km (Engine size up to 1549cc if registered pre March 2001) £244.00
Low 100 - 119 Between 100-119gCO²/km £183.00
Lowest <100 Less than 100gCO²/km £122.00

Free permits

The following permits are available free of charge. See the apply for a permit pages for full details on how to apply.

  • Blue Badge holders.  Copies of both sides of your blue badge must be supplied to the Car Parking Office with your application form.
  • Staff Authority to Park.  Only valid when the daily fee of £2 is purchased through the Pay By Phone site.
  • Additional Staff Authority to Park.  Only valid when the daily fee of £2 is purchased through the Pay By Phone site.
  • Car Share Permit.