Information for staff who are leaving

Exit Questionnaires

In order to gain an understanding of the reasons why staff leave the employment of the University and to help identify any improvements that can be made to employment practices or staff services, we have created an exit questionnaire that we would like you to complete.

IT access

For details of how your IT access is affected please see our Leaving the University guidance on the IT Help web pages.

Uni Card

You will need to return your staff card to main reception in Northcote House.

University equipment and property

If the University has provided you with equipment (Blackberries, laptops, mobile phones, keys to buildings/offices), please ensure that this equipment/property is returned to your line manager before leaving the University.


  • If you are an iPhone or iPad user you must disable iCloud and Find-my-iPhone and ‘restore to factory settings’ before you hand them back.
  • If you have an AppleID linked to your staff email account please manage your Apple ID to change this to a private email account before you leave.

Annual leave

The annual leave entitlement for staff leaving the employment of the University during the course of the year is proportionate to their completed service during the leave year.

Use our annual leave calculator to help you calculate these part year entitlements.

We strongly encourage staff to book their annual leave via Trent Self Service so they have an accurate record of when annual leave is taken. It is vital you keep a record of your annual leave so any outstanding, untaken annual leave can be paid to you when you leave the University. If staff do not use Trent self-service it is assumed they have taken their annual leave and they will not be paid for any outstanding leave when they leave the University.

Staff in the Education and Research and the Education and Scholarship job families will normally take their leave during University vacations. If staff do not use Trent self-service it is assumed they have taken their annual leave during vacations and they will not be paid for any outstanding leave when they leave the University.

If your employment ends during the year and you have taken more days of leave than you have accrued up to your final date of employment, then a deduction will be made from your final salary payment.

If you are employed on a fixed term basis you are expected to take all accrued annual leave before the expiry of your contract.

If you are a manager of an employee leaving the University

Please complete the Leaver notification form‌ as soon as possible after the employee has given their notice of resignation. This form will be sent to the Employee Services HR Admin team who will support the employee's leaving arrangements. This includes calculating their final pay, managing any requirements relating to their right to work and contacting them to confirm their leaving details. This form will also notify our recruitment team if you intend to replace the person leaving your team.


You can print a copy of your Personal Learning Account details through Trent Self Service to take with you to your next place of employment.


  • Your final payslip and P45 will be forwarded to your home address after your salary has been paid. You are asked to check your address on the Trent HR System using the Self Service facility. This will show the current home address we have recorded for you and allow you to update your address if you wish.
  • If you don’t have IT access please provide this information to the HR Administration Team before you leave.

Term time

If you are employed as a term time member of staff and paid “average pay” you will be aware of the need to make a comparison between actual pay due to you (including holiday pay) and average pay paid to you to date to ensure that you leave with the correct total pay. The amount of adjustment in pay will be detailed in your acknowledgement letter from Human Resources.

Salary Exchange

If you are currently enrolled in a Salary Exchange scheme, there may need to be an adjustment to your final salary:

  • Car lease: If you currently have a lease through the University’s car leasing scheme you may be required to pay an early termination payment. See the Salary Exchange Car Policy for full details.
  • Bus pass:  If you have purchased an annual bus pass through the salary exchange you must return your pass to the University as it is no longer valid for use. If you do not return the pass the balance of the gross cost of the pass will be deducted from your final salary payment. See the Stagecoach Bus pass pages for full details.
  • Cycle to Work: If you are currently in the cycle to work scheme, any balance remaining on your bike will either need to be paid in full to the University or will be deducted from your final monthly salary. See the University rules for the cyclescheme for full details.
  • Childcare vouchers: Membership of the scheme will lapse automatically when your employment with the University comes to an end.

If you have any queries regarding these schemes, please contact Employee Services Team in Human Resources.

Relocation Assistance

If you are resigning within the first three years of commencing your employment you will be required to repay a percentage of the money that you have received according to the following scale:

• Resignation within first year: 75%
• Resignation within second year: 50%
• Resignation within third year: 25%

This sum must be repaid to the University no later than the final day of employment and will be deducted from your final salary payment.  If you would like to arrange an alternative payment method, please contact your HR Business Partner for further discussion.

If you are employed on a fixed term contract that is ending on the date stated within your original contract of employment you will not be required to repay any relocation assistance you received.

Other University loans

If you have received an interest free loan from the University (for immigration maintenance, travel, etc) any remaining balance will either need to be paid in full to the University or will be deducted from your final monthly salary.   

If you are employed via Tier 2 visa

The University is required to inform the Border Agency once you have left our employment.  Please let your HR Business Partner know If you have obtained employment elsewhere in the UK as we need to include this information. 

If you will be moving overseas before your final salary is paid, we can arrange for payment by cheque.  Please ensure that we have your new address details before you leave.  This information can be updated through Trent Self Service.

Please contact your HR Business Partner if you have further queries regarding the above information.

Visit the Pensions pages for further information regarding your benefits.

If you are retiring

Retired staff have their own Association.  The University of Exeter Retired Staff Association (UERSA) is open to all categories of retired staff and to spouses and partners of retired staff. 

For more information regarding pensions, please visit the Retirement pages on the Pensions website or contact the Pensions Team.

Research staff

If you are moving to another academic institution and have queries regarding grants, staff or consumables please contact your HR Business Partner for further details.