Registering as a Trent HR user

Trent HR

Trent HR records and manages sensitive information about employees of the University and their pay. For data protection and security reasons, only authorised users can be granted access to Trent HR.

Access can only be granted to information about other employees if the following conditions are met:

  • There is a genuine business need for the user to access this information
  • The user understands and agrees to comply with Data Protection legislation and the University's IT regulations
  • The user's application for access to Trent HR is authorised by Human Resources.

In order to request access to the Trent HR system, please download a .

For more information about the types of Trent HR access, please visit:

Core users
College / Service users

Trent Self Service

Access to Trent Self Service is automatically assigned when an IT account is set up, so there is no need for Self Service users to complete a registration form.

Self Service access is only available for University staff on the main monthly payroll with a University IT account. Unfortunately it is not available for staff employed on a claims basis (e.g. through the Temp Staff Bank).

If you are unable to access Self Service, please contact IT Helpdesk (or telephone extension 3934)

Business Objects Infoview 

Business Objects Infoview allows users to view a selection of standard reports using data from the Trent HR system. In order to request access to Infoview, please download a registration form.