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Login to iTrent HR Trent self service userguide (PDF)
If you have a problem

Please raise an enquiry via the HR Systems Team.

Trent HR and management information

iTrent is the University’s HR and Payroll system and features a Self Service tool which allows staff to:

  • view and update some personal details
  • record absence (annual leave, sickness and other absence)
  • view and download payslips
  • book a place on a University training event.

Please be aware that with effect from 10 August 2023 you will need to connect to VPN and MFA if you are off campus and wish to access iTrent Employee Self Service to view payslips, book holiday, record sickness, submit PTA timesheets or review your personal and employment information. Guidance can be found online here You should contact the IT Service desk if you require any additional support.

Management information from Trent HR can be provided through reports which are run within Trent HR or from Business Objects. You can also access key People reports from the Management Information hub.

  • Certain Business Objects reports can be scheduled to run automatically each month and emailed to designated managers.
  • Reports are generally provided in Excel format.
  • Some complex reports include additional merged columns which make it difficult to sort the report in Excel - see Instructions on how to unmerge and delete these additional columns to allow sorting
  • Contact the Human Resources team for your College/Service to obtain any reports
  • All reports are subject to the conditions of use for data from Trent HR system. Human Resources are not authorised to provide a report where this would breach data protection standards.

If the information you require is not listed, you should discuss your information requirements with the Human Resources team for your College/Service (or, for University-wide reports, the Trent HR support team in Human Resources). Please give us as much notice as possible, as creating new and bespoke reports can take a significant amount of time.

In addition, you are able to run reports from within Trent HR for selected units (ie College or Service or sections/academic units).

These reports include:

  • various equality and diversity analysis by organisation unit
  • length of service by organisation unit
  • various absence reports
  • headcount reports (includes all categories, ie claims, GTFs etc as well as employees)
  • various learning activity reports by organisation unit

Further information

Facts and figures about the University

To log-in: Use your University username and password. As the system contains some very sensitive personal information about you it is important to ensure that the security of your details is maintained at all times.

To logout: Internet Explorer users can click the 'Logout' link in the top right hand corner of the Self Service pages, while Firefox and other browser users can securely logout by simply closing the browser or tab.

Keeping your information correct and secure

As the Self Service system allows you to view and amend some of the details held by the University’s actual HR & Payroll system you must take care to ensure that any changes you make to your details are complete and accurate.

It is also important that you never let anyone else know your University username and password as this information would allow people to access information such as contact details and pay details, hence exposing you to the risk of identity fraud.

If at any point you feel that your information security may have been compromised you should contact the University's IT department, Exeter IT, in the first instance.

The HR team use e-signing software in iTrent Employee Self Service (ESS) to deliver electronic employment letters and documents to staff.

This includes letters relating to contract extensions, changes to contract terms/hours/pay/allowances, promotions, leaving the university and letters relating to maternity, adoption, paternity leave and other types of parental leave letters.

The following steps outline the process that is followed when an electronic letter is sent to you by the HR team:

  • When a letter is issued, you will receive an email from with notification that a document has been sent to you and is available to view in iTrent Employee Self Service (ESS).
  • Your manager and the management team in your Faculty/Division will also be notified that a letter has been sent to you.
  • When you log into ESS the letter will automatically open.
  • You will be asked to either electronically sign or acknowledge the letter, as appropriate. The software creates the signature for you. If you have any questions about the letter you should speak to your line manager in the first instance.
  • Once your letter is signed or acknowledged it will be stored in ESS and remain accessible to you for the duration of your employment and available to download. You can access the letter in ESS by selecting ‘View Profile’ and then the ‘Employment’ tab – your letter will be in the section marked ‘My Correspondence’. The letter will show the date and time that you signed it.

If you are unable to access iTrent Employee Self Service please contact