Georgie Rand

Georgie Rand

Georgie Rand is a full time apprentice at the University working in the Property Services Team. Despite sending off lots of applications, Georgie was finding it difficult to secure a role in her chosen field until she came to the University for a week’s work experience which turned in to a permanent job offer.

Georgie’s advice to anyone in the same situation is: “Don't give up! It may seem like you have emailed hundreds of people and no one needs an apprentice but one day you will receive a reply back, and if someone does tell you that they don't currently need an apprentice then it's worth just asking for a week’s work experience or just to spend a day a week with them. Then you will get the chance to show them what you can do and you will be more employable for someone that does need you.”

In January 2015 Georgie was voted Student of the Year, awarded by Exeter College Faculty of Construction and the Built Environment, coming top out of over 300 students. She also won Plumbing Level 1 Student of the Year based on ability and attitude.

Being in the construction industry, Georgie has first-hand experience of how it feels to be a woman in a ‘man’s world’. This has informed her hope that “women will be respected in the workplace and have equal career path opportunities as men. I hope to be one of the people changing this term, a woman can do anything a man can do and if everyone is treated equal the world is a much more equitable place.”

Georgie has always had a close relationship with her mother, who she cites as her foremost role model saying: “She is my best friend and has always stood by me with any decision or path I have chosen. When she was a child she never had much but has found her way in life and now runs a very successful business with my dad. I would be honoured if I could be anything like my mum when I grow up.”

Since joining the University Georgie’s confidence has increased, and one of her most recent achievements was fitting her first heating system with a fellow apprentice which gave her a huge sense of accomplishment.