Roz Evans

Roz Evans

It took Roz Evans a few years to figure out what she wanted from life, but once she did, she really went after it... In Roz’s words ‘The best achievements in life are those that you have earned hard. For me, that's where the satisfaction comes from.’

Teaching herself Biology A Level so she could get into Exeter, Roz studied Conservation Biology and Ecology at Exeter’s Penryn Campus, graduating with a first (and a Dean’s Commendation) in 2014.

During her time at university, Roz founded and edited Life Magazine after noticing that there was no creative outlet for students who were interested in both natural history and science communication. She taught herself how to create magazine layouts and translate a digital project into a physical product – no mean feat whilst studying full time. The resulting publication looked so professional that the college has since been using it as a marketing tool, handing out copies at open days and outreach events.

Since graduating, Roz has used her hard-won skills to conduct a very successful Kickstarter campaign and launch a commercial popular science magazine called Biosphere. With the mission of bringing the latest discoveries from wildlife and the natural world to life, the magazine is going from strength to strength and Roz has already hired an additional employee and is advertising for interns. Creative and business-savvy, Roz is a passionate scientist and an eloquent communicator.

Roz’s proudest moment was releasing the first issue of Biosphere. She says ‘I'd worked for months to make it a reality and there it was, in all its printed glory. I was also proud of myself for overcoming the mistakes that the first issue contained: typos and lines not matching up were nothing compared to the creation of something that had only been an idea in my head for over a year.’
Roz’s inspiration comes from both her family life and her professional life. ‘My mum and my sister are both independent and determined women, for me they are testament to how you can be incredibly strong, whilst being incredibly kind and nurturing.’ She explains.

Besides these lifelong role models, Roz has been really inspired by various women in the College of Life and Environmental Sciences at Exeter: ‘It's fantastic to have women who you can look up to and realise that most problems are solvable, and that you can achieve a balance between what you want professionally and personally from your life.’ She says.

So what advice does Roz have for others who want to pursue their dreams?

‘Don't be bored. If you are, do something new, something you’re passionate about. Being around wildlife and seeing and inspiring a connection with nature in others too is what I’m passionate about so creating Biosphere really has felt like the right thing for me.’