Exeter Academic Review

The Exeter Academic Review group (chaired by Professor Rich Smith- DVC Strategy Integration and Resource) aims to review the promotion and progression (inc probation) structures for academic colleagues, to create a reward, recognition and promotion scheme that values and recognises excellence across all academic career paths.

While the review is taking place the Exeter Academic Steering group (chaired by Professor Tim Quine) has been stood down. Members of the steering group, will be included as advisory members to the review group. 

The review will start in July 2022 and aims to submit final recommendations to the University Executive Board in May 2023, ready for implementationto begin from September 2023. It is critical to the review that the views of academic colleagues are embedded into the review. At various points, throughout the review the group will be asking colleagues for feedback so watch out for emails and updates on this webpage.

Please note that while the review is taking place academic colleagues going through probation, promotion and progression in 2022/23 should continue to follow the processes as outlined on the Exeter Academic webpages.

This project will be working closely with other colleague support and progression groups including the Workload, Allocation and Equity group, Academic Workload Planning Steering group, Exeter Professional Steering group and Exeter Professional Review group. 

The Wellbeing, Inclusion and Culture committee approved the Terms of Reference for the Exeter Academic review on the 4th July. The terms of reference for the group set out the aims and the objectives of the group as well as the membership. 

Membership- Core Group

Exeter Academic Review Membership Title 
Professor Rich Smith (chair) DVC (Strategy, Integration and Resource)
Professor Dan Charman PVC, ESE
Professor Alex Gerbasi DPVC, ESE
Professor Dave Hosken DPVC, ESE
Professor Nick Stone DPVC, ESE
Professor Sallie Lamb PVC, HLS
Professor Jo Bowtell DPVC, HLS
Professor Clive Ballard DPVC, HLS
Professor Gareth Stansfield PVC, HASS
Professor Helen Berry DPVC, HASS
Professor Adam Watt DPVC, HASS
TBC Our People Programme Manager
Christian Carter Head of Organisational Development
Drs. Astrid Wissenburg Divisional Director of Research Services
Charles Masquelier UCU Rep
Supported by (not a member)
Beth Walker-Billingham Learning and Development Team Leader
Charlotte Juggins Communications and Engagement Manager

Please note: The core group are supported by an advisory group, members of the advisory group can be found on the terms of reference for the Exeter Academic review. 

Below is a rough outline for the review (please note this timeline is subject to change):

  • February 2022- last Exeter Academic Steering Group meeting (offical stood down of the group)
  • 13th May 2022- first initial meeting of the Exeter Academic review. 
  • 4th July 2022- Wellbeing, Inclusion and Culture (WIC) committee meeting- approval of Terms of Reference
  • Autumn term 2022/23- sector research of best practice
  • Autum term 2022/23- Feedback from academic colleagues.
  • December 2022- First draft of recommendations. 
  • January 2023- Further refinement of recommendations.
  • January/February 2023- Feedback from academic colleagues on recommendations.  
  • Spring Term 2022/23- Final refinement of recommendations
  • May 2023- Final recommendations to be considered by the Wellbeing, Inclusion and Culture Committee (WICC) and the University Executive Board (UEB)
  • June 2023 onwards- communication and implementation of new processes/policy (if applicable) 

Please note: that while the review is taking place the Exeter Academic Steering group has been stood down. 

We will continue to update colleagues on the progress of the review group below (most recent first):

  • 3rd May- WICC focused meeting- at this meeting the final recommendations created by the group will be discussed. 
  • 10th March- feedback period 2 closed. 
  • 6th February- feedback period 2 opens for all academic colleagues to give feedback on suggested changes. 
  • February 2023- a senate deep dive took place, where colleagues on senate were able to give feedback on the first draft of suggestions. 
  • January 2023- a copy of the first draft of suggested changes went to both University Executive Board and the Wellbeing Inclusion and Culture committee. 
  • December 2022- Review group to look at feedback and start to draft the first set of recommendations. 
  • October- November 2022- Collecting feedback from academic colleagues on the current Exeter Academic processes. 
  • October 2022- Exeternal consultant to undertake sector wide research. 
  • September 2022- Exeter Academic Review group meets to discuss best ways to get feedback from the academic community. 
  • 4th July 2022- Approval of the review group Terms of Reference by the Wellbeing, Inclusion and Culture committee. 
  • 13th May 2022- Premlinary Exeter Academic Review group meeting- issues surrounding Exeter Academic, the terms of reference, membership and aims of the group was discussed.

* Please note that feedback period 2 is now closed for responses, we want to thank all those who gave feedback during this time.*

Firstly we want to thank all academic colleagues who gave feedback to the review in the first feedback series in October/November 2022. We have reviewed all of the feedback you gave us, whether that was via a departmental or specialist workshop or via the online form and used this to help form the first draft of suggested changes.  

Throughout February- March 2023, we invite academic colleagues to give feedback on the first draft of suggestions. The feedback you give will help the review group to shape and finalise the recommendations which we hope will be submitted to the University Executive Board (UEB) in May. 

You can view the first draft of suggestions here on our Feedback SharePoint site (please note you will need a university log in to access this site). 

If you would like to hear more about the review group and what it has been up to, you can watch a recording of the All Staff WICC update from the 7 February. 

The feedback form is open until Friday 10th March (5pm). If you have any questions regarding the feedback series, please contact: Charlotte Juggins- cj261@exeter.ac.uk

*Please note that the feedback series is now finished- we will be asking academic colleagues for further comment on propsoals in term 2 (2022/23 academic year).*

Throughout October and November 2022, we invite academic colleagues to give the review feedback and suggestions for change on the current probation, promotion and progression structures at the University of Exeter. There are two ways in which colleagues can give the review feedback:

  • Feedback sessions- the review group has asked faculities to arrange either departmental or discipline level feedback sessions, where a group of academic colleagues can work together to ask a series of questions created by the review group. Outside of department or discipline level feedback sessions, colleagues may wish to hold specialist sessions, for example through ECR networks, Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity groups. The review group has created a Feedback Pack, this includes a powerpoint presentation, feedback form and a guidance document which will help colleagues when running a session. All feedback session will need to have taken place and submitted their forms by Friday 18th November. You can download the feedback pack below:
  • Online feedback form- we have also created an online feedback form which colleagues can complete as individuals or to submit the results of a feeedback session. The questions on the online feedback form are the same as the word document. This form will close on Wednesday 30th November. 

Following the close of the first feedback period, the review group will look at all the feedback received alongside the work of the external consultant to create a first draft of recommendations. These recommendations will be shared with colleagues at the start of Term 2 for further feedback before revising the recommendations for final submission to the University Executive Board in April.