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Exeter Academic Review and Implementation

About the Exeter Academic Review

In July 2022, the Exeter Academic Review group (chaired by Professor Rich Smith- DVC Strategy Integration and Resource) was commissioned, with the aim of reviewing the promotion and progression (inc probation) structures for academic colleagues, to create a reward, recognition and promotion scheme that values and recognises excellence across all academic career paths. Membership of the group included PVCs and DPVCs from all faculties as well as representation from UCU.

The review used the feedback from the academic community (collected via two feedback periods autumn 2022 and spring 2023) and external sector-wide research undertaken by an external consultant to produce 16 recommendations. These recommendations were then presented to Senate and UEB, 12 recommendations were approved, 2 required further investigation and 2 were not approved. You can view the full list of recommendations here

Implementation of Recommendations

Implementation of the 12 recommendations began in term 1 of 2023/24 academic year and will take place as part of a phased approach. This work is being overseen by Professor Dan Charman (Provost) with support from Faculty Executive Boards (FEBs), Senate and the University Executive Board (UEB) with further dialogue with our local branch of the University and College Union (UCU).

A series of minor changes have been made to the 2023/24 process including:

  • Removing the business case requirement for the Education and Scholarship family,
  • Creating a single simplified application form,
  • Reducing the number of external reviews required for promotion to Associate Professor and Professor.

Please note that the current criteria and process will continue to apply for the remainder of the current 2023/24 application cycle.  

A series of more substantive changes will be introduced from September 2024, these can be viewed on the new Probation, Promotion and Progression webpage.