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Wellbeing support

Support from Wellbeing Services if your finances are affecting your mental wellbeing, including a 24 hour helpline (click and scroll down for details).

At Penryn campus you can contact the student support team online or at drop in sessions.

If you're at Truro campus (The Knowledge Spa) email and put Truro in the title to contact your wellbeing support officer.  

Mental Health and Money Toolkit

Free guide to help improve your mental health and money situation.

The Mental Health and Money Toolkit is a resource to help you understand, manage and improve your mental and financial health.

You can use it to help guide conversations with your relevant healthcare worker about your mental health and money. You can also take it with you to any money or debt advice appointments you might attend.  

Managing worry about money

Worries about money can affect your wellbeing and mental health. According to Student Space managing your emotions around finance can be an important step in taking control of your money. Read their article.

Financial worry and its impact - free CBT course

We understand that the impact of financial worry on mental health can be significant. We also hear from students that poor mental health can make managing money harder. This is a difficult cycle and breaking it might require some support. We have partnered with SilverCloud to enable students to access a CBT-based course dedicated to financial worry and its impact. You can access this course for free.