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Exams and Assessments

May 2023 exams will take place online and on-campus. For general exam information, including assessment dates and deadlines for specific provision adjustments and religious observance notification, please see the central exams page

For more information about May 2023 exams, please visit our Exams, Assessments, Progression and Awarding FAQs.

Your final exam timetable for May 2023 can be found on MyTimetable. Once you have your timetable, if you have any on-campus exams it’s a good idea to check out beforehand where they will be held. A campus map can be found here.

Student Services are available to support you as you prepare for exams and assessments. Please access the Study Zone for guidance and support on revising and undertaking your exams.

Contact the Assessment Helpdesk

The Assessment Helpdesk is run by a support team who are able to respond to queries on all online exams whilst they are taking place and open. You can email the Helpdesk at Please do be aware that this mailbox is only monitored during live exam periods.

Mid-term Exams

The Assessment Helpdesk will be open during a live Mid-term Exam from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday. You can telephone the Helpdesk on +44 (0) 1392 72 6800.

August Exams

From Friday 11th August you will be able to telephone the Helpdesk on +44 (0) 01392 72 6800 if you are in a live exam. The Helpdesk will be open between 8am - 6pm Monday to Saturday and 8am - 3.30pm on Sunday throughout the Exam period

Tips for on-campus exams
Submitting work via BART
Student handbook
Exam Update email
Exams ELE