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The Student Information Desk can assist current and past students with education verification for World Education Services (WES). Please see the guidance below to review the options. 

We are partnered with World Education Services (WES) who accept Electronic Academic Documents for evaluation report via a secure online platform. Preview the list of documents required by WES here.

Current students: 

Students currently enrolled onto their programme of study can be issued an Interim Transcript. The Student Information Desk can share this document digitally with WES on your behalf.  

To request this please log an enquiry through SID Online to request this. We will require your WES Reference number. 

Please note that we only supply final Transcripts and Certificates for completed students.

Exeter Alumni:

There are several methods that Alumni can use to share their documents with WES, please read the guidance below: 

1. Share via GradIntelligence using your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) 

HEAR Reports are stored on the GradIntelligence platform, these can be shared directly with WES and not require further verification from the University of Exeter.  

Most undergraduates and taught postgraduates who completed their studies from 2014 onwards will receive a HEAR. There is further information on the following pagesindicating your eligibility and FAQs about the HEAR: 

When logged into Gradintel, youcan share your HEAR with WES by sending them an electronic token which enables them to view your HEAR.  

The procedure for sharingdocument is as follows:  

  1. Log into your account 

  1. On the left-hand menu under University Services click theDocumentsoption.   

  1. Then select the “Share” option of your chosen document.  

  1. This will take you into a ‘Share Document’ screen. Complete each field to specify the share parameters and recipient information and click ‘Continue’.  

  1. When you wish to share your HEAR; you will note there is a small box of text to enter a message - ‘message to recipient’ - that will accompany your HEAR. Please ensure you enter your WES Number here.  

  1. You can view your share history via the document’s ‘More’ option.

2. Share eDocuments via The Digital Certificates Web Student Portal 

Students awarded from 2021 onwards will have access to their digital documents via The Digital Certificates Web Student Portal. This will enable you to share your documents with WES securely via Advanced Secure Technologies (AST).  

The Digital Certificates Web Student Portal enables you to view electronic versions (in PDF format) of your qualification and status documents; it allows you to share electronic documents with third parties by creating connections. 

For more information please read the Student PDF Guide found here. For information relating to how third party organisations and individuals access your Documents please see the Third party guide found here.  

We advise students to contact WES directly regardingthird-party registration.

3. Exeter Alumni self-upload: 

WES applicants can upload certificate scans directly to WES, although academic transcripts will not be accepted this way. 

Please see here for more advice:  

4. Exeter Alumni Direct Transmission via SID 

If you are not able to share your documents by any of the above direct sharing routes The Student Information Desk can assist by sharing digital copies of award documentation directly with WES via Direct Transmission. 

Please contact us by email: using your WES Reference No in the title of your email if this is required. 

Please provide the following additional information so we are able to verify your records: 

  • Student name at the time of Graduating 
  • Student Date of Birth 

  • Student Number (If known) 

  • Title of Degree awarded 

  • Date of award  

  • Statement confirming that you are the subject of the data request 

 Please note we do not hold electronic copies of graduate’s award documents on record therefore:  

  • If you have your original transcript and certificate, please provide us with a clear scan of your documents (PDF preferred), which we can verify against your records and share with WES directly viasecure file delivery.  

  • If you do not have your original documents, you will need to purchase replacement copiesfrom ouronline store so that we can create a scan of the document to send electronically. 

  •  Instructions on how to use the online store can be foundhere. WES will not accept duplicate documents through postal mail, so if you place an order you will need to provide a postal address for the hard copy documents to be sent to after we have scanned them. 

Pre-2000 records 

  • Graduates who completed their studies prior to 2000 will not have a digital Student Record assigned to them and we will have to confirm your details in our archive. This can sometimes cause delays. Please call SID on 0300 555 0444 (UK) / +441392 724724 (International) if you have any queries prior to ordering replacement copies online 

Further Support: 

If you have any questions relating to sharing your academic Transcript or Certificate with WES. Please contact us as follows: 

Email: please quote your WES Reference No in all correspondence. 

Phone:  0300 555 0444 (UK) / +441392 724724 (International) to escalate urgent requests.