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Evie, studying History, Streatham Campus

I’m really glad I came to Exeter as a mature student. It was challenging going into an environment with people that have just left home and there are lots of assumptions of mature students, but it’s really great to know that you can go to university at any age.

The transition from an access course to university was quite hard. I overcame it by making good friends on my course. It took a couple of months to find that group but once I did it’s really good to have those people around. It’s great meeting other mature students you have a real solidarity with each other, for my second year I was on the committee for the mature students society.

I like the fact it’s a city but it’s not too big; you can get out really quickly and go the beach, and you can see the hills around the city. Exeter is really chilled. There’s lots of stuff to do because it’s still a city… you have the best of both worlds.

I want to do a masters, I don’t know beyond that. A good thing about being a mature student is you know it’s okay not really knowing what your future may hold because it already has changed so much.