FAQs - Applying

No, but the hours must be regular and pre-scheduled.

If the hours advised to People Services are for short term assignments of up to 12 weeks' duration or are not regular/pre-scheduled, you may be advised that you will continue to be engaged for work via the eclaims procedures.

Additional information is available as follows:

If you have any queries regarding this new process please refer to our contacts page.

All employees of the University are required to participate in these processes. 

The induction and probation processes ensures that you have full support during your first year to undertake your role as a Postgraduate Teaching Assistant.

The training ensures that you and other employees are trained to the same standard where these are necessary for your role.

The PDR process provides you with the opportunity to review your progress and to discuss your ambitions and development needs.

You must complete the probation process to enable you to continue to be employed after the initial 12 month fixed-term contract.

A 3 month, 6 month, 9 month or annualised contract will be issued where People Services have been notified that there is regular/pre-scheduled work.   If the hours that you are undertaking are ad hoc, you will continue to be engaged on a casual basis.   If at any stage regular/pre-scheduled work is identified we will review your contracting arrangement.

Your College will confirm these arrangements with you as in some areas line management activities may be undertaken by more than one person.  If you have any queries, please consult the Director of Education for your discipline in the first instance.

No, the academic manager will assess your suitability for the role in accordance with the “Employment of Postgraduate Students:  Code of Good Practice

Yes you do, as we are required by law to check Right to Work for each new period of employment.