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Current student Nicole Bowen (BSc Economics) is part of the England U21 and GB Elite Development Programme 2018/2019 (R) and Katie Knight (BA Modern Languages) plays for the England U21 team (L)

Current scholar Duncan Scott (BA Geography) is part of the England U21 and Great Britain Elite Development programme 2018/2019

Ben Francis (BA Economics with Industrial Experience, 2017) plays for Wales Seniors and was part of the Commonwealth Games squad for 2018 Gold Coast 

Kathryn Lane (BA Business and Management, 2016), played for England Seniors and was a Commonwealth Games 2018 bronze medallist 

Hockey Club Alumni

Men's and Women's Hockey are both focus sports and part of the High Performance Programme, giving 1st team players access to specialist support services. The Sports Scholarship programme attracts Junior Internationals to the University and as a result Exeter has a growing number of Hockey Alumni in senior international and GB squads.

The Womens 1st team has won the BUCS league every year from 2009/10 to 2017/18 and made the Championship final in 2015/2016. Women's Hockey is linked with ISCA Hockey Club and competes in the Investec Conference West of Investec Women’s Hockey League.

The Men’s Hockey 1st team were promoted into England Hockey Men’s Hockey League Premier division for the 2018/2019 season. This is the highest league and Exeter are the only University represented. They have also won Premier South/South A which is the highest league in BUCS five times since 2010, made the Championship final in the 2015-2016 season and reached the final in 2018/19.

Hockey Club alumni Tim Ireland, Stuart Moyce (both Class of 1984), Alex Lawton (Class of 1995) and Kieran Payne (Class of 2010) organise an annual Alumni Christmas Lunch in London which is well attended by Club alumni from many decades. The event takes place on the Thursday before Christmas Day. For more information about these events or if you would like to become involved in developing Alumni activity please contact us.

Take Your Seat

In 2013 as part of the £8.5m redevelopment of sports facilities on our Streatham Campus, a spectator grandstand was opened overlooking the Olympic-standard water based hockey pitch. 84 covered seats, situated above eight new changing rooms, provide a perfect location from which to watch the University’s hockey teams in action. Alumni can personalise one of these seats in return for a donation of £240. An individual plaque on each seat shows the donor’s name and an optional message of support. Many seats have already been snapped up by alumni through this initiative. We have also honoured the achievements of six Exeter alumni to have competed in hockey at an Olympic Games by bestowing seats in their names.

If you would like to sponsor a seat please contact 

Get involved

For further information on upcoming events, or to become part of the Hockey Club's alumni community contact us on All enquiries are totally commitment free and we are always happy to hear from our alumni.


This section will be developed as hockey alumni provide information. Please send any relevant memories you have as well as any photos or documents (programmes / annual dinner documents / league tables etc) / that you want to share here to

This section will be developed as hockey alumni provide information. Please send any relevant memories you have as well as any photos or documents (programmes / annual dinner documents / league tables etc) / that you want to share here to

  • What Exeter University Hockey meant to me
  • Most memorable moments
  • Life post Exeter


Peter Bannister, 1959-62

I only played hockey for the 2nd XI  during one season (1959-60) in  my first year at University.  My main memory is of travelling up to play at Reading University.  It was a beautiful day when the coach left Exeter – until we nearly reached Reading, when we entered into a thick fog.  Having travelled all that way we decided to start the match, hoping the fog would lift – but instead it got worse, and after about ten minutes we realised there was no way we could continue.  We trooped back to the dressing room, only to discover we were one person short.  “Where’s the goalie” asked someone – so some of us went back to the pitch, only to find him still standing between the posts.  Not seeing anyone, he didn’t dare to move in case the ball suddenly emerged out of the mist and into the goal!


This section will be developed as hockey alumni provide information. Please send any relevant memories you have as well as any photos or documents (programmes / annual dinner documents / league tables etc) / that you want to share here to

Colin Hoare, 1959-62

An anecdote about the 1959-1960 hockey teams:

"The First XI record was pretty abysmal, and we fared badly against both Bristol University and Southampton University. The game against Reading University, however, bears an interesting footnote.

All the teams i.e. football, rugby, netball and hockey, travelled in a collection of coaches when we had an away game in the U. A. U. Championship. We went to Reading and, when we left Exeter, the weather was perfect. When we got to Reading, however, the conditions were far from ideal – there was thick fog. The Thames and Kennet rivers combine there and the conditions for an autumn mist were ideal.

 Anyway, the games started and the First XI was 3-0 down in fifteen minutes. The second goal was scored after the ball had clearly crossed the goal line halfway between the goal and the corner flag, but the Reading forward whipped it back, the defenders and yours truly, the goalkeeper, relaxed because we were expecting a whistle that never came, and that was that.

The umpires & referees for all the matches soon came to the conclusion that the conditions had worsened and all the games were called off.

We had two Men’s teams and everyone returned to the dressing rooms to change. My room-mate in Kilmorie, Mike Read, was the Second XI goalkeeper. Some 20 minutes after all the teams had assembled in the dressing rooms, someone enquired about Mike – he was missing! Somehow, he had been left on the field and he had not realised that the game was over! He was wondering why he had not seen any other players for a while!

Anyway, he was “rescued” so to speak, and made it back to Exeter on the bus."


Jan Jachnik, 1968-71

"I was at Exeter from 1968-71 so played with the likes of Dave Montgomery (whom I believe later joined the army), Tony Moore, Johnny Grant and others whose faces I recognise but whose names I forget. Johnny Grant and I came together again some years later at Surbiton Hockey Club and I’m sure I probably encountered some of the others in later years when playing for Isca.

"Exeter ran three men’s teams back then and I decided that the 3rd XI was more my style. The first two teams were part of the inter-university competitions and trained seriously under the sadistic direction of the first team captain but it was not the rigours of training that deterred me but the total commitment required, training on Tuesday evenings with matches on Wednesdays and Saturdays and the long distances travelled for some Saturday games requiring an early departure and a late return. The 3rd XI instead provided the opportunity to explore the beautiful Devon countryside, to meet some wonderful people from outside the university sphere and to get great food, always a student priority, in a cosy Devon pub. OK, the pitches were a mixed bunch indeed. In north Devon we first had to move the cows off the pitch and then take extreme care to avoid where we trod and not get carried away when shooting at a goal with no nets that had cars parked not too far behind. The 3rd XI always drew the short straw when it came to player availability so we’d often be one or two players short. As a full back it meant that muggins was often called upon to play as a kicking back. On one occasion, when playing at the Digby Mental Hospital, a Devon County centre-forward peppered the goal at waist height with a series of well-aimed shots. The first few that I painfully stopped on my unprotected torso convinced me to step aside for the following dozen or so.

"After Exeter I went to work in London and played for Surbiton for 12 years but Devon drew me back and I bought a house on the north edge of Dartmoor so I then joined Isca Hockey Club and regularly came up against the university. The university organisational aspects never seemed to improve and we often came up against teams of less than 11 but the results of training were clear to see. The first match near the start of the season would have 11 skilful individuals trying to beat us by single heroics and failing abysmally when our squad of veterans deprived them of possession. The next match was usually a complete reversal with the university players demonstrating what could be achieved by coordinated teamwork, running rings around us.

"The University sports hall was completed not long before I started at Exeter. Like most of the University buildings at the time it had underfloor heating, which was wonderful to come back to after a match in the ice cold. Having left your clothes in your kit bag on the floor they would be lovely and warm when you came to put them on. The sports hall was also a great venue for indoor hockey and around the millennium I was lucky enough to see the finals of the universities indoor championship, with my nephew playing for Robert Gordon University, who took the title.

"Hockey has changed dramatically during the 50 years since I was a student, with almost no games now played on grass. The AstroTurf has moved from a sand base to water base but the sport now faces new challenges with many places replacing short AstroTurf with a long pile more suitable for football but useless for hockey, causing some clubs to shut up shop due to lack of anywhere to play. I am pleased to see the University of Exeter continuing to excel in this sport."


Adrian Figgess, 1970-73

My memories of uni hockey are scant - including of all my playing colleagues! I played for the 3rd XI in 1971 and / or 1972. 

So far as individual recollections are concerned, there was one game when we travelled to Chard and played them on an old tarmac airstrip.  Which was weird enough - and painful to fall on.  However, there was a encampment of the travelling community on one side of the 'pitch' and at one point, the match had to be stopped as one of their vans drove across the playing area. There was no attempt on their part to pause until an appropriate moment (eg the ball going out of play) - they simply drove towards the tarmac and kept going.  I've never forgotten that! PS - I do remember Graham Brignall - a bit! I think we worked on RAG together.

Peter Dolton, 1971-74

In Season 75/76 Exeter Men Won UAU. I believe, for the first time in the club’s history. This was despite losing comprehensively to Bristol in first of regional games 4-1 but then victories at Reading 4-0 and then against Bath and Southampton meant a knock out game against winners of south east group Sussex. This was a victory I think by 4-0 but more memorable was the minibus being stopped by police on return journey. I have no memory of the quarter final but the semi final was against Loughborough played at Cheltenham College with the goal scored by Simon Jones.

The final was a repeat of first game and was at Glastonbury being half way between Bristol and Exeter. Despite being better team Exeter were 2-1 down into last minute then a short corner shot was deflected in to equalise and then a winner came in extra time.

Players involved were Dick Farr GK (England u21) or was it 22s in those days, Simon Austin, Martin (unknown), John Stables, Paul Nicholson, Neil Nuttall, Peter Dolton, Chris Wright, Ian Cowx(Wales) Robin Badham-Thornhill (Captian), Simon Jones, Dave Vernon and Upkar Loutte.

Keith Whitehead, 1971-74

I have a photo of the hockey squad from the early 70s (below). I'm afraid that I can only supply three names. Third, fourth and fifth from the left in the back row are Ian Cairns, Laurie Brokenshire and me (Keith Whitehead). We were all doing Maths for the same three years and were pretty much inseparable throughout our time at Exeter, playing squash and badminton together as well as hockey - plus many other non-sporting activities!

Hockey was the only sport at which I represented the University, mostly for the 3rd XI but also the 2nds and occasionally the 1sts, including one UAU match. I was a left winger and occasional goal scorer. I kept records of all the matches I played in and goals scored (that's a mathematician for you!) which helps me to recall that I managed one goal for the 1st XI. It also recalls an occasion in 1972-73 in which all three of us (Laurie, Ian and I) scored (for the 3rd XI) in beating East Devon 5-2. And in what appears to be my final match for Exeter, a 4-1 win against Exmouth (again for the 3rd XI), I scored a hat trick which I recall reasonably well in that all three goals were in different styles (one long range thump, one with a bit of solo dribbling and one close-quarters exchange with a team mate).


Front Row L to R

Mike Harber, ?, Tim Gay (3rd X1 Captain), ?,?, Dave Montgomery,?,?,?,?

Middle Row

?,?,?,?, John Connibeare, Phil Huber (1st X1 Captain),?,?,?, Graham Brignall


Tony Moore, 1969-72

In the 1971-2 season, the physical training for the men’s hockey club was run by Johnny Rogers, a stocky, first team player who was part army recruit and part masochist. No-one looked forward to his evening fitness training sessions and many a boy-man was aching profusely the next morning (or two). But, in hindsight, perhaps it was these sessions that helped us win all four games in the SW section that season, and then get into the quarter-finals.

1) The South Westerner of 25 November 1971. A report of our SW group game vs Bath.

2) The First XI hockey squad photo of the 1971-2 season, and a report of the 3-0 win over Bath from the South Westerner of 25 November 1971. From L to R standing: Johnnie Grant, Ian Jones, Phil Hubert (Capt.), Tony Moore, Jon Conibear. Front, L to R: Robin Mobbs, Hewer(?), Tim Player, Dave Montgomery, Pete Dalton, Paddy Roche and Lynn Baker. (NB Don’t know why Johnny Rogers isn’t in the photo.)

3) The same South Westerner as Item 1). A nice little photo and blatant sexist caption from a Ladies First XI game. I only recognise Evelyn Stewart (later Sommerville) in the picture, second from right  – mainly as she was my girlfriend at the time!

4) The Exeter v Southampton game report from the South Westerner from 9 December 1971. As we completed our clean sweep of the SW group. When you read it you’ll see why I kept two copies!


Clive Thomson, 1972-75

I played mostly for the first team over three seasons.

I recently came across your site and thought I might contribute with a programme and press report in respect of Exeter’s first appearance at a University hockey final, since this was nearly 50 years ago now in March 1973 at Nottingham’s Trent Bridge cricket stadium. We played on a great grass pitch across the outfield. The press report says it all but we should have won!

It was heady stuff for a kid like me who had been playing in a school 1st XI only the season before, but it was an interesting journey around the country in the later stages of the competition. My abiding memory is of  the semi final stage, as it had snowed the night before in Oxford and we spent the morning before the match clearing the snow off the pitch in pretty icy conditions. The groundsman presented us with his usual summer cream tea for lunch before the game!

I went to see a modern Univeristy of Exeter hockey team on a couple of occasions in the last few years playing against Fareham in a National League game near to where I now live. The skills and tactics are a bit different, but there is no way I would ever have got to play at the level of a modern day Exeter 1st XI hockey team… the game has certainly moved on.

Phil Dunnill, 1977-80

I was fortunate enough to play for the Men's 1s when the Hockey Club enjoyed an incredible run of success in the mid/late 70s-early 80s.  In my three years the M1s took the UAU (pre BUCS) trophy twice (in 77/78 and 79/80) and were losing finalists in 78/79. In that period the Men's 2s took the 2nd X1 UAU trophy for all three years proving what a depth of strength the Hockey Club had. The University merged with St Luke’s PE College in 1978 which also helped!

Most memorable day was the 1980 Final against Loughborough Uni, played at Richmond when we took the title 1-0. This was followed by enjoying the UAU Rugby final at Twickenham (also between Exeter and Loughborough - though we unfortunately lost that one). We then moved on to the Cockney Pride Pub in Leicester Square where it seemed like half of Exeter Uni were there celebrating with us.

Since Exeter I have been lucky enough to keep playing for the last 40 years at Oxford Hawks, where former Exeter alumnus Julian (Paddy) Roche is Club President and I managed to get selected for England Masters for the 2014 and 2015 seasons winning the World and European Cups. I regularly meet up with others in the South on the hockey circuit including Nigel Tozzi (Captain 78/79), John Asdell (76-79), ex-England cricketer Richard Ellison (78-81), Terry Butler (Captain 79/80), Charlie Lowe (77-80) and Jon Copp (78-82) who went on to achieve International coaching honours with England.

I enclose a couple of images. Good times and good memories now.


Please send any relevant memories you have as well as any photos or documents (programmes / annual dinner documents / league tables etc) / that you want to share here to

Tim Ireland, Captain, 1981-84

What Exeter University Hockey Club meant to me?

Men’s hockey was regarded as one of the premium sports at Exeter. The teams were very strong on the pitch and the club had a reputation for being very sociable. Perhaps the two enduring things about playing hockey at Exeter are that I am still in touch with a lot of my cohort and that whenever I meet an Exeter graduate within the hockey community it’s clear we share a bond whatever the age difference.

Most Memorable Moments

Looking back on the three years there were many highlights: UAU away games, post-match celebrations (lots of singing) in the Vic, friendship and of course, the infamous Hockey Club Discos. Best not go into too much detail…

Life Post Exeter

Apart from a break during my children’s early lives I’ve played hockey most of the time since leaving Exeter. I am now President of Cambridge City HC, one of the largest clubs in the country and I take great satisfaction when our Junior players head south west and vice versa.

My hockey playing friends from Exeter have been away “on tour” every year since we left (2020 might be a challenge) initially playing hockey in Guernsey and then golf. The bonds we created in the early 1980s remain stronger than ever and are a great source of inspiration to us all.

In 2010 we ended up touring Exeter and met up with the hockey team and very recent alumni. This resulted in the annual Christmas lunch where 70 or so graduates of all ages (plus the current Club Captain) get together and celebrate like only hockey players can. As self-appointed President of the EUMHC Alumni I am very proud that this is a much anticipated event in the calendar.


David Grainger, 1983-86

The Men’s 1st team after winning the UAU Championship, circa 1985.

This section will be developed as hockey alumni provide information. Please send any relevant memories you have as well as any photos or documents (programmes / annual dinner documents / league tables etc) / that you want to share here to

  • What Exeter University Hockey meant to me
  • Most memorable moments
  • Life post Exeter

This section will be developed as hockey alumni provide information. Please send any relevant memories you have as well as any photos or documents (programmes / annual dinner documents / league tables etc) / that you want to share here to

  • What Exeter University Hockey meant to me
  • Most memorable moments
  • Life post Exeter

This section will be developed as hockey alumni provide information. Please send any relevant memories you have as well as any photos or documents (programmes / annual dinner documents / league tables etc) / that you want to share here to

Holly Govey, 2015-19

Being part of Exeter University Hockey Club was a great experience at Uni and continues to have a positive impact on my life even after having graduated. I still live with a friend I met through EULHC now and I’m part of a hockey club in London which has allowed me to meet new people and find a new community in my local area. I look back on my time at EULHC with very fond memories - from the matches, to the socials, and all the other experiences, such as being on the committee and living with other members of the hockey club.