Francesca Gough

Francesca Gough

LLM, Master of Laws in International Commercial Law (Dec 2016)

What has been the highlight of your time at Exeter?

The highlight of my time at Exeter is undoubtedly the people that I have met and the lifelong friendships I have made. Whilst undertaking my masters I made friends from France, Turkey, India and across the globe - and we are all hoping to visit each other soon!

What have you enjoyed about your course/studying within your discipline?

I particularly enjoyed my masters as it allowed me the opportunity to explore Law in greater depth and with increased freedom to research and develop my interests. The course is supportive and encouraging but equally challenging and I always felt like I was stretched at every opportunity. My favourite part of my course was writing my dissertation which explored whether music streaming services such as Spotify could be more effective than legalistic approaches to reducing music piracy.

What will you be doing now that you have graduated – could you give some detail on your next employment/further study opportunity?

Having graduated from my Masters with a Distinction, I have secured a Training Contract at CMS Cameron Mckenna Nabarro Olswang LLP. Before undertaking my LPC and commencing my career as a Trainee Lawyer, I am currently working as a Paralegal and planning travel and adventures for the coming year.

How did your course/extra-curricular activities set you up for your future employment/further study?

I feel that my Masters has increased the commerciality of my legal study and provided me with a well-rounded, broad and in-depth legal education. During my masters, I was given the opportunity to volunteer at the United Nations and to have a piece of my legal writing published for the first time. These experiences enriched not only my legal education but also my personal development. I believe that my Masters has been an invaluable educational experience that has provided me with the foundations to become an excellent commercial lawyer.