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LLM Exeter Club

The Exeter Club is an alumni association of former Exeter School of Law LLM students.  The aim of the association is to offer an easy way for graduates to keep in touch with each other and to meet on a regular basis.  Founded in 1994 by LLM graduates of 1992, the Exeter Club is run by former graduates on a voluntary basis.

The Club is a great forum for meeting and staying in touch with Exeter LLM graduates. It provides members the opportunity to meet with legal professionals working in a range of legal fields and develop useful professional contacts.

Club meetings have been held in a variety of locations, including Brussels (2018), Frankfurt (2017), Exeter (2016), Istanbul (2015), Munich (2014), Exeter (2013), Frankfurt am Main (2011), Brussels (2009), Stockholm (2008), Exeter (2007), Frankfurt am Main (2006), Munich (2005), Liechtenstein (2004), Lisbon (2003), Bern (2002), Amsterdam (2001), Paris (2000), Exeter (1999) and Vienna (1998). There was also an informal meeting in Ghent in 2010.

Upcoming meetings:

2018: Brussels, Belgium, 1-3 June 2018. Contact person is Markus Zalewski (


You can also keep in touch with the Club by contacting any of the Board members listed below, or by joining the LinkedIn group

The Exeter Club Board:

Matthias Schöpf (2008)

Jens Rinze, Chairman (1992)