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Timetable Process Schedule For 2023/24

*Draft Schedule

The Stages in the Process:


Colleges submit requests for new module codes to Student Records team


Academics to be available to discuss module selection

20th March 2023

Online module selection system opens at 09:00 for current 1st and 2nd years

31st March 2023

The online module selection system closes at 17:00 for current 1st and 2nd years

10th April 2023

Timetable data entry for current 1st and 2ndyears using real student numbers on modules

21st April 2023

Teaching requirements supplied to central timetabling

1st May 2023

Admissions provide colleges with first 'official' forecast for undergraduate recruitment. Data to inform module/programme numbers.

3rd May 2023

Timetabling data finalised, student enrolments imported into Scientia

4th May 2023

Scheduling commences

4th May 2023

Timetable team finalise prospective 1st year and PGT modules (using planned student numbers)

Early July

Confirmation of module choices to students

10th July 2023

Draft timetable for term 1 released for checking by module convenors

14th July 2023

Web Room Bookings (WRB) opens for all weeks up until the commencement of term

21st July 2023

Amendments on term 1 timetable returned to the Timetabling team

2nd August 2023

Academic staff able to access personal term 1 timetables

Late August

Confirmation of 1st year and PGT actual sizes and adjustments made 

28th August 2023

Draft timetable for term 2 + 3 released for checking by Colleges 

11th September 2023

Fresher’s college induction timetable released to incoming students (see later dates for teaching activity release dates)

11th September 2023

 Release of working timetables (Term 1 Only) for returning students

19th September 2023

Release of working term 1 timetables for undergraduates and PGT (where September start applies)

19th September 2023

Ad hoc room bookings (WRB) system is opened for all remaining available space (teaching and other)

25th September 2023

Term 1 commences student timetabling clinics run in Hub Infopoints for 2 weeks

20th October 2023

Amendments on term 2+3 timetable returned to the Timetabling team 

1st November 2023

Release of working timetables for all (Term 2+3) 

6th December 2023

Web Room Bookings (WRB) opens for teaching spaces in term 2

29th January 2024

Web Room Bookings (WRB) opens for teaching spaces in term 3 and until the end of the database (23rd August 2024)

Schedule above is only relevant to the Streatham/St Luke’s campuses.

* It should be noted that changes may occur throughout the life of the timetable, always check the latest data