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Timetable unit codes

Timetable Unit Codes

Timetabling unit codes are used to identify teaching activity and room booking ownership. For space reasons these codes tend to be used as part of booking references in online and printed timetable report grids, e.g. bkEGL004 would represent a room booking for English.

Table of current timetable unit codes

Timetabling Unit Code Timetabling Unit Name
NMH AccessAbility - Non-Medical Helper
IAI Arab & Islamic Studies
ARC Archaeology
AHV Art History and Visual Culture
BIO Biosciences
BUS Business School
MLM Chinese
CLA Classics & Ancient History
DLL Department of Lifelong Learning
DRA Drama
EDU Education
ENG Engineering
EMP Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences
EGL English
ELC English Language Centre
XEC Executive Suite
EMS Exeter Medical School
FST Film Studies
FIN Fine Arts
FCH Flexible Combined Honours
FLX Foreign Language Centre
MLF French
GEO Geography
MLG German
GRC Grand Challenges
MLS Hispanic Studies
HIS History
HUM Humanities
MLI Italian
LAR Liberal Arts
MAT Maths and Computer Science
RAD Medical Imaging
CSC Medical Sciences
MDC Medicine
MLX Modern Languages
NSC Natural Sciences
NEU Neuroscience
NTH Northcott Theatre
NUR Nursing
PMD Peninsula College of Medecine and Dentistry
PHY Physics and Astronomy
POL Politics
MLP Portuguese
PFS Professional Services
PSY Psychology
MLR Russian
SSI Social Sciences and International Studies
SOC Sociology and Philosophy
SHS Sport and Health Sciences
GOS Students Guild
THE Theology and Religion
UOE University of Exeter
VCU Visual Culture