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Week Numbering 2023/24

The Timetable Office uses a specific week numbering system with our Semestry Termtime software. For space reasons it is necessary to use week numbers or labels, rather than dates, in online and printed timetable report grids and they should be referred to in order to aid booking, timetabling requests or enquiries.

In order to accommodate both the Streatham and St.Lukes campus timetables, and take account of all the standard and non-standard events that may occur within the timetable, we have chosen to start the timetable year in August, such that normal undergraduate teaching commences in week 5.

Table of week numbers for 2023/24
The table has been shaded using periods specified in the University Calendar
The Date column shows the Monday of the week.
The Timetable Week is the actual week number (starting from the beginning of the timetable year).
The Week Label is as shown on web timetables, it consists of an alphabetic identifier for the period (SA = summer break prior to teaching, T1 = Autumn term, X = Christmas break, T2 = Winter term, E = Easter break, T3 = Spring term, SP = summer break after teaching) and a numeric offset for the week within the period.

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  Date TT Week Week Label   Date TT Week Week Label
  28-Aug-23 1 SA01   26-Feb-24 27 T2:07
  04-Sep-23 2 SA02   04-Mar-24 28 T2:08
  11-Sep-23 3 SA03   11-Mar-24 29 T2:09
  18-Sep-23 4 T1:00   18-Mar-24 30 T2:10
  25-Sep-23 5 T1:01   25-Mar-24 31 T2:11
  02-Oct-23 6 T1:02   01-Apr-24 32 E001
  09-Oct-23 7 T1:03   08-Apr-24 33 E002
  16-Oct-23 8 T1:04   15-Apr-24 34 E003
  23-Oct-23 9 T1:05   22-Apr-24 35 E004
  30-Oct-23 10 T1:06   29-Apr-24 36 T3:01
  06-Nov-23 11 T1:07   06-May-24 37 T3:02
  13-Nov-23 12 T1:08   13-May-24 38 T3:03
  20-Nov-23 13 T1:09   20-May-24 39 T3:04
  27-Nov-23 14 T1:10   27-May-24 40 T3:05
  04-Dec-23 15 T1:11   03-Jun-24 41 T3:06
  11-Dec-23 16 T1:12   10-Jun-24 42 T3:07
  18-Dec-23 17 X001   17-Jun-24 43 SP01
  25-Dec-23 18 X002   24-Jun-24 44 SP02
  01-Jan-24 19 X003   01-Jul-24 45 SP03
  08-Jan-24 20 T2:00   08-Jul-24 46 SP04
  15-Jan-24 21 T2:01   15-Jul-24 47 SP05
  22-Jan-24 22 T2:02   22-Jul-24 48 SP06
  29-Jan-24 23 T2:03   29-Jul-24 49 SP07
  05-Feb-24 24 T2:04   05-Aug-24 50 SP08
  12-Feb-24 25 T2:05   12-Aug-24 51 SP09
  19-Feb-24 26 T2:06   19-Aug-24 52 SP10