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For the latest news from the Centre, see our regularly-updated blog.

Medieval Research Seminar

The Centre runs a fortnightly seminar series throughout the first two terms of the year, incorporating two public events (the Barton Lecture in the autumn, and the Orme Lecture in the spring, the latter of which is accompanied by a postgraduate seminar). If you would like to attend any of the other seminars and are not on the Centre for Medieval Studies mailing list, please contact Catherine Rider ( and Gregory Lippiatt ( Listed below are the events for spring 2024; all events start at 4pm and take place in Forum Seminar Room 3 (Streatham campus), unless otherwise stated.

17th January 2024

Steve Tibbell (Independent)
'Templars: the knights who made Britain'

31st January 2024

Charles West (Edinburgh)
'Writing a new history of Europe in the eleventh century'

14th February 2024

Florence Eccleston (Courtauld Institute of Art) [PhD-organised session]
'"Full of all the seven deadly sins": what do late medieval "morality" plays have to do with emotional and bodily perception?'

28th February 2024

Gary Baker (Southampton)
'The English royal horses at Agincourt'

13th March 2024 Teresa Witcombe (Oxford)
(title to be confirmed)
27th March 2024 Nicholas Orme Lecture (at 6pm, preceded by a postgraduate research seminar)
Ruth Mazo Karras (Trinity College, Dublin)
'How to undo a marriage in the late Middle Ages'

To download the poster of this term's seminars, click Medieval Research Seminar (Spring 2024). Posters from previous years' seminar series are also available for Medieval Research Seminar (Autumn 2023), Medieval Research Seminar (Spring 2023), Medieval Research Seminar (Autumn 2022), and Medieval Research Seminar (Spring 2022).

Reading Groups

Members of the Centre run a number of reading groups in their areas of study, to which any and all members of the University (and anyone with an interest in the field) are more than welcome. We currently run the following groups:

  • The Medieval French Reading Group (convened by Dr. Thomas Hinton and Dr. Edward Mills) meets weekly, on Wednesdays at 10:30am (Queen's 1C), to explore and translate collaboratively a work written in the French of the pre-modern period. Our current text is Le Conte de Floire et Blanchefleur, and members of the group bring a variety of experience with medieval and modern French, from internationally-recognised expertise to absolute beginners. All are welcome! 
  • The Medieval Latin Reading Group (convened by Dr. Gregory Lippiatt) also meets weekly, on Wednesdays at 12:30pm (Peter Chalk Centre, Rooms 2.5-2.6). The focus is likewise on developing attendees' experience and familiarity with Latin texts that met with popularity during the Middle Ages, ranging from the short Disticha Catonis ('Distichs of Cato') to the longer Somnium Scipionis ('Dream of Scipio') and texts of monastic hours. For spring 2024, the group will explore Ovid's Metamorphoses.
  • The Historiography Reading Group (also convened by Dr. Gregory Lippiatt) meets fortnightly to discuss an influential piece of historiography on the medieval period. It is currently on hiatus for the spring term.

Other Seminars and Events

  • Various dates: members of the Centre contribute to the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies' Monday Majalis seminar series, which will cover a number of medieval topics this term. Information about these events is hosted on the Institute's website.
  • Tuesday 27th February 2024: the University's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) group are hosting a talk on 'Queer Necromancer Monks at the Late Medieval University', as part of the program of events for LGBTQ+ History month. Prior booking is essential (via Eventbrite); please note that this event is open to University members only.

If you have details of any other relevant seminars that you wish to be displayed on this page, please e-mail the webmaster for the Centre, Edward Mills.

Past Seminars and Events

Details of previous events run within the Centre will soon be available on our 'Past Events' page (currently under construction).

There are no current events to display, but please come back soon for updates.