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Great Western 4 Medieval Studies

GW4 Medieval Studies aims to fortify its rich resource of medievalists (65 members of staff and over 75 research students) from the Universities of Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter into a cohesive and energetic research cluster that offers an unmatched range of expertise organised under three themed topics:

  1. Wales and the South West of England;
  2. Sex and Gender;
  3. Authority and Ethics.

These topics are arranged by an overarching design that emerges across the specialisms of GW4 medievalists: Power, Knowledge and Identity. In addition to these topics, GW4 Medieval Studies also explores ways of sharing our resources where all can mutually benefit.

During the academic year 2014-2015, GW4 Medieval Studies will be running a series of workshop, seminars and conferences at the three participating GW4 institutions. To make known our GW4 Medieval Studies cluster to the wider world and also to further embed GW4 ideals into the research cultures of Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter we are planning to run three sessions at the International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds in July 2015.

Our GW4 Medieval Studies activities will culminate in the writing of three large bids. We believe that the combined force of GW4 Medieval Studies will create the greatest grouping of medievalists in the British Isles, augmenting the possibilities for excellent research collaboration, enhancing resources through sharing, and increasing significant grant capture. Along the way, we will also be training and preparing our research students to become the next generation of outstanding international medievalists.

If you would like to learn more about GW4 Medieval Studies you may contact:

University of Bristol

Ian Wei, PI of GW4 Medieval Studies and co-director of the Centre for Medieval Studies

Beth Williamson, PI of GW4 Medieval Studies and co-director of the Centre for Medieval Studies

University of Cardiff

Bronach Kane, CI of GW4 Medieval Studies, School of History, Archaeology and Religion

University of Exeter

James Clark, CI of GW4 Medieval Studies and Director of the Centre for Medieval Studies