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Key Publications

Staff at the Centre for Medieval Studies write, edit and contribute to a wide range of publications, including books, book chapters and journal articles. The listing below is designed to give a flavour of the range of activity in the Centre; for more details, see individual members' profile pages.

Emily Selove 'The Sorcerer Scholar: Sirāj al-Dīn al-Sakkākī between Grammar and Grimoire', in Knowledge and Power in Muslim Societies: Approaches in Intellectual History, ed. by Kazuo Morimoto and Sahhad Rizvi (Berlin: Gerlach Press, 2023) [Gerlach]
Jennifer Farrell 'Otherworldly Interventions and Unstable Identities: an intersectional reading of Marie de France's Lanval', The Mediaeval Journal: An International Journal for Medieval Studies (2023) (in press)
Oliver Creighton Launceston Castle (London: English Heritage) [English Heritage]
Hajnalka Herold (ed., with I. Gaisbauer, C. Gutjahr, et al.) Handbuch zur Terminologie der mittelalterlichen und neuzeitlichen Keramik in Österreich, 2nd revised edn (Vienna: Berger Press, 2022)  [Abstract]
Catherine Rider (ed., with Alexander Mallett and Dionisius A. Agius) Magic in Malta, 1605: Sellem bin al-Sheikh Mansur and the Roman Inquisition (Leiden: Brill, 2022) [Online]
Levi Roach Empires of the Normans: Makers of Europe, Conquerors of Asia (London: John Murray Press, 2022) [Hachette UK]
Edward Mills 'Issi devez pronuncier la lune': An Anglo-Norman guide to the lunar calendar in London, British Library, MS Cotton Claudius D III', Medium Ævum, 91 (2022), 53-69 []
James Clark The Dissolution of the Monasteries: A New History (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2021) [Yale UP]
Levi Roach Forgery and Memory at the End of the First Millennium (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2021) [Princeton UP]
Emily Selove (ed., with Geert Jan van Gelder) Abū l-Muṭahhar Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad al-Azdī, The Portrait of Abū l-Qāsim al-Baghdādī al-Tamīm (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2021) [Edinburgh UP]


Gregory Lippiatt (ed., with Martin Aurell and Laurent Macé) Simon de Montfort (c. 1170 - 1218): Le croisé, son lignage et son temps (Turnhout: Brepols, 2020) [Brepols]
Michelle Bolduc Translation and the Rediscovery of Rhetoric (Toronto: Pontifical Institute for Medieval Studies, 2020) [PIMS]
Stuart Pracy 'Social Mobility and Manumissions in Early Medieval England' The Haskins Society Journal, 31 (2020), 1-20 [CrossRef]
Eddie Jones Hermits and Anchorites in England, 1200 - 1550, Manchester Medieval Sources (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2019) [Manchester UP]
Dionisius A. Agius The Life of the Red Sea Dhow: a Cultural History of Islamic Seaborne Exploration (London: I. B. Tauris, 2019)
Catherine Rider (ed., with S. Rippon) The Routledge History of Medieval Magic (London: Routledge, 2019) [Routledge]
Gregory Lippiatt (ed., with Jessalynn L. Bird) Crusading Europe: Essays in Honour of Christopher Tyerman (Turnhout: Brepols, 2019) [Brepols]
Thomas Hinton 'Language, Morality and Wordplay in Thirteenth-Century Anglo-French: the Poetry of Walter de Bibbesworth', New Medieval Literatures, 19 (2019), 89-120 [Boydell & Brewer]
Stephen Rippon Kingdom, Civitas, and County: The Evolution of Territory in the English Landscape (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018) [Oxford UP]
Eddie Jones (ed., with Elin Andersson, Claes Gejrot and Mia Åkestam) Continuity and Change: Papers from the Birgitta Conference at Dartington 2015 (Stockholm: Kungl. Vitterhets historie och antikvitetsakademien, 2017) [Vitterhets]
Jane Whittle Servants in Rural Europe, 1400-1900 (Cambridge: Boydell Press, 2017) [Boydell & Brewer]
Catherine Rider (ed., with Siam Bhayro) Demons and Illness from Antiquity to the Early Modern Period (Leiden: Brill, 2019) [Brill]
Gregory Lippiatt Simon V of Montfort and Baronial Government, 1195-1218 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017) [Oxford UP]
Oliver Creighton (with D. Wright, M. Fradley and S. Trick) The Anarchy: Conflict and Landscape in 12th-Century England (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2016) [Liverpool UP]
Hajnalka Herold (ed., with N. Christie) Fortified Settlements in Early Medieval Europe: Defended Communities of the 8th-10th Centuries (Oxford: Oxbow Books, 2016) [Oxbow]
Levi Roach Aethelred the Unready (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2016) [Yale UP]
James Clark The Deeds of the Abbots of St Albans. Gesta abbatum monasterii sancti Albani (Cambridge: Boydell Press, 2015) [Boydell & Brewer]
Sarah Hamilton (ed., with Helen Gittos) Understanding Medieval Liturgy: Essays in Interpretation (Farnham: Ashgate, 2015) [Routledge]


A selection of Centre members' earlier publications (prior to 2015) can be viewed via the carousel below.

The Art of Grafted Song: Citation and Allusion in the Age of Machaut (2014)<br /><a href=''>Yolanda Plumley</a> Citation, Intertextuality, and Memory in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, vol II (2013)<br /><a href=''>Yolanda Plumley</a> and Guiliano Di Bacco (eds) Kingship and Consent in Anglo-Saxon England, 871-978 (2013)<br /><a href=''>Levi Roach</a> Church and People in the Medieval West, 900-1200 (2013)<br /><a href=''>Sarah Hamilton</a> Manuscripts and Printed Books in Europe, 1350-1550 (2013)<br /><a href=''>Emma Cayley</a> and Susan Powell (eds) Magic and Religion in Medieval England (2012)<br /><a href=''>Catherine Rider</a> Making Sense of an Historic Landscape (2012)<br /><a href=''>Stephen Rippon</a> The Practice of Penance 900-1050 (2011)<br /><a href=''>Sarah Hamilton</a> Ovid in the Middle Ages (2011)<br /><a href=''>James Clark</a>, Frank Coulson and Kathryn McKinley (eds) The Benedictines in the Middle Ages (2011)<br /><a href=''>James Clark</a> Citation, Intertextuality, and Memory in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, vol I (2011)<br /><a href=''>Yolanda Plumley</a>, Guiliano Di Bacco and Stefano Jossa (eds.) The Saints' Lives of Jocelin of Furness (2010)<br /><a href=''>Helen Birkett</a> Syon Abbey and Its Books: Reading Writing and Religion c.1400 - 1700 (2010)<br />Edited by <a href='/english/staff/ejones/'>E A Jones</a> and Alexandra Walsham
A Late Medieval Songbook and its Context: New Perspectives on the Chantilly Codex (2009)<br /><a href=''>Yolanda Plumley</a> and Anne Stone (eds) Encyclopedia of Islamic Civilisation and Religion (2009)<br /><a href=''>Ian Netton</a> Mining in a Medieval Landscape: the Royal Silver Mines of the Tamar Valley (2009)<br /><a href=''>Stephen Rippon</a>, Peter Claughton and Chris Smart Crime, Law and Society in the Later Middle Ages (2009)<br /><a href=''>Anthony Musson</a> (translated and edited by) with Edward Powell Medieval Petitions: Grace and Grievance (2009)<br />W. Mark Ormrod, Gwilym Dodd and <a href=''>Anthony Musson</a> (eds) Designs upon the Land (2009)<br /><a href=''>Oliver Creighton</a> Beyond the Medieval Village (2008)<br /><a href=''>Stephen Rippon</a> Lordship and Literature (2008)<br /><a href=''>Elliot Kendall</a> Classic Ships of Islam (2007)<br /><a href=''>Dionisius Agius</a> Medieval Landscapes (2007)<br /><a href=''>Stephen Rippon</a> and Mark Gardiner (eds) The Culture of Medieval English Monasticism (2007)<br /><a href=''>James Clark</a> Cross, Crescent and Conversion (2007)<br /><a href=''>Simon Barton</a> and Peter Linehan (eds) Writing Medieval Biography, 750-1250 (2006)<br /><a href=''>Sarah Hamilton</a>, David Bates and Julia Crick (eds) The Reign of Edward II: New Perspectives (2006)<br /><a href=''>Anthony Musson</a> and Gwilyn Dodd (eds) Defining the Holy (2006)<br /><a href=''>Sarah Hamilton</a> and Andrew Spicer (eds) Magic and Impotence in the Middle Ages (2006)<br /><a href=''>Catherine Rider</a> The Chronica Maiora of Thomas Walsingham (2005)<br /><a href=''>James Clark</a> (author) and David Preest (translator) Boundaries of the Law (2005)<br /><a href=''>Anthony Musson</a> (ed.) Medieval Town Walls (2005)<br /><a href=''>Oliver Creighton</a> and Robert Higham Castles and Landscapes (2005)<br /><a href=''>Oliver Creighton</a> A Monastic Renaissance at St Albans (2004)<br /><a href=''>James Clark</a> The Medieval Mystical Tradition in England, vol VII (2004)<br /><a href=''>Eddie Jones</a> (ed.) A History of Spain (2004)<br /><a href=''>Simon Barton</a> Medieval Castles (2003)<br /><a href=''>Oliver Creighton</a> and Robert Higham The Aristocracy in Twelfth-century León and Castile (2002)<br /><a href=''>Simon Barton</a> Medieval Law in Context (2001)<br /><a href=''>Anthony Musson</a> Pevensey Castle, Sussex: Excavations in the Roman Fort and Medieval Keep, 1993-5 (2001)<br />Stephen Rippon and Michael Fulford