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Unique Medieval Resources

Exeter is an excellent place in which to study the Middle Ages. The holdings of Exeter Cathedral Library and Archives include the unique collection of Old English verse, the Exeter Book, and a detailed record of late eleventh-century landholding in the South West, the Exon Domesday.

The archives of the Cathedral and the Devon Heritage Centre contain detailed records of medieval landholdings and towns across Devon and the South West.

The University itself currently holds on loan the late medieval manuscript holdings of Syon Abbey.

In addition to these resources on our doorstep, we also have relationships with other institutions in the South West including Wells Cathedral Library and Archives.

The Medieval South West

The city of Exeter has deep roots in the Celtic, pre-Roman past. Home of the bishops for the South West since the eleventh century, its medieval past is still very visible today in the town today.

The South West region's historic landscape also offers unrivalled opportunities to explore its archaelogy, landscape and architectural histories, and also the myths and stories associated with particular sites, such as that of Tintagel which was, according to medieval legend, the birthplace of King Arthur.

Exeter Cathedral displays some of the finest Decorated Gothic architecture anywhere in Britain and is surrounded by numerous medieval buildings.