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‘Avar’ strap end (drawing by Franz Siegmeth)

Technological traditions of the early Middle Ages in Lower Austria

Dr Hajnalka Herold

The production technology of ceramic artefacts was studied in this project from so-called 'Avar' (belonging to the Avar Khaganate) and 'non-Avar' (Slavic? Bavarian?) archaeological sites in Lower Austria. The results were then compared to the archaeological evidence provided by the metal and glass finds of the investigated sites ('Avar' site: Frohsdorf; 'non Avar' sites: Pitten and Erlach, 7th–9th centuries AD). The analysis delivered new insight into the interconnections of material culture, technological traditions and (ethnic) identity in early medieval Lower Austria.

Herold, H. 2009, ‘Materielle Kultur – technologische Traditionen – Identität, Untersuchungen zur Archäologie des Frühmittelalters in Niederösterreich’ (Material Culture – Technological Traditions – Identity: Investigations of the Archaeology of the Early Middle Ages in Lower Austria – in German with a summary in English), Zeitschrift für Archäologie des Mittelalters 37, Bonn, 111–134.