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See before and during your leave for more information

As soon as you have been matched with a child

Inform your PVC/Director of Service in writing, with a copy to your HR contact, no more than 7 days after the date on which you have been notified of the match and at least 28 days (or as soon as reasonably possible) in advance of the date on which you wish the leave to start.

The written notification should include:

  • the date on which the child is to be placed for adoption
  • when you wish your leave to start (this can be up to 14 days before, but no later than, the expected date of placement)

You must also submit documentary evidence, for example a letter from the adoption agency or matching certificate, giving the name and address of the adoption agency and the date on which a child is to be placed for adoption or an official letter confirming the details of the foster to adopt arrangement. A MATB1 form will be required for a surrogacy arrangement.

You will be able to change your mind about the date you wish your leave to start providing you inform your PVC/Head of Service and Human Resources Business Partner, in writing, at least 28 days in advance.

After you have notified your PVC/Director of Service and HR contact, your Human Resources Advisor will arrange to meet with you in order to discuss the particulars of your adoption leave and answer any queries you may have.

Within 28 days of receiving your notification, your HR advisor will write to you to confirm the details of your adoption leave, including the date when your adoption leave will end. By submitting your intention to take adoption leave and pay you are deemed to have confirmed that you are the only partner (if adopting jointly as a couple) doing so.

Please also see details regarding time off to attend appointments.

Commencement of Adoption Leave

You can choose to begin your adoption leave and pay on the following dates;

  • up to 14 days before the date the child starts living with you (UK adoptions)
  • when the child arrives in the UK or within 28 days of this date (overseas adoptions)
  • the day the child’s born or the day after (if you’ve used a surrogate to have a child)

If you plan to start your adoption leave before the placement date you must be sure that the placement will be going ahead on the date agreed, as it is not possible to stop and start leave again at a later date if the placement is delayed.

Where the baby is born through a surrogacy arrangement and subject of a ‘Parental Order’, the University retains the right to reclaim all payments made in relation to the leave period, and cease the period of leave, if the member of staff fails to provide a copy of the Parental Order within 6 months of the baby’s birth.