You can continue your salary sacrifice arrangements during your period of maternity leave.

Salary exchange

If you are currently participating in any of the following University salary exchange schemes, please advise your human resources contact as soon as possible:

You may continue your existing salary exchange arrangements during any period of your maternity leave that you are entitled to receive University Maternity Pay (UMP). Only the amount of your salary above Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) can be exchanged. At the point that there is not enough salary to exchange, the University will pay the difference between what you can exchange and the normal salary exchange amount. This includes any period for which you receive SMP only during which the University will meet the full cost. Should you elect to defer payment of UMP until you return to work, the above will still apply, but on receipt of your UMP you will be required to pay back the amount paid by the University.

This commitment to continue to provide benefits via salary exchange arrangements only applies to those benefits which you are in receipt of at the start of your maternity leave.