Parents' and Carers' network

We are committed to ensuring the University is a flexible and family friendly organisation and we are currently reviewing and re-launching our parents and carers network. Watch this page for further updates. If you would like to get involved or feedback any comments please do contact us at ParentsAndCarers.

Parents and Carers Upcoming event

The next event will be held on Wednesday 28 November 12-1pm in the Senate Chamber, Northcote House, Streatham Campus. 

We will be welcoming the following speakers:

Christian Carter, the new Head of Organisational Development who will be giving a short introduction to his role and how he will be supporting the well-being strategy throughout the university.

We will also be welcoming Jessica Kight-Pacheco who has set up a single parents network Facebook group, Single Parents are Super Heros (SASH). The group has been hugely successful and she will be coming in to talk about her inspiration to set up this group and the support it provides.

Finally, we will be welcoming Tamsin Ford, Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, who will be talking about child mental health and the STARS trial. She will explore how schools and teachers can have an impact on children’s mental health.

Places at this event can be booked using eventbrite

If you have any suggestions or requests for events please do suggest them by emailing ParentsAndCarers.

The original forum is still live, although currently not very active. However, if you wish to post any questions please do. We are sure there are plenty of staff members who would be happy to help. 

Online forum for staff and postgraduate students

The University’s Parents’ and Carers’ Network is an informal support system for all staff and postgraduate students.

Our online forum can be accessed here:

You will need to use your University username and password and also be enrolled to access the pages (go to to enrol).

If you have any problems with the online forum, please contact ParentsAndCarers.


If you would like to volunteer to get involved with the Parents' and Carers' Network please contact ParentsAndCarers.

For undergraduates

The Guild has a group specifically for supporting student parents. For further information please visit: