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WISEnet: Women Inspiring, Supporting, Encouraging

Women's Network

WISEnet is an inclusive and welcoming space for all women at the University of Exeter, including trans women and non-binary colleagues who feel they would benefit from the network’s activities. We are an independent, member-led network and we connect with the University's Gender Equality Group to think about how we engage men as allies and advocates for our network priorities.

We run termly speaker events and have a Teams site for discussion outside of meetings. Events are hybrid to allow as many people to attend as possible.

  • To empower, inspire and support women and give us confidence to pursue our ambitions and achieve our potential
  • To provide a safe space for discussion
  • To provide a network where we can support and mentor each other
  • To consider how we can work with men, help change attitudes and create a more considerate work environment
  • To influence change within the university and wider community
  • To reach out to the next generation of women and help them see their potential
RoleRole holder(s)
Co-Chairs Steph Selway and Gemma Clutterbuck
Deputy Chairs Yoshi Palkalkaite, Nirosha Holton, Chnar Solae, Farangis Ghaderi, Rachel Bennett
Communications Charlotte Wilson, Lisa Littlechild, Kate Doyle
Secretary Isbahna Naz
Events Organiser Sareh Rowlands, Ursula Cooper
Champion Frances Tammer
Employability Champion Jessica Redman
EDI Advisor Rae Preston

As part of Neurodiversity Celebration Week, join us for the following online events:

Wednesday 20 March, 10.30 - 11am

Autistic experiences of breast cancer - with Dr Char Goodwin

Breast Cancer treatment is long, it is tough, and it involves multiple appointments, procedures, treatments and interactions with healthcare staff. Research has shown that barriers to healthcare exist for autistic people but what is the impact of cumulative exposure to these barriers for cancer care. In this talk, I will introduce the Autistic Experiences of Breast Cancer research project that will be exploring the experiences of autistic adults who have a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment in the UK. As an insider researcher who is autistic and had a breast cancer diagnosis, I will be sharing some of my own experiences as part of the first work package: an autoethnography.


Wednesday 20 March, 10.30 - 11am

Support for Black women and non-binary people of African Caribbean

ADHD Babes is a community group for Black Women and Non-Binary people of African-Caribbean descent with ADHD. They create safer spaces for us to flourish and live our lives to their greatest potential. They aim to empower and encourage all members to build peer support networks, share lived experiences and embrace their neurodiversity as a community. We aim to inspire and empower people with community, tools, learning and healing spaces to redefine and understand ADHD, allowing us to tackle its difficulties and utilise its strengths. They aim to create a society that embraces neurodiversity, to raise awareness and educate people on ADHD experience and how to best support ADHD.

Tickets for both free events, are available here