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What's new for 2023/24?

Revised Leadership Difference programme

Following an in-depth evaluation of the Leadership difference and related programmes, a lot of work has taken place to develop our Leadership and Management opportunities for this academic year to deliver:

• Shorter, more frequent in person sessions to develop a cohort community of peers
• Focussed, practical content
• Use of Accredited Internal Coaches for Personal Development Planning
• Visibility of multiple cohort dates and participants to enable choice of peer cohorts
• Clearer distinction between Management and Leadership skills and what programme is right for you.

The leadership programmes focus on leading more strategically through skills such as building trust, setting vision, co-creation and positive change. More information can be found under the Leadership tab, menu or navigating our Interactive Leadership Landscape.

New, Accredited, People Management Development

Our people management programmes focus on day-to-day managerial tasks such as delegation, giving feedback, planning and prioritising. There are two pathways avaliable. More information can be found under the Managing People tab, menu or navigating our Interactive Leadership Landscape

Which Pathway?

We have some role-specific introductions for Academic roles:

Both Academic roles are also invited to attend our new People Management Conversations session.

For people management skills you can choose between two pathways:

1. Management Essentials Pathway: aimed at those new to people management this pathway gives you the essential skills to manage your team. (National Qualifications Framework - NQF - equivalent Level 2)

2. Management Practitioner Pathway: aimed at those with some people management experience who want to consolidate their skills. (NQF equivalent Level 3)

Both Pathways are delivered by our external partners Centre 4 Learning and are accredited by the Institute of Leadership. To access an overview of the programme content and apply for a place please click here.

 See how it all fits in our new Interactive Leadership Landscape

Our core leadership development programme for Academic and Professional Services leaders is our award-winning Leadership Difference programme.


For our Senior Leaders who are comfortable with People Management and have previously completed leadership training or have equivalent experience, we offer a programme of development for our Leadership Academy with content delivered by our highly esteemed Exeter Centre for Leadership.

This inspirational, external looking, programme features monthly 1.5 hour leadership talks delivered by Exeter scholars, a skills self-assessment tool and allow participants to reflect on their understanding and practice leadership a structured setting. 

Full details can be found in our Leadership Academy Programme Overview.

Taking part

Limited spaces are available and the first session begins on October 20th so please enrol early!‌ You only need to sign-up once and you will recieve invitations to each of the individual sessions in the series.

Book onto the programme here.