Calendar 2022/23


12 Masters Degrees by Research
12.1 Candidates for the degrees of Master of Philosophy, Master of Philosophy by Publication, Master of Arts by Research, Master of Arts by Research by Publication, and Master of Science by Research and Master of Science by Research by Publication shall be graduates or able to satisfy the Senate by their qualifications or experience of their fitness to enter the programme of study.
12.2 Candidates shall be required to present a dissertation following the period of study prescribed in Regulations under the supervision of academic staff appointed by the Senate.
12.3 The Education Board or Postgraduate Research Board on behalf of the Senate shall appoint at least two examiners of whom at least one shall be external to the University. 
12.4 The Degree of Master of Philosophy may, in appropriate cases, be awarded to candidates who have submitted theses for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Surgery or Doctor of Medicine.