Check that your DSE is set up correctly

Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

Computing equipment (Display Screen Equipment, DSE) has become indispensable in the University workplace. The majority of our staff  use DSE on a regular, day-to-day basis, often for extended periods of time. Thus it is important that they can do so, comfortably, with minimal risk to their health and safety. Incorrectly set up DSE can cause both acute and chronic health problems. The most common being posture (musculoskeletal) problems (including Work Related Upper Limb Disorders),  visual fatigue and stress.

Assess your workstation

To reduce the risk of harm, we must ensure that you receive information, supervision and training on using DSE and that an written assessment is made of your DSE equipment and working environment.

If you use DSE for a significant part of the day it is important to assess your workstation.   The DSE Assessment is a self assessment, carried out by yourself with the assistance of your line manager or a member of the Health & Safety Office or Occupational Health Service.  Please use the assessment guidance and DSE Workstation Self Assessment provided by the Health and Safety office.

DSE eye tests

Additionally, the University offers free eye tests for DSE users through the Occupational Health Service.