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Bug hotels

Bug hotels

As part of a continuing commitment to biodiversity on our Exeter campuses, Grounds staff have constructed and introduced bug and insect hotels.

These have been constructed, mainly, from recycled materials and are designed to mimic natural habitats such as nooks and crannies for mini-beasts and other inverte brates to shelter and nest. The spaces vary in both size and type of material. Typically, leaves, turf and moss are incorporated as these can provide variable wet and dry habitats.

The structures have provided homes for masonry and leaf-cutter bees, as well as more common invertebrates such as woodlice, spiders, ladybirds and earwigs. They all make significant contributions to the trophic pyramid, pollinating plants and acting both as predator and prey to a variety of other living organisms.

Currently bug hotels can be found in the following locations:

  • Reed Hall, Streatham Campus
  • The Plantation, Streatham Campus
  • Hoopern ponds, Streatham Campus
  • Lopes Hall, Streatham Campus
  • Birks Grange, Streatham Campus
  • Byrne House, Streatham Campus
  • St Luke's Campus
  • Topsham Sports Ground
  • Rowancroft residences