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Severe weather

Please check the severe weather pages during extreme weather in case of campus closures. 

Notifications will also be put out on the following Twitter channels




Salting and gritting

Salting and gritting

During periods of severe winter weather - as alerted by the Met Office's National Severe Weather Warning Service - the Grounds Team will respond by snow clearing and salting and gritting the principal routes on campus.

We also encourage staff and students who may have concerns regarding safe access/egress on campus to use the grit bins, which are found at many locations on Streatham and St Luke's Campuses and at the halls of residence.

All staff, students and visitors are advised, during periods of severe weather, to:

  • Delay their journey onto campus until after 8.15am
  • Use the principal routes when accessing campus
  • Ensure they have footwear and clothing suitable for the conditions

Any concerns or additional information is available by contacting the Grounds Team (01392 725531) between 9am and 4pm or calling Estate Patrol on 01392 723999 at other times.

These routes should be gritted by 8.15am during frosty and snowy conditions.

Location (A-H)Location (H-Z)
Amory car park Holland Hall - car park areas
Birks - back of the blocks Holland Hall - loop

Birks - main road route through

Innovation Centre car parks

Birks - steep path Innovation Centre steps (not metal walkways)
Building:One car park Knightley - path to front door
Building:One - front area Lafrowda - from Lopes
Byrne House car park Lopes - dead end and loop around back
Car Park A Mood Disorder Centre pavement
Car Park B loop North Park Road - past Living Systems - Harrison
Car Park C Northcote House car park
Car Park C path Northcott Theatre
Car Park D and footpath leading to end of steps

Old Library

Clydesdale Avenue paths

Poole Gate

Clydesdale House Queens Building car park
Cornwall House (St Germans Road) Queens Drive
Duryard - around Moberly Redcot - path to front door
Duryard - back to car park, past stone table Reed Hall - steps and paths - up to building and down to car park
Duryard - Kay House Reed Hall car park
Duryard - Lower Argyll Road Reed Hall/Wellbeing Centre to Northcote House and Queens Building
Duryard - around the back of buildings Rennes Drive
Duryard - steps and amphitheatre steps by Yeo Building Rowe House (St Germans Road)
Duryard - up to the stone pillars  and down the hill to car park St Davids
East Park main central walkway St Germans Road

East Park Phase 1 long road

Sports Park - roads and paths up to
Estate Services Centre Stocker Road
Forum - North Piazza and steps Stocker Road entrance
Forum - South Piazza and steps up to Costa Streatham Drive - old Family Centre to Reed Hall car park
Forum - paths North and South Piazzas Streatham Farm steps
Hatherly car park Streatham Farm yard
Hatherly steps Taddiforde Valley footpaths and bridge
Higher Hoopern Farm (from Car Park A) Washington Singer loop



Our green grit bins can be found throughout the campus at the following locations..

Location (A-K)Location (L-Z)
Amory front steps Lafrowda Flats - Block C
Birks Lodge (yellow grit bin) Lafrowda Flats - Block E, front
Birks - dining building/central block reception entrance Lafrowda Flats - Block J, back
Birks - Block A entrance Lafrowda Flats - Block MA
Birks - Block C, bottom courtyard, bottom of steps Lafrowda Flats - Caldwell
Birks - Block F entrance Lafrowda Flats - Merrivale, front
Birks - Block G entrance Lafrowda Flats - top of long steps
Birks - Block L, side, bottom of steps Lafrowda House - front
Birks - Block M, alley Laver - front
Birks - Block M, bottom of hill Laver to Innovation Centre path (two grit bins)
Birks - Block P1 - entrance Lazenby
Birks - opposite Block K4 Lemon Grove - Cornwall House side
Birks - Ross House UPP reception, entrance Lemon Grove - Lemon Grove side
Building:One - front Lopes Hall - front
Car park A - entrance/bridge to Innovation Centre Lopes Hall - side door
Car park A - far end of car park Main University Reception - Forum North Piazza
Cap park A - pathway to Laver (two grit bins) Mardon Hall - garden, training room entrance side
Car park B - entrance to sand based pitches (two grit bins) Nash Grove - car park above Nash Grove A, top of steps
Clydesdale House - entrance Nash Grove - C, entrance
Clydesdale - Block A, entrance Northcote House car park
Clydesdale - Block C, Clydesdale Avenue side Northcott Theatre - front
Duryard - top entrance  Old Library - main door, Chapel Drive
Duryard - Kay House, bin store Pennsylvania Court - bottom
Duryard - walkway between Exe House (two grit bins) Physics Building 
Duryard House - opposite Dart Bridge Physics Buiding car park
Duryard - Avon and Dart fire assembly point (Dart Bridge) Queens Building / Devonshire House overhang
Duryard - Bovey House, back alleyway Queens Building - quad entrance
Duryard - Creedy and Bovey fire assembly point Ransome Pickard - rear
Duryard - Creedy House, back alleyway Reed Hall - visitors car park
Duryard - Creedy House bin store Rowancroft - bin store (near car park)
Duryard - Moberly (two grit bins) Rowancroft - outside old house
Duryard - Teign, bin store at back Rowancroft - Porter's / Manager's office
Duryard - Teign flats F & G - top of stepped courtyard Rowe House - front
Duryard - Yeo, flat C - stepped courtyard Sports Park - outside tennis centre (two grit bins)
East Park (four grit bins) Sports Park - sports pitches (two grit bins)
Forum North Piazza Sports Park - reception
Forum South Piazza 

Sports Park - pavilion

 Geoffery Pope Building - fire road

Sports Park - by greenhouses

Harrison car park / Innovation bottom steps

St David's - Kingdom Mews

Holland Hall - accessible ramp

St David's - Brunel Close, front

Holland Hall - Block F, entrance (by bins) St Luke's - main entrance
Holland Hall - car park, Mardon Hall substation St Luke's - entrance to swimming pool
Holland Hall - fire assembly point B (turning circle) St Luke's - front of Medical School
Hope Hall - front St Luke's - front of College House
Innovation Centre Cafe - bottoms of steps / Harrison car park St Luke's - outside Porters Lodge
Innovation Centre Cafe - top of steps Stocker Road - bottom
Innovation Centre - car park, back entrance to left building Streatham Court - bottom of steps by trees
Innovation Centre - car park steps Thornlea - front
INTO Building Stocker Road Washington Singer - Mood Disorder Centre entrance
James Owen Court - quad Washington Singer - front reception
King Edward Street - beside car parking spaces West Garth
Knightley - driveway  Xfi Building - front