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Video chats

Take a look at our series of interviews with University of Exeter academics and alumni.

This series has been started while the coronavirus lockdown makes regular face-to-face activity impossible. We hope you enjoy keeping in touch with Exeter and find the videos interesting. We will add more over the coming weeks.

If you have any specific requests for content, or would like to be featured, please let us know.

Exercise and nutrition - Q&A with Professor Andy Jones

Professor Andy Jones from the University of Exeter speaks about the benefits of exercise and nutrition, and how to keep healthy during lockdown.

Living Danishly - Q&A with author and alumna Helen Russell

Exeter alumna and author Helen Russell speaks about balancing a freelance career with family during lockdown, and shares secrets of happiness from around the world.

Preserving forests - Q&A with Professor Toby Pennington

Professor Toby Pennington from the University of Exeter speaks about his research into dry tropical forests and why Earth Day is important for awareness raising.

Loneliness and social connections - Q&A with Professor Manuela Barreto

Professor Manuela Barreto from the University of Exeter talks about how social distancing measures can impact our mental wellbeing, and how we can help to fight loneliness in this situation.

The Great Hall and world tours - Q&A with music promoter and alumnus John Giddings

Isle of Wight Festival organiser, concert promoter and alumnus, John Giddings, talks about his experience at Exeter, his career and what lockdown could mean for live music in the long run.

Lockdown Live - Q&A with alumnus and sports commentator Rob Walker

Sports commentator and alumnus Rob Walker speaks about his career, his current online venture 'Lockdown Live' and how the coronavirus crisis could impact sport in the longer term.

Chimpanzees and the threat of COVID-19 - Q&A with Dr Kimberley Hockings

Dr Kimberley Hockings, Senior Lecturer in Conservation Science at Exeter, speaks about her work protecting the critically endangered Western Chimpanzee and how coronavirus is further threatening their survival.

Alumni Careers Support - Q&A with Exeter Consultant Cate Bennett

Cate Bennett, a Careers Consultant from the University of Exeter, talks about some of the support available to graduates.

Career Zone webinars

University radio to the Olympics - Q&A with sports journalist and alumnus James Pearce

Sports journalist and media trainer James Pearce chats about how his time at University Radio Exeter (URE) kick-started his broadcasting career, and how he is currently supporting charities with free training during the crisis.

Exeter sport - Q&A with Athletic Union President Cameron Taylor

AU President Cameron Taylor talks about 2019/20 activity and what lockdown means for clubs, as well as sharing how alumni support makes a difference.

'Build Back Better' - Q&A with Dr James Dyke

Dr James Dyke, Assistant Director of the Global Systems Institute at the University of Exeter, talks about the environmental benefits we've seen during lockdown, how this could kickstart policy change, and what our future environment could look like.

Social Mobility - Q&A with Dr Lee Elliot Major OBE

Dr Lee Elliot Major OBE, Professor of Social Mobility at the University of Exeter, talks about the barriers to social mobility, the part universities can play in breaking them down, and what the COVID-19 pandemic could mean for the current situation.

Testing COVID-19 infectiousness - Q&A with Professor Lorna Harries

Professor Lorna Harris, Professor of Molecular Genetics at the University of Exeter Medical School, talks about the development of a test to determine whether people with COVID-19 are still infectious.

COVID-19 and the food supply chain - Q&A with Professor Michael Winter OBE

Michael Winter OBE, Professor of Land Economy and Society at the University of Exeter, talks about how the pandemic is impacting agriculture and food supply, and how his upcoming research aims to build resilience.

A new law network - Q&A with BAME Nation co-founders Ikenna Onyebuchi & Ebun Oluwaleimu

Ikenna Onyebuchi and Ebun Oluwaleimu both graduated from Exeter Law School in 2019. They have founded BAME Nation - a new support network to help international and BAME aspiring lawyers understand the process of breaking into the legal industry in England & Wales.

Community Law Clinics - Q&A with Tia Matt

Tia Matt, Director of Clinical Legal Education at the University of Exeter, set up the Community Law Clinics on campus in 2017. She talks about the impact they have had on both law students and the local community, as well as plans for expansion to meet demand for services.

Responding to the climate crisis - Q&A with Dr Alexandra Jellicoe

Environmental Engineer and University of Exeter Honorary Graduate, Dr Alexandra Jellicoe, speaks about the fight against climate change, the response to the pandemic, and the importance of having women in engineering.

Reporting on the world - Q&A with journalist Lindsey Hilsum

Channel 4 International Editor, Exeter alumna and Honorary Graduate, Lindsey Hilsum, talks about covering the COVID crisis from Brazil and Italy. She also speaks about reporting on war-torn regions and the current animosity being directed towards journalists in some countries.

Predicting trends in the health service - Q&A with Professor Gavin Shaddick

Professor Gavin Shaddick, Chair of Data Science & Statistics at the University of Exeter, shares details of a recent project designed to ensure health trusts maintain sufficient equipment and bed space during the pandemic.

A faster, more accurate COVID-19 antibody test - Q&A with Dr Andrew Shaw

Dr Andrew Shaw, Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Exeter, speaks about a new COVID-19 antibody test he has developed that can provide results in as little as seven minutes.

Making the health system more sustainable - Q&A with Honorary Professor David Pencheon OBE

Professor David Pencheon OBE from the University of Exeter Medical School recently won The BMJ Outstanding Contribution to Health Award for his work to tackle the climate emergency from within healthcare. He speaks about the link between human health and the climate crisis.

Thinking sustainably - Q&A with alumna Nicola Stopps

CEO of Simply Sustainable and Geography alumna, Nicola Stopps, talks about how companies can think more sustainably, how consumers can use their power, and what the pandemic could mean for the future of corporate sustainability and social responsibility.

Reintroducing beavers to the UK - Q&A with Professor Richard Brazier

Professor Richard Brazier, Professor of Earth Surface Processes at the University of Exeter, talks about a unique research project to re-introduce beavers to the UK 400 years after they were hunted to extinction. In August 2020 it was announced the beavers introduced to East Devon as part of the project would be allowed to stay permanently after a five year trial.

Integrating Public Health - Q&A with Professor G.J. Melendez-Torres
Professor G.J. Melendez-Torres from the University of Exeter Medical School speaks about the importance of public health experts, what we can learn from the COVID crisis globally, and the new Master of Public Health course.