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Gigs at Exeter

Exeter Gigs

For many Exeter alumni, the bands they saw in the Great Hall, The Pit or the Lemmy provide some of the greatest university memories. Over the years we have been lucky enough to hosts bands such as The Who, Pink Floyd, U2, Radiohead and Bob Marley.

While people reminisce about the gigs they attended and bands they saw, we've never had a concert list before. Now, thanks to alumni Alan Cottee (Geography, 1979) and Paul O'Carroll (English, History and Sociology, 1983), we are starting to build one. Thanks to their memories and diaries from the late seventies and early eighties we have begun a list.

If you have anything to add or comments to make, then please contact us on and we will update the list. We'd also love to add any of your concert memories to this page.


Here's a little from Alan about why he started the list.

"To introduce myself…

"My name is Alan Cottee, I studied Geography at Exeter between September 1976 and July 1979. I then started a PGCE at Exeter through to 1980 but abandoned this early after deciding teaching wasn’t for me, subsequently having a career in I.T. until early retirement. To assist the alumni team in the development of a historical university concert listing, I have delved into my memories of music and gigs at Exeter during my time there; aided by my wife, friends, faded memories, and sometimes diaries!

"Sometime in the brief interlude between lockdowns, I was in a pub with two friends discussing bands we’d seen, as you do, and I commented that we’d had many good bands at the University of Exeter. This led me, during lockdown in March 2021 to start compiling a list of the bands that had been to Exeter while I was there from September 1976 to June 1980. Early on I found that a complete list didn’t exist in one place on the internet, so it took a fair bit of research, using my memories, the internet, and picking the brains, and diaries of my wife Jacky and friends who were at Exeter with me. We came up with a list that may or may not be entirely accurate, but hopefully it’s close."

"If you can add any detail to the list then please do, I’d like to fill in the gaps. I enjoyed putting this together no matter how sad or nerdy it may seem, but then it was lockdown, and I am retired."

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Paul got in touch after we did a call-out for U2 memories on behalf of the band's researchers.

"I was a fresher in 1980 and, looking back now, it’s hard to appreciate the wealth of live music we were offered because at the time I took it completely for granted that you could see bands like Echo and the Bunnymen, Tenpole Tudor, Aswad and U2 in the space of a few weeks. U2 were beginning to make some waves at the time running up to their first gig at Exeter; I had heard about them on the radio and their first single, 11 O’clock Tick Tock, was on the jukebox in Cornwall House. The concert took place in ‘The Pit’, in Cornwall House on 7 October and U2 were supported by Midnight & the Lemonboys, members of whom went on to form other bands such as Peter and the Test Tube Babies and Transvision Vamp. Publicity for the gig was through this flyer, a montage of reviews of the ‘Boy’ album from the music press. Entry was £1.25."

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This section will be developed as alumni provide information. Please send any relevant memories you have as well as any photos or documents that you want to share here to

‌This section will be developed as alumni provide information. Please send any relevant memories you have as well as any photos or documents that you want to share here to

30/10/1964 Sister Rosetta Tharpe (Halloween Ball) The Five Dimensions, Sonny Child & the Elders, The Trogs, The Trespassers Devonshire House
23/01/1965 Peter's Faces Tony Rivers & the Castaways, The Trespassers Devonshire House
15/10/1965 Bo Diddley    
14/12/1965 The Small Faces   Great Hall
18/03/1966 The Animals    
??/04/1966 Thelonius Monk   Great Hall
10/06/1966 Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band   Devonshire House
26/06/1966 Manfred Mann   St Luke's
14/10/1966 The Merseys    
29/10/1966 Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers The Artwoods  
12/12/1966 Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band St Luke's
13/12/1966 Cream PFM Refectory, Devonshire House
13/12/1966 John Mayall & Peter Green   Duryard Halls
11/02/1967 Manfred Mann   Great Hall
03/03/1967 Episode Six    
04/03/1967 Bert Jansch    
17/03/1967 The Who   Great Hall
23/06/1967 The Kinks Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, Zoot Money's Big Roll Band Great Hall
26/06/1967 Geno Washington The Alan Price Set St Luke's
28/10/1967 The Gods    
04/11/1967 Jeff Beck Group    
12/12/1967 Eric Burdon And The Animals   Great Hall
12/12/1967 Amen Corner   St Luke's
12/01/1968 Freddie Mack's Band    
19/01/1968 The Herd   St Luke's
10/02/1968 Geno Washington Ram Jam Band Devonshire House
18/03/1968 Davey Graham and John Renbourn    
26/04/1968 The Bee Gees The Foundations Great Hall
24/06/1968 The Small Faces Marmalade St Luke's
29/06/1968 Principal Edwards Magic Theatre    
25/10/1968 Principal Edwards Magic Theatre    
19/12/1968 Led Zeppelin   Great Hall
08/02/1969 Principal Edwards Magic Theatre    
01/03/1969 Junior's Eyes    
01/05/1969 The Who    
10/05/1969 Yes   Great Hall 
13/06/1969 Pink Floyd   Great Hall
27/06/1969 Moody Blues (Summer Ball) Colosseum, Bob Kerr's Whoopee Band, Orange Bicycle Great Hall
??/10/1969 Free Blodwyn Pig  
31/10/1969 Free Cliff Bennet, Misunderstood (Juicy Lucy)  
08/11/1969 Nice Circus  
22/11/1969 Mandred Mann Chapter Three Origin, The Ring, John Martyn  Bradninch Hall
28/11/1969 Jimmie James and the Vagabonds    Devonshire House
??/11/1969 Fairport Convention     

This section will be developed as alumni provide information. Please send any relevant memories you have as well as any photos or documents that you want to share here to

Date Headliner Support Venue
16/01/1970 Christine Perfect (Coming Up Ball)   Devonshire House
06/02/1970 Mott The Hoople    
07/02/1970 Swinging Blue Jeans    
13/03/1970 Mike Westbrook’s Jazz-Rock Orchestra    
17/03/1970 Deep Purple T.Rex, Principal Edwards Magic Theatre, Marsha Hunt Great Hall
01/05/1970 The Who   Great Hall
??/06/1970 Amen Corner   St Luke's
12/06/1970 Van Der Graaf Generator Bronco  
26/06/1970 Humble Pie, Georgie Fame & Alan Price Argent, Swinging Blue Jeans, Alan Hull & the Brethren   
09/10/1970 Joe Hiseman' Colosseum Vinegar Joe, Juicy Lucy  
24/10/1970 The Pentangle    
30/10/1070 Wild Wally’s Rock ‘n Roll Show    
14/11/1970 Ginger Baker's Airforce Kingdom Come Devonshire House
20/11/1970 Uriah Heep Writing on the Wall  
05/12/1970 Van Der Graaf Generator    
12/12/1970 Fairport Convention Argent  
16/01/1971 Danta    
22/01/1971 Mott The Hoople Sam Apple Pie  
29/01/1971 Gentle Giant (The Faces were due to headline but didn't play)  
31/01/1971 Wishbone Ash    
03/02/1971 Pink Floyd     Great Hall
10/02/1971 Barclay James Harvest    
17/02/1971 Trees    
20/02/1971 Caravan Bob Kerr's Whoopee Band  
26/02/1971 Stackridge    
05/03/1971 The Kinks Lindisfarne, Southern Comfort  
15/03/1971 Tom Paxton John St. Field Great Hall
17/03/1971 Family Curved Air, Osibisa  
18/03/1971 Rory Gallagher    
20/03/1971 Slade Roxy Music  
14/04/1971 Hawkwind    
07/05/1971 Strawbs Al Stewart   
29/05/1971 Yes    
??/06/1971 Paladin Machine Head St Luke's
25/06/1971 Fairport Convention (Summer Ball) Osibisa, The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, The Casuals, Fuschia Great Hall, Devonshire House
08/10/1971 Manfred Mann's Chapter Three Paladin, Home  
10/10/1971 Spirogyra Andy Roberts, Brian Patten Cornwall House 
22/10/1971 Atomic Rooster Skid Row, Genesis Great Hall
13/11/1971 Redwing    
20/11/1971 Jack Bruce    
29/11/1971 Sandy Denny (cancelled)   Great Hall
04/12/1971 Philip Goodhand-Tait Bronco  
08/12/1971 Lindisfarne   St Luke's
11/12/1971 Quintessence Atomic Rooster  
21/01/1972 Curved Air Spring, Good Habit  
31/01/1972 Wishbone Ash Glencoe  
18/02/1972 Incredible String Band    
23/02/1972 Elton John (cancelled)    
03/03/1972 Edgar Broughton Band  Stone the Crows, Focus  
18/03/1972 Rory Gallagher Byzantium  
02/05/1972 Country Joe & The Fish   Great Hall
09/06/1972 Slade    
??/06/1972 Atomic Rooster Emperor Rosko St Luke's
18/06/1972 Bridget St John   Devonshire House 
23/06/1972 Sha Na Na Slade, Pretty Things, Mike Westbrook Band Great Hall
??/09/1972 After The Fire   St Luke's
06/10/1972 Mungo Jerry    


Focus Mike Moran  


King Crimson    


Glencoe   St Luke's
01/12/1972 Hawkwind Flood  
05/02/1973 Grimms    
14/02/1973 Genesis String Driven Thing Great Hall
02/03/1973 The Kinks Darryl Way's Wolf, Babe Ruth, Jon Hiseman's Tempest Great Hall
08/03/1973 Paul Brett Hunter Muskett St Luke's
28/04/1973 Sensational Alex Harvey Band    
??/06/1973 Tremeloes Gary Moore St Luke's
29/06/1973 Spencer Davis Group    
05/10/1973 Sharks    
10/11/1973 Steeleye Span Horslips  
19/11/1973 Gordon Giltrap Decameron  
22/11/1974 Procul Harum (cancelled)    
27/11/1973 Fusion Orchestra   St Luke's
10/12/1973 String Driven Thing    
26/01/1974 Sensational Alex Harvey Band Heavy Metal Kids  
19/02/1974 Suzi Quatro Hustler Great Hall
28/02/1974 Procol Harum    
09/03/1974 Chick Corea    
01/05/1974 John Martyn Danny Thompson Great Hall
17/05/1974 Contraband   St Luke's
10/06/1974 Bridget St John    
25/06/1974 Mungo Jerry   St Luke's
04/10/1974 Hudson Ford Starry Eyed and Laughing  
10/10/1974 Be Bop Deluxe    
10/10/1974 Fusion Orchestra    
17/10/1974 10cc Moonryder  
24/10/1974 Zzebra Stripe  
08/11/1974 The Winkies Ezra Pound  
09/11/1974 Sparks Pilot  
30/11/1974 Fumble    
09/12/1974 Sutherland Brothers & Quiver George Melly  
15/01/1975 John Entwistle's Ox    
25/01/1975 A Band Called O Shanghai  
01/02/1975 Lindisfarne Sundance  
10/02/1975 Gryphon    
22/02/1975 Ralph McTell (RAG Week) Richard Digance, Decameron Devonshire House
28/02/1975 Electric Light Orchestra (RAG Ball) Chopyn, Chick Corea, Hot Tuna, Kilburn and the High Roads, Upp  
13/03/1975 Graham Parker & The Rumour Thin Lizzy  
15/03/1975 The Hunter-Ronson band    
18/04/1975 Rory Gallagher    
25/04/1975 Clancy    
20/06/1975 T Rex (Summer Ball) Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance, Caravan, Starry Eyed and Laughing Great Hall
??/??/1975 (Summer) James Taylor   Common Room, St Luke's Campus
??/10/1975 Mud    ???
03/10/1975 Horslips Vivian Stanshall Great Hall
04/10/1975 Hedgehog Pie Upp  
15/10/1975 Decameron Fungus, Steve Ashley Great Hall
17/10/1975 Andy Fairweather Low Jonathan Kelly Greall Hall
29/10/1975 Fairport Convention Dave Lewis Great Hall
03/11/1975 John Martyn   Great Hall
15/11/1975 John Cale   Great Hall
29/11/1975 Fox Tim Moore Great Hall
06/12/1975 Doctors of Madness    
08/12/1975 Justin Hayward and John Lodge (Blue Jays) AJ Webber Great Hall
10/01/1975 Fogg BoomBaya  
17/01/1976 Ace Rumour Great Hall
24/01/1976 Al Matthews    
07/02/1976 Mud Cirkus Great Hall 
11/02/1976 Starry Eyed and Laughing    
22/02/1976 Focus Charlie  
27/02/1976 The Kinks (Rag Ball) Splinter, Bombaya, Dave Swarbrick, Simon Nicol, Dave Pegg Great Hall
13/03/1976 Thin Lizzy Graham Parker and The Rumour Great Hall 
20/03/1976 Toby    
02/04/1976 Sahara    
06/04/1976 Junkyard Angels    
24/04/1976 Rick Wakeman   Great Hall
03/05/1976 PFM Premiata Forneria Marconi    
21/06/1976 Mother Superior Boombaya, Luke Warm Rock  
24/06/1976 Bob Marley and The Wailers (Summer Ball) Gonzalez, City Boy, Martin Carter and Graham Jones, Kevin Ayers  Great Hall



James Taylor   Common Room. St Luke's Campus
24/09/1976 Toby    
01/10/1976 Deaf School Bombaya Great Hall
07/10/1976 Osibisa The Runaways Great Hall
16/10/1976 Mott the Hopple Lonestar Great Hall
22/10/1976 David Essex   Great Hall
27/10/1976 Wishbone Ash


Great Hall
01/11/1976 Sailor   Great Hall
12/11/1976 Steve Hillage Band   Great Hall
29/11/1976 Caravan Oscar Great Hall
06/12/1976 Heart The Bothy Band Great Hall
15/01/1977 John Miles   Great Hall
26/01/1977 Todd Rundgren's Utopia   Great Hall
09/02/1977 Be Bop Deluxe Steve Gibbons Band Great Hall
19/02/1977 Procul Harum Heron Great Hall
26/02/1977 AC/DC    Great Hall
07/03/1977 Ralph McTell   Great Hall
14/03/1977 Jack The Lad   Great Hall
12/05/1977 Dr Feelgood    Great Hall
24/06/1977 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers The Damned, Boomtown Rats Great Hall
30/09/1977 The Fabulous Poodles   Great Hall
10/10/1977 The Stranglers (cancelled)   Great Hall
17/10/1977 Sutherland Brothers and Quiver Michael Chapman Great Hall
31/10/1977 Roy Harper Spriguns Great Hall
08/11/1977 Van de Graff Generator   Great Hall
22/11/1977 Graham Parker and the Rumour Clover Great Hall
05/12/1977 Mud (Christmas Ball)   Great Hall
14/01/1978 Pete Atkin and Albion Dance Band (Folk Fayre)    
20/01/1978 Osibisa   Great Hall
11/02/1978 Chris deBurgh  Philip Goodhand-Tait Great Hall
20/02/1978 Eddie and the Hot Rods Squeeze, Radiostars Great Hall
24/02/1978 Ian Dury and the Blockheads    Great Hall
13/03/1978 George Melly   Great Hall
25/04/1978 Ralph McTell   Great Hall
12/05/1978 Darts   Great Hall
23/06/1978 Showaddywaddy (Summer Ball) Jake Thackary, Corkscrew, Tradition, Silver Echo Stell Band Great Hall
06/10/1978 Mechanical Horse Trough (Freshers Ball) Crawler, Racing Cars, Sore Throat Great Hall
13/10/1978 Fairport Convention    Great Hall
19/10/1978 Tom Robinson Band  Stiff Little Fingers Great Hall
11/11/1978 John Martyn   Great Hall
20/11/1978 Mud   Great Hall
26/11/1978 Gong   Great Hall
27/11/1978 The Clash The Slits, The Innocents Great Hall
04/12/1978 The Boomtown Rats   Great Hall
11/12/1978 The Kinks Fabulous Poodles Great Hall
19/01/1979 Richard and Linda Thompson   Great Hall
23/01/1979 Darts   Great Hall
26/01/1979 Elvis Costello and the Attractions Richard Hell, John Cooper-Clarke Great Hall
13/02/1979 UFO   Great Hall
01/03/1979 Steve Hillage   Great Hall
13/03/1979 Graham Parker and the Rumour  The Sports Great Hall
21/03/1979 Tom Robinson Band    Great Hall
28/04/1979 The Members    
01/05/1979 Magazine  Simple Minds Great Hall
14/05/1979 The Jam   Great Hall
24/05/1979 The Cure   Great Hall
04/06/1979 The Ruts   Great Hall
29/06/1979 Ian Dury and the Blockheads  The Yachts Great Hall
31/07/1979 Adam and the Ants    
26/09/1979 Simple Minds   Great Hall
05/10/1979 Fresher's Ball XTC    
12/10/1979 Madness The Selecter, The Specials Great Hall
14/10/1979 The Jags    
30/10/1979 The Ruts   Great Hall
13/11/1979 Squeeze   Great Hall
20/11/1979 Gallagher and Lyle Judy Tzuke Great Hall
24/11/1979 The Mekons   Great Hall
26/11/1979 Joe Jackson Original Mirrors Great Hall
27/11/1979 Generation X   Great Hall
10/12/1979 Simple Minds   Great Hall

This section will be developed as alumni provide information. Please send any relevant memories you have as well as any photos or documents that you want to share here to

Date Headliner Support Venue
21/01/1980 Ramones The Boys Great Hall
28/01/1980 Rockpile The Fabulous Thunderbirds Great Hall
13/02/1980 Def Leppard Magnum, Witchfynde Great Hall
20/02/1980 Peter Gabriel Random Hold   Great Hall
29/02/1980 Gary Glitter (RAG Ball)   Great Hall
19/03/1980 Genesis    Great Hall
16/04/1980 Sledgehammer   Great Hall
28/04/1980 Roy Harper   Great Hall
08/05/1980 The Cure   Great Hall
14/05/1980 UB40    
21/06/1980 Dexys Midnight Runners    
27/06/1980 Elvis Costello & the Attractions (Summer Ball)  Matchbox, The Step, Clive Langor, The Spaghetti Rockets  Great Hall
01/10/1980 Echo & the Bunnymen The Sound   Cornwall House
09/10/1980 Toots and the Maytals (Freshers’ Ball) Department S     Great Hall
09/10/1980 Gary Glitter    
12/10/1980 Emotion Pictures   The Pit, Cornwall House
14/10/1980 The Tourists The Barracudas                Great Hall
19/10/1980 Androids of Mu   The Pit, Cornwall House
20/10/1980 Louden Wainwright III   Great Hall (?)
26/10/1980 The Toys   The Pit, Cornwall House
28/10/1980 Sons of Stiff Tour (Ten Pole Tudor/Any Trouble/Dirty Looks/Joe "King" Carrasco and the Crowns/The Equators)   Great Hall
02/11/1980 The Frames Attic The Pit, Cornwall House
07/11/1980 U2 Midnight & the Lemonboys The Pit, Cornwall House
09/11/1980 Joe Public Visual Value The Pit, Cornwall House
10/11/1980 Aswad    Great Hall (?)
16/11/1980 The Rimshots   The Pit, Cornwall House
18/11/1980 Sad Café    
20/11/1980 Wasted Youth   The Pit, Cornwall House
23/11/1980 Stingrays Sohep The Pit, Cornwall House
24/11/1980 The Stray Cats Seventeen Refectory, Devonshire House (?)
03/12/1980 Ian Dury & The Blockheads Basement 5, Blurt Great Hall
09/12/1980 The Skids (Christmas Ball) Wasted Youth (UK), Talisman, The Tea Set, Tim Arnold Disco Great Hall
14/01/1981 UFO Fist Great Hall
26/01/1981 Hazel O'Connor    
02/02/1981 Lindisfarne    
18/02/1981 Judie Tzuke    
20/02/1981 Peter Gabriel    
27/02/1981 Slade (RAG Ball)   Great Hall
01/03/1981 Vortex Minimum R&B   Duryard Bar
01/03/1981 The Thompson Twins   Refectory, Devonshire House
02/03/1981 Elvis Costello & the Attractions   Great Hall
30/04/1981 A Certain Ratio (A Dignity Ball for Spring) The Man Rays Refectory, Devonshire House
11/05/1981 Squeeze John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett Great Hall
07/06/1981 The Thompson Twins Dave and The Mistakes (Swedish)  
26/06/1981 The Undertones (Summer Ball) Richard Digance, Chas n Dave, Talisman, Edison Lighthouse, plus John Peel Roadshow Great Hall
19/10/1981 Subway Sect    
26/10/1981 Greg Lake   Great Hall
23/11/1981 Dr Feelgood    
??/12/1981 Mud   Birks Christmas Ball
??/12/1981 The Beat    
13/01/1982 Mari Wilson & the Imaginations   Great Hall
18/01/1982 Sad Café (?)   ??
08/02/1982 Shakatak   Great Hall
16/02/1982 Depeche Mode Blancmange Great Hall
26/02/1982 The Darts (Rag Ball)   Great Hall
17/05/1982 Altered Images Vic Godard & Subway Sect Great Hall
02/07/1982 Boomtown Rats (Summer Ball) The Alarm, The Belle Stars, Red Cloud Great Hall
5/09/1982 The Alarm    
06/10/1982 King Trigger   The Pit, Cornwall House
07/10/1982 Gary Glitter (Freshers’ Ball) Maximum Joy Great Hall
08/10/1982 King Trigger Go! (campus band) Refectory, Devonshire House
08/10/1982 Fred Wedlock   Ram Bar, Devonshire House
10/10/1982 Go! Dick and The Two Swingers The Pit, Cornwall House
12/10/1982 Pigbag Orchestre Jazira Great Hall
17/10/1982 Sex Gang Children   The Pit, Cornwall House
20/10/1982 Aztec Camera   The Pit, Cornwall House
23/10/1992 The Room   The Pit, Cornwall House
24/10/1982 Thin Men   The Pit, Cornwall House
26/10/1982 Mari Wilson & the Wilsations Go! Great Hall
07/11/1982 Twelfth Night   The Pit, Cornwall House
07/11/1982 Attila the Stockbroker   The Pit, Cornwall House
08/11/1982 Fashion  Kajagoogoo Great Hall
10/11/1982 Jacques Loussier   Refectory, Devonshire House
14/11/1982 The Alarm   The Pit, Cornwall House
14/11/1982 Thin Men   The Pit, Cornwall House
16/11/1982 Bad Manners   Great Hall
19/11/1982 The Impossible Dreamers The Frank Chickens The Pit, Cornwall House
21/11/1982 Twelfth Night 2/4 (previously Riz Wah Wah) The Pit, Cornwall House
23/11/1982 Bow Wow Wow   Great Hall
26/11/1982 The Impossible Dreamers The Frank Chickens The Pit, Cornwall House
28/11/1982 Thunderbirds   The Pit, Cornwall House
01/12/1982 Simple Minds China Crisis Great Hall
05/12/1982 Southern Death Cult   The Pit, Cornwall House
12/12/1982 Incubus   The Pit, Cornwall House
13/12/1982 ?? (Christmas Ball)   Great Hall
15/01/1983 Go! (CND Society Party) Dennis Gould, Reggae Disco Refectory, Devonshire House
16/01/1983 The Chameleons Rat Patrol The Pit, Cornwall House
23/01/1983 Wash Week Go! The Pit, Cornwall House
28/01/1983 Desmond Dekker    
30/01/1983 Music for Pleasure Rocking John The Pit, Cornwall House
06/02/1983 Elle Est Funque The Start The Pit, Cornwall House
13/02/1983 Shark Taboo Thin White Line The Pit, Cornwall House
14/02/1983 Misty in Roots   Great Hall
20/02/1983 Ghost of Individuals   The Pit, Cornwall House
23/02/1983 Washington Week In Review (Lunchtime concert in support of The Day of Action) Impossible Dreamers The Pit, Cornwall House
25/02/1983 ?? (Rag Ball)   Great Hall
27/02/1983 Sad Lovers and Giants Annerpernia The Pit, Cornwall House
08/03/1983 U2 The Nightcaps Great Hall
13/03/1983 Silent Movies Trauma Unit The Pit, Cornwall House
14/03/1983 The Impossible Dreamers Wash Week The Pit, Cornwall House
17/03/1983 Seething Wells    
20/03/1983 Shriekback   The Pit, Cornwall House
03/05/1983 A Flock of Seagulls The Fixx Great Hall
26/05/1983 Kissing the Pink   Great Hall
30/05/1983 Tracie  The Questions Great Hall
05/06/1983 The Gymslips    
30/06/1983 The Eurythmics (Summer Ball) Perfect Crime, Orange Juice, Attila The Stockbroker, Hoopern Hillbillies, Natural Roots Great Hall
22/07/1983 Altered Images    
02/10/1983 The Playn Jayn   The Pit, Cornwall House
06/10/1983 Gary Glitter (Freshers’ Ball)   Great Hall
07/10/1983 Junkyard Angels   Ram Bar, Devonshire House
09/10/1983 Thunderbirds   The Pit, Cornwall House
16/10/1983 Under Two Flags   The Pit, Cornwall House
17/10/1983 Joboxers   Great Hall
22/10/1983 Musical Youth   Great Hall
23/10/1983 Elle Est Funque   The Pit, Cornwall House
30/10/1983 Flesh Tones The Playn Jayn The Pit, Cornwall House
06/11/1983 Junkyard Angels   The Pit, Cornwall House
14/11/1983 Imagination   Great Hall
17/11/1983 Danse Society March Violets Refectory, Devonshire House
20/11/1983 Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry   The Pit, Cornwall House
04/12/1983 The Chillun   The Pit, Cornwall House
05/12/1983 Slade (Christmas Ball)   Great Hall
05/12/1983 Billy Bragg    
20/01/1984 Keith James   Ram Bar, Devonshire House
22/01/1984 New Model Army   The Pit, Cornwall House
24/01/1984 The Alarm   Great Hall
29/01/1984 Junkyard Angels   The Pit, Cornwall House
05/02/1984 Only Connect Kill City The Pit, Cornwall House
12/02/1984 Farenji Warriors   The Pit, Cornwall House
19/02/1984 Felt   The Pit, Cornwall House
27/02/1984 Marillion   Great Hall
04/03/1984 Sector 27   The Pit, Cornwall House
09/03/1984 Strolling Bones   ??
11/03/1984 Misdemeanour Perfect Crime The Pit, Cornwall House
18/05/1984 40 Blue Fingers   Ram Bar, Devonshire House
25/05/1984 Thunderbirds   The Pit, Cornwall House
01/06/1984 The Chillun   Ram Bar, Devonshire House
29/06/1984 The Damned (Summer Ball) Haircut One Hundred, Talisman Great Hall
24/10/1984 Motorhead Billy Bragg Great Hall
27/11/1984 Go!   The Pit, Cornwall House
02/02/1985 Everything But the Girl    
07/06/1985 Divine   Great Hall
07/06/1985 The Cult   Great Hall
07/06/1985 Half Man Half Biscuit   Great Hall
23/06/1985 New Model Army    
28/10/1985 The Cult Crazyhead  
12/11/1985 UFO    
13/11/1985 Prefab Sprout Hurrah! Refectory, Devonshire House
??/02/1986 The Bangles   The Pit, Cornwall House
17/02/1986 John Martyn    
24/02/1986 The Mighty Violets The Lemon Drops  
03/03/1986 Steel Pulse    
10/03/1986 The Housemartins His Latest Flame  
14/05/1986 Half Man Half Biscuit    
??/??/1986 Level 42 (Summer Ball)   Great Hall
10/10/1986 It Bites   Great Hall
14/10/1986 Rory Bremner   Great Hall
16/10/1986 Furniture   Lemon Grove
23/10/1986 Working Week   Lemon Grove
24/11/1986 Ben Elton   Great Hall
19/06/1987 The Communards   Great Hall
19/09/1987 (Summer Ball) Jools Holland  
07/10/1987 Harry Enfield   Lemon Grove
10/10/1987 The Daintees   Lemon Grove
14/10/1987 The Bhundu Boys   Lemon Grove
20/10/1987 BB King   Great Hall
21/10/1987 The Soup Dragons   Lemon Grove
31/10/1987 Bad News Live   Great Hall
02/11/1987 The Damned The Crows Lemon Grove
08/12/1987 Big Country The Wonder Stuff  
20/02/1988 Craig Charles   Lemon Grove
25/02/1988 Chrome Molly Nobody's Fool  
26/02/1988 Curiosity Killed The Cat   Great Hall
09/03/1988 ASWAD   Great Hall
14/03/1988 The Mission The Chesterfields  
21/05/1988 Squeeze (Summer Ball)    
05/10/1988 The Wedding Present    
05/11/1988 Love and Money    
15/11/1988 Tanita Tikaram   Great Hall
08/12/1988 Iggy Pop   Great Hall
??/01/1989 Geno Washington   Lemon Grove
18/02/1989 New Model Army   Great Hall
26/02/1989 The Blow Monkeys   Great Hall
04/03/1989 Blue Aeroplanes   Lemon Grove
09/03/1989 Inspiral Carpets Headtime, The Field Mice  
19/06/1989 Rik Mayall (Summer Ball) Geno Washington, Bhundu Boys Great Hall
29/06/1989 Lisa Dominique   Lemon Grove
09/10/1989 Dog's D'amour Underneath What Great Hall
16/10/1989 FM Romeo's Daughter Great Hall
19/10/1989 GUN   Lemon Grove
21/10/1989 The Real Sounds of Africa   Lemon Grove
23/10/1989 The Sugarcubes    
02/11/1989 Jesus Jones   Lemon Grove
07/11/1989 Transvision Vamp And Why Not Great Hall
13/11/1989 Fugazi    
20/11/1989 The Wonderstuff  Eat, Ned's Atomic Dustbin Great Hall
05/12/1989 House of Love    

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Date Headliner Support Venue
06/02/1990 The Alarm Salvation Great Hall
08/02/1990 GUN Slide Lemon Grove
19/02/1990 The Creatures   Great Hall
02/06/1990 Tigertailz Gunfire Dance Lemon Grove
25/06/1990 De La Soul (Summer Ball)   Great Hall
06/10/1990 Nina Simone   Great Hall
06/10/1990 Mega City Four   Lemon Grove
16/10/1990 The Pixies   Great Hall
26/10/1990 Van Morrison   Great Hall
30/10/1990 Ride Bleach Lemon Grove
03/11/1990 Del Amitri   Great Hall
10/11/1990 The Charlatans    
16/11/1990 Fugazi Hole Lemon Grove
28/11/1990 The LA's   Lemon Grove
09/12/1990 The Skids    
28/01/1991 Teenage Fanclub   Lemon Grove
04/03/1991 The Farm   Great Hall
11/03/1991 Neds Atomic Dustbin   Great Hall
12/03/1991 Little Angels    
26/04/1991 Inspiral Carpets  Blue Orchids Great Hall
07/05/1991 EMF    
25/05/1991 Curve    
14/10/1991 Levellers   Great Hall
16/10/1991 James   Great Hall
17/10/1991 Carter USM   Great Hall
22/10/1991 Level 42   Great Hall
28/10/1991 Billy Bragg Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians, The Lorraine Bowen Experience  
06/11/1991 The Milltown Brothers   Lemon Grove
12/11/1991 Hole Therapy?, Daisy Chainsaw Lemon Grove
13/11/1991 Kingmaker   Lemon Grove
18/11/1991 All About Eve   Great Hall
18/02/1992 Manic Street Preachers   Lemon Grove
02/03/1992 Mega City Four   Lemon Grove
18/03/1992 Ride Mercury Rev Lemon Grove
28/05/1992 Kingmaker  Suede  
25/06/1992 Primal Scream    
05/10/1992 Manic Street Preachers    
25/10/1992 Inspiral Carpets    
27/10/1992 Pop Will Eat itself   Great Hall 
03/11/1992 The Australian Doors   Lemon Grove
10/12/1992 The Wedding Present Moonshake, TseTse Fly  
19/02/1993 Radiohead   Lemon Grove
25/02/1993 Suede   Lemon Grove
21/06/1993 Bjorn Again  Rolf Harris Great Hall
13/10/1993 Blur   Lemon Grove
18/10/1993 Carter USM Sultans of Ping FC Great Hall
04/11/1993 Grant Lee Buffalo   Lemon Grove
23/11/1993 The Orb    
06/02/1994 Cocteau Twins
??/04/1994 Van Morrison   Great Hall
06/10/1994 Radiohead The Julie Dolphin   Lemon Grove
18/10/1994 Manic Street Preachers   Great Hall
23/10/1994 Pop Will Eat Itself Complusion, Blaggers ITA Great Hall
25/10/1994 Jamiroquai   Great Hall
??/11/1994 The Proclaimers    
26/11/1994 Primal Scream     Great Hall
28/11/1994 Therapy? Dirt Great Hall
29/11/1994 Brand New Heavies   Great Hall
03/12/1994 Ozric Tentacles   Great Hall
05/02/1995 Suede Goya Dress Great Hall
14/02/1995 Showaddywaddy    
02/03/1995 Chumbawamba   Lemon Grove
16/03/1995 Gene    
04/05/1995 Shed Seven    
13/05/1995 Carter the unstoppable sex machine Salad, Thurman  
15/06/1995 Blur (Summer Ball) Geno Washington Great Hall
04/10/1995 D-Ream   Great Hall
10/10/1995 Boo Radleys Electrafixion Great Hall
12/10/1995 Echobelly   Lemon Grove
16/10/1995 Pulp Minty Great Hall
18/10/1995 Cast   Lemon Grove
25/10/1995 Menswear   Lemon Grove
11/11/1995 The Australian Doors   Great Hall
16/11/1995 Chumbawamba   Lemon Grove
21/11/1995 Andrew Weatherall   Great Hall
05/12/1995 The Stone Roses   Great Hall
31/01/1996 Black Grape Eusebe Great Hall 
08/02/1996 Van Morrison     Great Hall
29/02/1996 Stereolab   Lemon Grove
11/03/1996 Tori Amos   Great Hall
13/03/1996 The Bluetones     Lemon Grove
16/05/1996 Richard Ashcroft   Great Hall
18/06/1996 Supergrass (Summer Ball) The Daisies Great Hall
01/10/1996 The Levellers Pusherman Great Hall
14/10/1996 Ocean Colour Scene The Real People Great Hall
15/10/1996 The Prodigy   Great Hall
16/10/1996 Space   Lemon Grove
21/10/1996 Manic Street Preachers Catatonia Great Hall
15/11/1996 Skunk Anansie Tracy Bonham, The Driven Great Hall
25/11/1996 The Lightning Seeds    
28/11/1996 Def Leppard    
09/12/1996 Muse   Lemon Grove
11/12/1996 Squeeze   Great Hall
05/02/1997 Placebo   Lemon Grove
05/03/1997 Gene    
17/03/1997 James Silversun, Hardbody  
19/03/1997 Mansun Travis  
15/04/1997 Jamiroquai   Great Hall
06/05/1997 The Charlatans   Great Hall
24/06/1997 Dodgy   Great Hall
29/09/1997 The Levellers    
20/11/1997 Muse   Lemon Grove
24/11/1997 Cast   Great Hall
25/11/1997 Black Grape Dust Junkys  
03/12/1997 The Chemical Brothers   Great Hall
14/12/1997 The Seahorses    Third Eye Blind Great Hall
26/01/1998 Catatonia   Lemon Grove
23/06/1998 Lightning Seeds (Summer Ball) Miss Jo Lively, Alan 'Luvvdup' Stevens Devonshire House
30/09/1998 Fun Lovin' Criminals   Great Hall
08/10/1998 Jools Holland's Rhythm and Blue Orchestra   Great Hall
09/11/1998 The Bluetones   Great Hall
08/12/1998 The Levellers   Great Hall
14/03/1999 Orbital   Great Hall
13/05/1999 Delirious? Switchfoot Great Hall
14/06/1999 Travis   Lemon Grove
21/06/1999 Bootleg Beatles   Great Hall
21/06/1999 Courtney Pine   Great Hall
07/10/1999 Feeder   Lemon Grove
10/10/1999 Howard Marks   Lemon Grove
18/10/1999 Skunk Anansie Muse Great Hall
23/10/1999 Beth Orton   Great Hall
25/10/1999 Super Furry Animals   Great Hall
27/10/1999 Paul Oakenfold   Great Hall
29/10/1999 Longpigs   Lemon Grove
08/11/1999 Terrorvision   Great Hall
29/11/1999 The Saw Doctors   Great Hall

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Date Headliner Support Venue
11/10/2000 Idlewild Hundred Reasons Lemon Grove
14/10/2000 The Waterboys   Great Hall
26/10/2000 James Shea Seger Great Hall
30/10/2000 Leftfield   Great Hall
13/11/2000 Reef Crashland Great Hall
04/04/2001 Muse Tyler   Lemon Grove
12/11/2001 Orbital   Great Hall
28/11/2001 Wheatus   Great Hall
28/02/2002 A Rival Schools Lemon Grove
14/03/2002 The Bluetones   Lemon Grove
24/04/2002 Gomez   Great Hall
02/05/2002 Mansun   Lemon Grove
14/05/2002 Hundred Reasons Cave In, Stapleton Lemon Grove
08/10/2002 Robert Plant (The Crazy World of) Arthur Brown Great Hall
14/10/2002 The Coral   Lemon Grove
21/10/2002 Fugazi     Lemon Grove
31/10/2002 Ill Nino   Lemon Grove
11/11/2002 Hundred Reasons   Great Hall
13/11/2002 Desmond Dekker   Lemon Grove
20/11/2002 Toploader   Great Hall
25/11/2002 Spunge Farse Lemon Grove
29/11/2002 Doves   Great Hall
30/01/2003 Biffy Clyro    
17/02/2003 Hell is for Heroes Instruction Lemon Grove
05/03/2003 Feeder Hell is for Heroes Great Hall
13/03/2003 Opeth   Lemon Grove
15/03/2003 Reef   Great Hall
18/05/2003 The Bluetones Archie Bronson  
22/05/2003 Less Than Jake The Pie Tasters, Allister, Teen Idols Great Hall
09/10/2003 Funeral for a Friend Further Seems Forever, Hondo Maclean Lemon Grove
15/10/2003 The Thrills The Sleepy Jackson Great Hall
21/10/2003 Athlete   Lemon Grove
15/11/2003 Queens of the Stone Age   Great Hall
13/12/2003 Stampin Ground   Lemon Grove
03/02/2004 Spiritualized   Lemon Grove
04/02/2004 Chimaira Every Time I Die, Stampin' Ground Lemon Grove
09/03/2004 Arch Enemy  Ackercocke   Lemon Grove
15/03/2004 CKY Fireball Ministry Great Hall
20/03/2004 Hundred Reasons Biffy Clyro, Senses Fail Great Hall
28/04/2004 Horace Andy   Lemon Grove
03/05/2004 Keane     Lemon Grove
03/06/2004 InMe  X-is Loaded, Hiding Place Lemon Grove
08/06/2004 Killswitch Engage Chimaira, Shadows Fall Lemon Grove
24/09/2004 Sombre State / Anderson     Lemon Grove
06/10/2004 The Zutons   Great Hall
14/10/2004 HIM Cathedral Great Hall
18/10/2004 36 Crazyfists 18 Visions, Bullet For My Valentine Lemon Grove
20/10/2004 Franz Ferdinand   Great Hall
20/10/2004 Goldie Lookin Chain   Lemon Grove
28/10/2004 Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute Amberlane Lemon Grove
05/11/2004 Blade & Skinnyman   Lemon Grove
10/11/2004 Keane   Great Hall
14/11/2004 Joss Stone   Great Hall
15/11/2004 Zero 7    
17/11/2004 Motörhead Sepultura, Class Of Zero Great Hall
22/11/2004 Thrills   Great Hall
23/11/2004 Hundred Reasons Reuben, Twofold Lemon Grove
02/12/2004 The Damned Triad   Lemon Grove
21/01/2005 Keane     Great Hall
17/02/2005 Mastodon   Lemon Grove
19/02/2005 Goldie Lookin Chain   Great Hall
06/03/2005 The Haunted   Lemon Grove
07/03/2005 Doves    
09/03/2005 Dropkick Murphys   Lemon Grove
14/03/2005 Eighteen Visions   Lemon Grove
27/04/2005 Flogging Molly   Lemon Grove
03/05/2005 Mad Caddies  Strike Anywhere, Only Crime  Lemon Grove
07/05/2005 Doves    
28/09/2005 Trivium It Dies Today, All That Remains Lemon Grove
06/10/2005 Alabama 3   Lemon Grove
07/10/2005 Colin Murray   Lemon Grove
10/10/2005 A   Lemon Grove
13/10/2005 New Model Army   Lemon Grove
14/10/2005 Rahzel   Lemon Grove
16/10/2005 OK Go Brendan Benson Lemon Grove
17/10/2005 DIO   Great Hall
21/10/2005 James Blunt   Great Hall
21/10/2005 MR Scruff   Lemon Grove
26/10/2005 Bloc Party Patrick Wolf Great Hall
30/10/2005 Rooster   Great Hall
30/10/2005 The Subways   Lemon Grove
04/11/2005 The Proclaimers   Lemon Grove
09/11/2005 GURU   Lemon Grove
17/11/2005 Martha Wainwright   Lemon Grove
22/11/2005 The Haunted Chimaira Lemon Grove
01/12/2005 HARD-FI   Lemon Grove
02/12/2005 Opeth / Burst   Lemon Grove
15/12/2005 Levellers Seth Lakeman, 3 Daft Monkeys Great Hall
05/02/2006 Funeral for a Friend   Great Hall
06/02/2006 Skindred Soulfly Lemon Grove
22/02/2006 Coldcut   Lemon Grove
24/02/2006 Reel Big Fish Zebrahead, Fandangle Great Hall
24/02/2006 The Oysterband   Lemon Grove
12/03/2006 Boysetsfire   Lemon Grove
18/03/2006 Trivium God Forbid, Bloodsimple Great Hall
22/03/2006 The Fall   Lemon Grove
25/04/2006 Hayseed Dixie   Lemon Grove
28/04/2006 The Delays   Lemon Grove
30/04/2006 KUBB   Lemon Grove
01/05/2006 Ordinary Boys   Great Hall
08/05/2006 The Charlatans The Feeling  Great Hall
10/05/2006 The Streets   Great Hall
15/05/2006 Funeral for a Friend    
16/05/2006 Richard Ashcroft   Great Hall 
19/05/2006 Still Remains   Lemon Grove
25/05/2006 Every Time I Die It Dies Today Lemon Grove
26/06/2006 Fun Lovin Criminals (Summer Ball)   Great Hall
19/07/2006 Lost Prophets The Blackout, The Guns Great Hall
22/09/2006 Aiden Bayside, The Audition Lemon Grove
26/09/2006 Embrace Four Day Hombre, The Delays Great Hall
28/09/2006 Soilwork   Lemon Grove
03/10/2006 The Automatic   Lemon Grove
09/10/2006 The Kooks Larrikin Love Great Hall
13/10/2006 Roni Size   Lemon Grove
19/10/2006 Stiff Little Fingers Goldblade Lemon Grove
22/10/2006 Graham Coxon   Lemon Grove
27/10/2006 Stanton Warriers   Lemon Grove
01/11/2006 American Head Charge Panic Cell, Twin Method, Speed Theory Lemon Grove
03/11/2006 Dreadzone   Lemon Grove
06/11/2006 We Are Scientists   Great Hall
10/11/2006 Alabama 3 (unplugged)   Lemon Grove
11/11/2006 Opeth Paradise Lost Great Hall
14/11/2006 Dropkick Murphys Less Than Jake, The Living End Great Hall
11/01/2007 Soil Godhead, Brand New Sin Lemon Grove
13/01/2007 Paolo Nutini   Great Hall
14/01/2007 Hundred Reasons Kids In Glass Houses, God Fires Man Lemon Grove
01/02/2007 Jamie T   Lemon Grove
09/02/2007 Bloc Party Metric   Great Hall
19/02/2007 NME Awards Indie Rock Tour The View, Mumm-Ra, The Horrors, The Automatic Great Hall
07/03/2007 Ash   Lemon Grove
22/03/2007 Steve Winwood   Lemon Grove
10/04/2007 Arctic Monkeys The Little Flames, GAS CLUB   Great Hall
18/04/2007 Hatebreed   Lemon Grove
24/04/2007 Hanzel Und Gretyl Cradle of Filth Lemon Grove
18/05/2007 Beth Rowley Duke Special Lemon Grove
29/05/2007 The Twang   Lemon Grove
19/09/2007 Alabama 3   Lemon Grove
26/09/2007 Seth Lakeman  Teddy Thompson Great Hall
03/10/2007 Motion City Soundtrack   Lemon Grove
03/10/2007 Editors   Great Hall
09/10/2007 Jack Penate   Lemon Grove
12/10/2007 The Maccabees   Lemon Grove
13/10/2007 Just Jack Scouting For Girls Great Hall
15/10/2007 The Cribs   Lemon Grove
15/11/2007 The Pigeon Detectives   Lemon Grove
22/11/2007 Pendulum Ben & Lex Lemon Grove
28/11/2007 Hello Goodbye   Lemon Grove
08/12/2007 The Wombats   Lemon Grove
10/12/2007 Diamond Head    
10/12/2007 Thin Lizzy   Great Hall
11/01/2008 Hundred Reasons The Computers, Flood of Red, From Autumn to Ashes Lemon Grove
17/01/2008 Athlete Boy Kill Boy Great Hall 
15/02/2008 Dropkick Murphys   Mad Caddies Great Hall
21/02/2008 Newton Faulkner Angus & Julia Stone   Lemon Grove
26/02/2008 Gallows Set Your Goals, F*cked Up Lemon Grove
26/02/2008 Reel Big Fish Zebrahead, Streetlight Manifesto, Sonic Boom Six Great Hall
16/05/2008 Wednesday 13 Engerica Lemon Grove
05/06/2008 Supergrass       Lemon Grove
02/10/2008 The Blackout   Lemon Grove
10/10/2008 Root Manuva Jimmy Screech Lemon Grove
16/10/2008 Jose Gonzalez   Lemon Grove
21/10/2008 Delirious?   Lemon Grove
24/10/2008 The Stranglers Starbase 109 Great Hall
29/10/2008 Enter Shikari Maximum the Hormone, DJ Pdex   Great Hall
30/10/2008 Cancer Bats Attack Attack!, In Case of Fire, Funeral for a Friend Lemon Grove
31/10/2008 Easy Star All Stars   Lemon Grove
05/11/2008 Less Than Jake   Great Hall
10/11/2008 Razorlight   Great Hall
14/11/2008 Feeder   Great Hall
14/11/2008 Soilwork   Lemon Grove
17/11/2008 Donavon Frankenreiter   Lemon Grove
19/11/2008 Motörhead Saxon, Danko Jones Great Hall
21/11/2008 Thunder   Great Hall
22/11/2008 Gogol Bordello   Great Hall
24/11/2008 Billy Bragg   Great Hall
04/12/2008 The Levellers Frank Turner Great Hall
07/12/2008 The Zutons   Great Hall
08/12/2008 Hawkwind   Lemon Grove
08/12/2008 The Fratellis   Great Hall
13/01/2009 Buzzcocks   Lemon Grove
11/02/2009 The Wurzels   Lemon Grove
17/02/2009 Bellowhead   Lemon Grove
20/02/2009 Goldie   Lemon Grove
23/02/2009 Reel Big Fish   Lemon Grove
06/03/2009 Zane Lowe   Lemon Grove
27/03/2009 James Morrison   Great Hall
02/04/2009 The Enemy Twisted Wheel, Kid British Great Hall
08/10/2009 Save Your Breath / Telegraphs / Funeral for a Friend   Lemon Grove
18/10/2009 The Proclaimers Miles Hunt, Erica Nockalls  
22/10/2009 Fightstar Young Guns   Lemon Grove
25/10/2009 Frank Turner Fake Problems Lemon Grove
26/10/2009 Bowling for Soup Zebrahead, MC Lars, The Leftovers Great Hall
04/11/2009 Chase & Status   Lemon Grove
03/12/2009 Show of Hands   Great Hall

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Date Headliner Support Venue
30/09/2010 Bring Me The Horizon Cancer Bats, Tek-One   Lemon Grove
05/10/2010 Lacuna Coil Slaves to Gravity Lemon Grove
06/10/2010 Example Ed Sheeran, Devlin Lemon Grove
03/12/2010 Terra Danja   Lemon Grove
05/12/2010 Xavier Rudd Ben Howard Lemon Grove
14/02/2011 Murderdolls Black Veil Brides, The Defiled Lemon Grove
20/02/2011 Frank Turner   Lemon Grove
02/05/2011 Skindred  Chiodos, Me vs. Hero Lemon Grove
07/10/2011 Black Veil Brides Yashin, My Passion   
26/10/2011 Goldfish   Lemon Grove
18/11/2011 Madina Lake My Passion Lemon Grove
04/03/2012 Killing Joke The Icarus Line, Crying Spell Lemon Grove
20/10/2012 Newtown Faulkner    
25/10/2012 Shinedown Exit Ten, Redlight King Great Hall
14/11/2012 Gojira  Klone, Trepalium Lemon Grove
01/12/2012 Thin Lizzy FM, The Treatment Great Hall
22/02/2013 Reel Big Fish Suburban Legends/Magnus Puto Lemon Grove
23/02/2013 Kaiser Chiefs Zulu Winter, This Many Boyfriends   Great Hall
19/10/2013 The Cult Bo Ningen Great Hall
20/10/2013 Babyshambles   Great Hall
10/11/2013 Editors  Sea Power Great Hall
02/12/2013 Don Broco Bad Rabbits/Lonely the Brave Lemon Grove
07/03/2014 Wilkinson   Lemon Grove
07/03/2014 Newton Faulkner Sam Brookes Great Hall
17/03/2014 Bombay Biycle Club   Great Hall
09/04/2014 Adam Ant The Good The Mad and The Lovely Posse  
29/09/2014 Frank Turner   Lemon Grove
22/10/2014 Alestorm Lagerstein, Rainbowdragoneyes, Red Rum Leom Grove
26/10/2014 Clean Bandit     Great Hall
31/10/2014 Skindred Knotslip Lemon Grove
09/11/2014 Boomtown Rats   Lemon Grove
16/12/2014 Deaf Havana Lonely the Brave/Verses Lemon Grove
15/03/2015 Europe Black Star Riders, The Amorettes Great Hall
20/03/2015 Muse Marmozets Great Hall
24/03/2015 Lordi Hollywood Groupies, Dirty Passion Lemon Grove
27/05/2015 Soil Coal Chamber, The Defiled, Dope Lemon Grove
06/10/2015 Mallory Knox Set It Off, The Xcerts   Lemon Grove
27/10/2015 Killing Joke     Lemon Grove
15/01/2016 Clean Bandit   Lemon Grove
19/01/2016 Alien Ant Farm InMe, The Dirty Youth Lemon Grove
26/01/2016 Mayday Parade   The Maine Lemon Grove
24/09/2016 10cc    
20/10/2016 Feeder Reigning Days Lemon Grove
05/11/2016 The Specials   Great Hall
11/11/2016 Slaves     Great Hall
28/11/2016 Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls Esme Patterson, Felix Hagan & the Family     Great Hall
21/03/2017 Blossoms CABBAGE, Rory Wynne Lemon Grove
22/03/2017 Bear's Den   Lemon Grove
04/06/2017 EXEFEST - Example The Hoosiers, Wheatus, Cascada, OMYO, Flyte, Sweat, Private Agenda Streatham Campus
06/06/2017 George Ezra Dan Caplen   Lemon Grove
23/10/2017 Michael Kiwanuka     Great Hall
02/11/2017 Sleaford Mods Nachthexen Lemon Grove
01/12/2017 Dr. Hook   Great Hall
12/03/2018 Jake Bugg Georgie Great Hall
11/04/2018 Lower Than Atlantis     Lemon Grove
28/04/2018 Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls The Homeless Gospel Choir, Arkells   Great Hall
03/05/2018 Don Broco  The LaFontaines, Yungblud Lemon Grove
07/05/2018 Marmozets Black Peaks   Lemon Grove
23/06/2018 Public Image Ltd   Lemon Grove
26/06/2018 Miles Kane   Lemon Grove

Brian Jonestown Massacre

  Lemon Grove

Dermot Kennedy

Jack Vallier Lemon Grove
15/10/2018 John Butler Trio Bobby Alu Great Hall
20/10/2008 Tom Walker   Lemon Grove
10/11/2018 Skindred Silvertown, Jayce Lewis Lemon Grove
23/11/2018 The Quireboys The Echo Hotel Lemon Grove
24/11/2018 Reef   Lemon Grove
07/12/2018 Enter Shakiri Milk Teeth, Modern Error Lemon Grove
02/02/2019 The Vaccines   Great Hall
15/02/2019 Kaiser Chiefs   Novacub Great Hall
26/02/2019 P.O.D. Alien Ant Farm   Lemon Grove
14/04/2019 Papa Roach Nothing More Great Hall
16/04/2019 GZA Genius Lemon Grove
20/04/2019 The Specials   Great Hall
23/04/2019 Newton Faulkner   Great Hall
06/05/2019 Wheatus   Lemon Grove
28/06/2019 Johnny Marr   Lemon Grove
24/10/2019 The Skints Bedouin Soundclash Lemon Grove
02/11/2019 Feeder   Daniel Steer Great Hall
13/11/2019 Arlo Parks Loyle Corner Great Hall
16/11/2019 The Bluetones   Lemon Grove
24/11/2019 Jade Bird   Lemon Grove
27/11/2019 Nick Parker Skinny Lister Lemon Grove
28/11/2019 From the Jam   Lemon Grove
02/12/2019 Scouting for Girls   Lemon Grove
19/12/2019 The Wonder Stuff Jim Bob Lemon Grove
21/12/2019 Slade Sons of the Seventies Lemon Grove

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Date Headliner Support Venue
07/02/2020 Wilkinson   Lemon Grove
21/02/2020 Professor Green   Lemon Grove
24/02/2020 Ciaran Algar and Jamie Francis    
29/02/2020 The Dead South Noble Jacks Great Hall
06/03/2020 Turno   Lemon Grove
14/03/2020 Blossoms The Magic Gang Great Hall
20/03/2020 JAY1   Lemon Grove
25/09/2021 Black Stone Cherry Kris Barras Band Great Hall
27/10/2021 Public Service Broadcasting   Great Hall
11/11/2021 Billy Bragg   Great Hall
24/11/2021 Enter Shakiri   Great Hall
27/11/2021 Chris Difford Jools Holland & His Rhythm and Blues Orchestra Great Hall
29/11/2021 The Darkness Massive Wagons Great Hall
28/01/2022 Example   Great Hall
15/02/2022 KSI & Randolph   Great Hall
22/02/2022 Frank Turner Truckstop Honeymoon Great Hall
07/06/2022 From The Jam   Great Hall
28/09/2022 From the Jam The Selecter Great Hall
15/11/2022 Clutch Tigercub, Green Lung Great Hall
18/11/2022 Blossoms   Great Hall
19/11/2022 Future Islands   Great Hall
20/11/2022 Marcus Mumford   Great Hall
11/02/2023 Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells   Great Hall
15/02/2023 Belinda Carlisle The Christians Great Hall
02/03/2023 Thomas Gould and the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra   Great Hall
06/04/2023 DMA's Dylan John Thomas Great Hall


"The early sixties were a great time to be social secretary. Live music was still the vogue, headline bands were still prepared to do one night stands at prices ordinary students could afford. At a recent visit to the University not one poster advertised a live band just disc jockeys hosting discos. This was the age of the Beatles, the Stones, the Mersey Sound and a whole host of bands eager to make their fortunes and thus play at student dances. It was when the austere fifties were replaced by a new liberalisation especially among the young, the start of the hippy movement, and open air festivals.

The lists of artists and acts we booked reflects in a small way the pop groups and entertainment acts of the time. The following, whilst not comprehensive, gives a good idea of the diversity and quality of the acts that I booked: George Melly, David Frost, Lance Percival, Paddy Roberts, Johnny Dankworth,Ted Heath, Victor Sylvester, Don Usher, Alex Welch Big Band, Acker Bilk, Bruce Turner, Ray Ellington, Alexis Korner, Cyril Davis, Long John Baldry, Sister Rosetta Tharpe,The Barron Knights, The Undertakers, Unit 4 + 2, The Nashville Teens, The Magill 5, Marty Wilde, The Tornados, Brian Poole and the Tremeloes, The Graham Bond Organisation, The Who, Ray Ellington, David Kossoff. There is a story to go with virtually all of these but I will highlight just a few..." 

Read the full story.

- From Mike Mutter's unfinished autobiography (Economics and Politics, 1965), Social Secretary January 1964 - June 1965

“For a lot of people the music you listen to in your teens and early twenties forms the backdrop of what you were doing and, to an extent, who you were at the time and it sticks with you. That’s certainly the case for me and there are bands that I saw at Exeter - such as Dr Feelgood, Echo and the Bunnymen, Elvis Costello, Ian Dury and The Blockheads, Squeeze, The Undertones and U2  - whose songs resonated with me and that I will still listen to or go see play live now some 40 years later. (BTW although my children might say otherwise I’m not a complete dinosaur and do also listen to music from the 21st century!)

“Whilst a student I signed up as one of the stage crew - we were known as ‘humpers’ as I recall - to help put together and then dismantle the set before and after gigs. If you were on ‘earlies’ you’d meet outside the Great Hall in the afternoon (I was studying economic history so my diary wasn’t too troubled with lectures!) then help unload the truck and, if you were lucky, get to listen to the sound check. ‘Lates’ involved packing everything up after the show and finishing in the middle of the night but there was a chance you might meet the band. (I remember having a beer with Jim Kerr after The Simple Minds gig in 1982 and also going to a party with Mari Wilson and the Wilsations). You were paid for your shift in either cash or tickets but everyone preferred tickets because if the show was a sell-out you could sell your spares at a higher price. No one likes touts but as an impoverished student it was a useful way to make a few quid and top up your grant!"

- David Hacon (Economic and Social History, 1983)

"I attended Exeter University from 1966 till 1970 and remember the following... or so I believe! 

"The first gig I went to was in 1966 with Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band followed closely by the excellent Cliff Bennett and the Rebelrousers. In 1968 I remember a superb gig by Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation who also appeared at the Quay Club in 1969 supported oddly by Mud.

 "1969 was a special year with gigs by Free, just after releasing Alright Now. Next were Fairport Convention with Sandy Denny and Martin Lamble, the drummer, who was killed in a road accident soon after. Later that year Savoy Brown appeared without their then vocalist Chris Youlden who had the flu and played a complete blues set without any of their then album material. What they sounded like that night can be found on the live side of their album Blues Matter recorded in Leicester. Uriah Heep were a new super group who had just got together and they played a rather turgid gig later that year.

"I also remember that in late 1968 or early 1969 Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac were booked to appear but had to be cancelled as we did not sell enough tickets to make it worthwhile. Luckily I was able to see them in 1969 at the Bath Blues Festival. I missed the Who concert but could still hear it nearly a mile away on the night!

"One other story is that in 1990 I met a former social secretary of the university during an interview process who told me that in 1967 he had the bad judgement to turn Robert Stigwood down when he offered him gigs by the Bee Gees, who he called the new Beatles, and an up and coming guitar hero from USA known as Jimi Hendix. He realised soon after that a career in pop music was probably not for him when they both went to number 1.

"And one further story, not music related, was that in 1968 Enoch Powell came to give a speech in the Great Hall soon after his 'rivers of blood speech' in Birmingham. Exeter was a very conservative and sleepy Uni in those days but as soon as he appeared he was booed and heckled so that he had to abandon his appearance." 

Gordon Bye (Geography, 1970)

"In my second year (1980/81) I was part of the team that did the catering for the bands that came to  do gigs at the Great Hall and the Pit. I can remember the U2 concert in the Pit really well, as I was asked to interview the band! I still dine out on that story! 

"I can't remember where (if anywhere) it was recorded. I remember asking them about their band name and being surprised that one of them (not Bono) was wearing a studded dog's collar! My lasting memory of that gig was the flag of the boy in the army helmet which was their backdrop. I bought the cassette immediately after the gig, I was so impressed!

"The article in the Alumni magazine said that tickets cost £1.25, but my recollection was that it cost 20p - if other gigs were costing £1.60 (Two Tone) in the Great Hall, you wouldn't be paying £1.25 for a Sunday night gig in the Pit!!!

"I have a complete set of autographs from The Jam somewhere and I distinctly remember the Original Mirrors support band, as I bought their album - which I still have!!! I presume I got The Jam's autographs backstage, but it was a long time ago! I know I had them stuck to my wall in Halls.

"I remember doing the catering for Slade, as they came from my neck of the woods (Wolverhampton) and for Gary Glitter (not proud of that one) and I have a tee shirt which I was given by Toots! Other notable gigs include the 2Tone one, with The Specials, Selector and Madness, all on one bill - that was crazy."

Deborah Castle nee Harris (French and German, 1981)

‌‌"I was University of Exeter’s Guild of Student’s last ever Entertainments Officer. An elected part-time post on the Executive Committee.

"I took over in January 1989 when Emily S. resigned. My Dad had just died 10 weeks earlier. This was at the start of my 3rd year, but I dropped out as I just didn’t want to study. I was already involved with the Guild as a student rep. And wonderfully I was asked to take on the Entertainments role. I wasn’t actually a student at the time. I was signing on. But I had this fantastic opportunity to have role while I recovered – it was an opportunity to have a “gap half year”. Not many comprehensive school kids did that sort of thing before starting university in the 1980s.

"I shared the Entertainments Office with the charming Geoff Campbell, the Entertainments Manager who was the full-time member of staff. I loved sharing an office with him. And I got first dibs on free records sent to us. Twelve-inch white label of “Info Freako” by Jesus Jones – well quite frankly, I don’t mind if I do!"

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- Jonathan Dearth (Education (Primary) & Maths, 1991), former Guild Entertainments Officer.