Making the Exceptional Happen

'Making the Exceptional Happen' was our most ambitious fundraising campaign, aiming to raise £60 million in philanthropic income and 60,000 volunteering hours from 6,000 volunteers by December 2020. 

Thanks to your support we achieved our goal 12 months ahead of schedule! Thank you to everyone who supported us and helped achieve so much.


Exeter’s most successful philanthropy campaign comes to an end

'Making the Exceptional Happen' is the largest campaign in the University’s history, raising more than £68 million and in excess of 92,000 volunteering hours since 2012.

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Alumni honour former Vice-Chancellor with permanent scholarship fund

A new scholarship set-up in honour of former Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Steve Smith, targeting applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds, raised more than £1 million to support six students attend Exeter each year.

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£10M donation for Mireille Gillings Neuroimaging Centre, medical research and leadership

The Dennis and Mireille Gillings Foundation made the single largest gift ever received by the University of Exeter. The new Mireille Gillings Neuroimaging Centre will transform dementia research and diagnosis

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Philanthropy supports COVID-19 drug trial

A largescale global trial is testing if the widely-used BCG vaccine could help protect against COVID-19. It has received more than $10M from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation globally and the Peter Sowerby Foundation contributed to the Exeter trial site.

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£1 million donation for project to examine the price of birdsong

What is the natural world worth? Can you put a price on birdsong? These are among the questions to be addressed by a new project at the University of Exeter, which aims to discover how economics can help protect the environment.

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WWF and Exeter alumni join forces to protect natural habitat

A consortium of Exeter alumni have joined the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and the University of Exeter, in setting up a new PhD project to protect the Cerrado ecosystem in Brazil.

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Alumni fund series of BAME scholarships

Four additional scholarships will be awarded to Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) students attending the University of Exeter this year, thanks to the support of Exeter alumni. Each of the new scholarships will support a high achieving student to come to Exeter to study at any of the Colleges across all campuses. 

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Alumni support students facing hardship during pandemic

The University of Exeter’s Emergency Assistance Fund, set-up to provide financial support to students facing hardship due to the coronavirus crisis, has double the funds thanks to long-term supporter Santander Universities and alumni donations.

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Alumni support Marine Turtle Conservation in Cyprus

A crowdfunding campaign during the COVID-19 pandemic, raised more than £23,000 to support the Marine Turtle Conservation Project (MTCP), a project that has been a flagship for both conservation and research.

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