Early recognition of cancer by GPs

In the UK, one in three people will develop cancer during their lifetime. Earlier diagnosis is one of the main ways to improve survival, particularly by refining which patients are tested for cancer.

10,000 people in the UK die needlessly from cancer every year mainly due to late diagnosis. Through his research, Exeter's Professor Willie Hamilton has created a tool that gives precise risk estimates for single symptoms or combination of symptoms for 18 of the most common cancers. 

This research has helped underline new national guidelines to help GPs diagnose cancer earlier, the most important factor in catching them when they can still be treated and before they become fatal. The guidance will open the door to more testing and smarter testing, so that more people can be successfully treated.

The system is now being tested as software for GPs clinical computers and there is the potential to save thousands of lives by expanding the use of this tool into all GP surgeries across the UK.

Will you help us improve cancer diagnosis and treatment for even more patients?