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Large numbers of Exeter graduates enter the legal profession including both law graduates and graduates of many other disciplines. Non-law students will need to take a Law Conversion Course, and all entrants to the profession will need to take the Legal Practice Course for solicitors or the Bar Professional Training Course for barristers.

Timing your application to the profession is vital. You are likely to be applying for training contracts more than two years in advance of starting in the role of trainee solicitor. Entrants will have usually gained a wide variety of law related work experience such as open days, vacation schemes and mini pupillages to demonstrate commitment, insight and motivation. 

You'll also find plenty of information and a variety of law firms, some chambers and professional training providers to talk to at our Law Fair in November. It is never too early to attend and start interacting with law professionals.

The Careers Zone has a number of useful magazines and handbooks to help you which are free, so please make sure you come in to collect your copies.

You can also download a list of Employers of Exeter graduates in the legal sector.

Job and information sources

Reference Books available from the Careers Zone:  Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession, Commercial Bar Association Directory,  Top Legal Employers, Bewigged and Bewildered? A Guide to Becoming a Barrister in England and Wales, The Gherkin Guide to Securing a Training Contract, Blackstone's Guide to becoming a Solicitor, Employability Skills for Law Students, All You Need to Know about being a Trainee Solicitor, Commercial Awareness, Top Law Firms by Inside Buzz.

Additional resources

General advice

Professional bodies

Firms, chambers and directories

Sites listing placements, contracts and pupillages

Courses - Law Conversion, LPC, BPTC

National newspapers carrying job adverts for this area include Independent (Wednesdays) and The Times (Tuesdays).

Alternative careers for Law graduates

Many Law students want to explore the value of their degree in the world of work beyond the legal profession. It may be a conscious choice or it may be to secure a ‘Plan B’. Whatever your reasons, you will find very useful information in the following sites:

  • Lawyer2B - Alternative careers directly related to law
  • LCAN - A wider range of careers where a Law degree is seen as providing a strong basis
  • What can I do with my degree?careers portfolios of the most popular careers destinations for Law students.

Law Videos

Videos on the following topics can be found in My Career Zone Digital:

  • Industry overview: Law
  • The key skills for working in law
  • Top tips for working in law
  • Diversity in law
  • What do you enjoy most about working in law
  • What qualifications do you need to become a lawyer
  • Is work-life balance possible as a lawyer

Industry Report Legal Industry

There is an Legal Industry Report on the legal industry in My Career Zone Digital.