Many of these activities can be counted towards your Exeter Award.

GG217 commended

Dip Dabble Dive Thrive was Highly Commended at the Green Gown Awards 2017.

Winners of the Reimagine Gold Cup 2016.

Bronze winners Nurturing Employability at the Reimagine Education Awards 2018.

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The Sustainable Development Goals can be found in Career Zone provision.

Career Development for Sustainability

The Career Zone enables students from any discipline and any year of study to develop their skills and gain experiences in the sustainability sector.  We use a broad definition of sustainability, encompassing mental health and wellbeing in the workplace to recycling, waste and water audits. Students are able to engage at three levels; Dip - short interactions, Dabble – exploring the issues, Dive – developing and utilising practical skills and gaining experiences. Students who engage with this agenda are able to Thrive as graduates either in the sustainability sector, or taking their skills and behaviours to other areas of employment.

Many of these opportunities count towards The Exeter Award, and the Award also has an indicative theme focusing on Sustainability. The University's Sustainability Team have lots of initiatives and opportunities to engage with the sector. The United Nations has Sustainable Development Goals which you can research for more information.


Find out more about working in this sector at

A professional development course for first years, including a session on Sustainability in the Workplace and access to the Sustainability Literacy Test

More than 10% employers at Fairs in Streatham and Penryn are related to the Sustainability sector.  We are piloting paperless fairs to make our provision more sustainable.


Access to hundreds of alum (graduates) able to answer your questions on the sector or employer you are interested in working with when you graduate.‌



Sessions include:

New for 2017/18 Skills for Sustainability. This course is hosted on ELE which means it can be accessed at any time and from anywhere during your studies. Completing this online course will count towards your Exeter Leaders Award (although you do not have to be registered in order to do it).


Think About Corporate Social Responsibility, Think About Social Entrepreneurship, Think About Personal Resilience, Time and Stress Management Strategies  and Self-Advocacy Skills all count towards the Exeter Award and are two hour skills sessions giving you the opportunity to dip your toe into different topics and areas of interest.

A personal and professional development course for women, covering assertiveness, dealing with stress, resilience and wellbeing.

Enterprise education and business start-up support from which many successful social enterprises and related businesses have been developed.

Think Try Do TTD

Many employers come to campus to promote their organisation and encourage students to apply for their graduate roles, a large proportion of these are related to sustainability.

Matching you with an experienced professional to facilitate one-to-one careers advice over the course of a six month relationship and have included mentors from the Met Office, NHS, Devon County Council and the RSPB. 

Enabling students to gain direct, relevant experience and develop their knowledge and experience of sustainability.


Our multi-award winning programme offers students the opportunity to attend technical training, develop project management and behavioural changes skills, deliver an on-campus project and undertake an internship. Aimed at students wishing to pursue a career in the environment and sustainability sectors.  Feedback from industry shows that this gives our students the competitive edge for many roles in the green sector.

Offering students the chance to gain classroom experience, delivering activities in different educational environments.  Focussed on sustainability, the programme enhances the learning of pupils and undergraduates in this area.

An inter-disciplinary, enquiry led learning experience which helps students develop their employability by exploring 21 Century issues with a strong focus on sustainability, for example, Climate Change, Mental Health, Food for Thought).


Each year, hundreds of our graduates enter professions that are directly related to sustainability, from Ecologists, Sustainability Officers, Recycling Officers, and Conservation Planners to Wellbeing Officers and Historical Building Inspectors. Hundreds more use the skills and experiences they have developed in a different sector, but continue to apply the behaviours and skills they have learnt.  You can find out more careers in Sustainability via the our Careers Research webpages.

‘Green Consultants has been an absolutely fantastic opportunity. It has given me the change to gain real, professional experience, the drive and the confidence to pursue a career in this sector.’ Modern Languages Graduate.