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We believe the Masterplan represents an accurate picture of the University’s future development needs. With the right support, the University can continue to be an economic engine for the city, creating new jobs and prosperity throughout the 21st Century.

Professor Steve Smith, Vice-Chancellor, University of Exeter

Estate Management

One of the key roles of Estate Services is the professional management of the University’s estate and its development in line with the University’s Strategic Plan, which includes:

  •     Strategic management of the property portfolio
  •     Acquisition and disposal of built assets
  •     Management of town and country planning
  •     Master planning of estate development
  •     Management of leases, licences and other rights over property
  •     Maintenance of estate records including deeds and listed property details

In line with master planning and the University's strategic aims, Estate Services manages all property acquisitions and disposals. Most recently this has included the sale of a number of small off-campus residences that enabled the development of more appropriate, modern residential provision on campus.

Estate Services manages tenancies, leases and licensing agreements for property where the University is either the tenant or the landlord. In order to minimise any risk to the University or its assets, it is essential that all such arrangements have a formal agreement in place.

Engineers within Estate Services are responsible for the fixed electrical and mechanical distribution systems that supply the University’s campuses:

  •     Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  •     Hot and cold water systems
  •     Sewage and drainage
  •     Natural gas systems
  •     Fume extract and compressed air
  •     Electricity distribution
  •     Lighting, power and alarm systems
  •     Exterior lighting
  •     Telecommunication and data systems
  •     Lightning protection
  •     Lifts, stair lifts and dumb waiters

Within each campus, mains services including gas, electricity and water are supplied on private systems owned and operated by the University.

The redesign and replacement of these systems is captured within the capital development programme and long term maintenance plan in addition to energy reduction programmes. View the Combined Services Plan to see a plan of these services.